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This article is about a sweet. For the peppy mouse villager, see Candi.

Candy is an item sold in Nook's Stores throughout October in preparation for Halloween in GCN games, City Folk and New Leaf, as well as a prize found in Easter eggs. It is a sweet wrapped in a red, yellow, green, or blue wrapper.

On Halloween night, from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM in the morning, villagers dressed as Jack, the Czar of Halloween, will chase the player for candy. If caught, the player will have the option of giving away candy, or refusing. If they refuse, the player's clothes or items are transformed. Giving candy to Jack himself yields furniture from the Spooky Series.

City Folk[]

City Folk adds new ways to obtain candy. Players can wear a costume and visit the houses of the villagers staying home on Halloween, win candy from villagers in little challenges, and sometimes find candy in eggs on Bunny Day. Occasionally the player's mother will send them candy.

Festivale host Pavé asks for candy of certain colors. Giving him candy yields furniture from the Pavé Series.

New Leaf[]

New Leaf returns the use of candy from City Folk. Similar uses for candy as in City Folk, but the use for candy is now exclusive to the Halloween event. It costs 400 Bells per candy (or 480 with the Wealthy Ordinance), and only one is available in the Nookling Stores per day. Multiple candy cannot be bought via the catalog machine.

New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, Candy can be obtained in three ways: purchasing it from Nook's Cranny for 120 Bells, only once per day (it can still be bought from other islands); entering villagers' houses on Halloween Night (the player must wait a short time before asking the same villager twice); and tricking villagers by wearing both Jack's Face and Jack's Robe. Each villager will only fall for the disguise once. If a player has no candy and a villager asks for some, they may be given three pieces.

Once the player has candy, they can either be give it to fellow villagers on Halloween Night, in exchange for spooky items and recipes, pumpkins, or lollipops. Candy can also be given to Jack in exchange for spooky items, or recipes if he is given a lollipop. Jack's Face and Jack's Robe are the only clothing items that can be obtained from Jack himself.

Candy only comes in one variation, although lollipops can be used as sweets as well.


  • If left on the ground, cockroaches or ants may swarm around it.
  • The candy always appears red when the player is eating it, no matter what color the candy actually is.
  • In City Folk, Nintendo sends players candy on Grandparent's Day if the DLC is purchased.
  • In New Leaf, the candy only comes with the yellow wrapper and the player is able to receive it if they were to complete a task for another villager. However, it is very rare for a villager to reward a player with candy.


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