December 22nd - January 19th

December 22ndQuillson the duck
December 23rdKen the chicken
December 24thJingle the reindeer
December 25thRuby the rabbit and Etoile the sheep
December 26thPashmina the goat
December 27thGoldie the dog
December 28thBella the mouse
December 29thVic the bull and Murphy the cub
December 30thHugh the pig
December 31thMarcel the dog and Tortimer
January 1stBob the cat
January 2ndDr. Shrunk the axolotl and Poncho the cub
January 3rdJoey the duck
January 4thDiana the deer

January 5thRoald the penguin
January 6thCarmen the rabbit and Felyne the cat
January 7thHarry the hippo
January 8thJoan the boar and Pierce the eagle
January 9thTiffany the rabbit
January 10thPapi the horse
January 11thMaddie the dog
January 12thMoe the cat
January 13thPuddles the frog
January 14thVelma the goat
January 15thGladys the ostrich
January 16thUrsala the bear
January 17thRizzo the mouse
January 18thChelsea the deer and Sherb the goat
January 19thSimon the monkey

Star Signs
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