Hrmmrmrm smack smack... HOOOOT!
― Celeste, City Folk
Celeste (フーコ Fūko?) is an owl in the Animal Crossing series, first appearing in Wild World and then again in City Folk. She is slightly smaller than Blathers (being his little sister), red, and has a pink bow on the back of her head. She works in the Museum with her brother, Blathers, where she operates the observatory. Her main role in the games is to help make constellations and stargazing. Celeste's name comes from the word "celestial," which appropriately means "pertaining to the sky or to the universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere." It is hinted that she is quite defensive because if caught snoozing during the day she will tell you that she does not sleep on the job, and only her brother Blathers does (Though some cranky villagers will say she is even worse than Blathers). She is also one of the few animals that has the option "you're adorable!" when you talk to her. If the player is female and decides to say, 'You're adorable!' she says, "You, (player's name), are the very soul of all that is adorable!" and she will blush. If the player is male, she will say, "I, oh... You mustn't... You mustn't tease me so... Oh, my!" and she will be distressed.


Celeste is an owl with red skin and a white face with bushy eyebrows. The tips of her arms and tail feathers are colored black and white. Her eyes are oval-shaped and completely black. She has a yellow beak and small red ovals on her cheeks. Her belly is light red and white and has a diamond pattern on it. She also wears a big pink bow on the back of her head, distinguishing her feminine appearance.

She resembles her brother, Blathers, but she is a bit smaller than him in height.


In Wild World and City Folk

Animalcrossingcityfo 102308 14219

Celeste from City Folk.

Celeste's job in both Wild World and City Folk is to assist the player in making constellations and stargazing. Upon talking to her in the observatory, located up the stairs behind Blathers, she will give the player the option to create, delete, or view constellations. Celeste is also known for having a crush on Tom Nook, if you talk to her every day for one week she will tell you how she finds him cute.

Sonny Resetti is known to talk about her to Don Resetti.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, she runs the Museum Shop and Exhibition Rooms on the second museum floor, if built as a Public Works Project.

In Animal Crossing: The Movie

Celeste appears in the film alongside Blathers in the museum where they meet Ai for the first time. Ai meets Celeste and Blathers when she screams when she sees the fossils, which in the dark look like real dinosaurs, in the museum. Celeste becomes good friends with Ai. She has a rather minor role in the movie.


Hrmmrmrmrm... Oh! Dear me!
― Celeste in New Leaf, waking up.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#305 Celeste
Type Special
Star sign Virgo
Birthday 9/7
Roll value 6
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 305 Celeste
304 Phineas #305 Celeste 306 Tommy


Wild World

City Folk

New Leaf



  • As she is nocturnal like her brother, Celeste will go back to sleep if the player briefly leaves her field of vision after awaking her in New Leaf.
  • She has the voice of a normal villager. Even her character is as such.
  • In Happy Home Designer, Celeste reveals that she can't fly. She says that this is why she enjoys stargazing so much.

In other languages

In other languages
Flag of Japan Japanese フーコ Fūko
Flag of France small French Céleste
Flag of Germany small German Eufemia
Flag of Spain Spanish Estela
Flag of Italy small Italian Celeste
Flagofrussiasmall Russian Селеста Selesta
Flag of South Korea Korean 부옥 Buog

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