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The campsite (キャンプ場, Kyanpu Jō?, Campsite) is the base of operations for the player in Pocket Camp. It can be customized with furniture and accessories.

When the player starts the game, they will be asked by Isabelle to choose between 4 different types of campsites which designate what villager the player starts with: natural (Goldie), cute (Rosie), sporty (Jay) or cool (Apollo).

The customizable area for furniture in the campsite is 7x13 tiles. The player can also make amenities for villagers to use, of which there can be a maximum of 2 per campsite.

Campsite Terrain[]

The player also has the option to change the campsite's terrain which can be unlocked when the player reaches level 13.


In other languages[]

Campsite (Pocket Camp)
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese キャンプ場 Kyanpu Jō -
France French Camping -
Spain Spanish Parcela -
Germany German Zeltplatz -
Italy Italian Campeggio -
South Korea Korean 캠핑장 -