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The Cherry Blossom Festival or Cherry Blossom Season is an event in the Animal Crossing series in early spring.


In Animal Crossing

The town undergoes an incredible change during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Regardless of whether or not any cherry trees have been planted in the town, all deciduous trees will burst into pink bloom, and pink petals will fall from the sky.

Town villagers become very excited about this sudden transformation and if Tortimer visited, he will explain more about the festival and its meaning to the town. At the end of his explanation, Tortimer will give award the Pink Tree Model. During the festival, the hourly music is slightly different.

At the Wishing Well, various villagers gather to celebrate, sitting on tatami mats and eating picnic foods in the Japanese version, with special music that differs between the N64 version (and subsequent Japanese versions for the GameCube) and American GameCube version. The Japanese version is a traditional song based on Japanese folk music, while the American version is more blissful and suited for an American audience. Eventually, the N64 version of the song was remixed as Spring Blossoms, a secret song obtainable from K.K. Slider.

In Wild World and City Folk

Mom mails a letter during the festival.

Both Wild World and City Folk do not celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival; instead, there is an informal Cherry Blossom Season in which all trees aside from evergreens and those that bear fruit have their leaves replaced by pink cherry blossom petals. This season continues through the duration of the Flower Fest.

In New Leaf

The Cherry Blossom Season in New Leaf is similar Wild World and City Folk, but with two small changes. The season takes place between April 1st and 10th of each year, and cherry blossom petals can be seen falling from the sky on some days. All non-fruit, non-pine trees, including the Plaza's town tree turn pink.

In New Horizons

The Cherry Blossom Season in New Horizons takes place between April 1st and 10th in the northern hemisphere (coinciding with Bunny Day), and between October 1st and 10th in the southern hemisphere. All hardwood trees have their leaves transformed into cherry blossom petals. While the season is active, DIY recipes that use NH-cherry-blossom petal-icon.pngcherry-blossom petal in the crafting recipes can be retrieved from popped balloons. One recipe, the outdoor picnic set, can also be obtained from Isabelle during the morning broadcast. The cherry-blossom petals can be seen drifting through the air across the player's island and can be captured with a net.

The majority of the items are part of the cherry blossoms series.

The following recipes may be found in balloon gifts for the duration of the event:


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