Not to be confused with Campground.

The campsite is a public works project in New Leaf. Only one campsite may be constructed, and it may not be demolished after it's created. It requires a 5 by 5 clearance space when being constructed, and stands in addition to the ten villagers' lots in the player's town. It costs 59,800 Bells to construct.

Only one random non-resident villager can use the camp. The player can interact and play games with the visiting villager, much like the Summer Campers. After an extended conversation, the player may be able to convince the villager to move into their town, sometimes through a game of rock-paper-scissors or charades.

Effect on the Town

If a town has nine villagers and a campsite if the player convinces a camper to move in, the camper will take up the tenth slot of the town. No unwarranted villagers will be able to move into a player's town if it has nine residents, unless they are StreetPassed into the town or invited when camping.


The minigames the villagers offer vary in title depending on the personality of the Villager, but the three minigames that each villager offers are fundamentally alike. Participation in the games is not mandatory, and the villager will not offer to play a minigame if the player has a full inventory or less than 5,000 Bells.

Feng Shui seems to have an effect on the minigames. Yellow Feng Shui seems to raise the price of both buying and selling items, and Green or Red Feng Shui affects the game's outcomes. With a low Feng Shui, the games are often in the Villager's favor. With a high Feng Shui, the games are much more even. All percentages on this page are assuming odds are fair.

5 Item Minigame

Also known as:

  • Turbo (Villager Name)'s Fun Furniture Free-for-All by snooty villagers
  • Cost-a-Lot by normal villagers
  • Five-Chance Furniture Frenzy by lazy villagers
  • Tough Chances by cranky villagers
  • Snap Decision by peppy villagers
  • Five Chances by jock villagers
  • Exciting (villager name) Chance Game by smug villagers

The villager has 5 pieces of furniture, and they will tell the villager the name of the furniture and its randomly assigned price one by one. The player can either purchase the item or pass and move onto the next item. If the player passes on the fourth item, they are forced to buy the fifth one.

Single Item Minigame

Also known as:

  • Find the Queen by snooty villagers
  • Guess What I Ate by lazy villagers
  • High Card, Low Card by cranky villagers
  • Price Fixer by jock villagers
  • Fishing for Compliments by peppy villagers
  • Left or Right by normal villagers

The player is informed of the item that the villager owns before they agree to the game. Once the player agrees to play, the villager sells the item to the player for a decided price. The price is decided via a variety of methods:

Find the Queen

Find The Queen.jpg

The camper has three cards and the player must guess where the queen or correct card is located. The choices are left, middle and right. If the player guesses correctly three times, the furniture will be given to the player for free, every other time the player guesses correctly the price of the item will go down.

Guess What I Ate

The lazy villager will take a bite of fruit without the villager seeing three times, each time the villager has to guess what fruit he ate. The only two choices are a peach and apple. If the player guesses correctly three times, the furniture bet on will be given to the player for free, every other time the player guesses correctly the price of the item will go down.

High Card, Low Card

A cranky camper asks the player if they want to buy a piece of furniture from him. If the player agrees to the camper's offer, he will hide the correct card on the top or bottom for three turns. The player will guess which card is the correct one. Every time the player guesses it correctly, the price of the item goes down, if guessed correctly three times the item is given for free.

Price Fixer

A jock villager bets on one of his items. Then, the camper thinks of a number within 1 to 8. The closer the player's guess is to the number the camper chose, the lower the price will be. If the player guesses the exact number correctly, it will be given for free.

Fishing for Compliments

Fishing For Compliments.jpg

A peppy camper will offer to sell one of her items to the player. The camper will ask the player to compliment them. This is a three turn game, there are two sets of three choices and one set of two choices. The player must choose a compliment that will please the camper, and each correct guess will lower the price of the item.

Left or Right

A normal villager offers to sell one of her items. The camper will hold a flower behind her back, and the player has three rounds to guess which hand the flower is held in. If the player guesses correctly three times, the item will be given to the player for free, every other time the player guesses correctly the price of the item will go down.

Selling Item Minigame

Also known as:

  • Chase the Ace by snooty villagers
  • Maze Game by normal villagers

The villager randomly selects an item from the player's inventory and asks the player to sell it to them. If the player agrees, they will play a minigame to decide the selling price.

Chase the Ace

The camper will have cards in her hands. The player will try to guess which one is the ace, or the correct card. The more times the player guesses correctly, the higher the price the camper will buy the item from the player.

Maze Game

The camper has a coloring book full of mazes. Each maze has three colored paths, but only one path will lead to the exit. The player must guess which path is correct. As soon as the player guesses correctly the villager will buy the item depending on the maze the player is on; the first maze means more bells, the last one means less.

Exclusive Items from Campsite

The player can receive exclusive items from the Campers in the Campsite in their town.

  • Backpack
  • Bonfire
  • Kayak
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Surfboard
  • Propane Stove
  • Campfire Cookware

The following can only be obtained from a Camper in an Igloo.

  • Stewpot
  • Campfire
  • Camp Stove
  • Fish Grill
  • Smoker



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