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Cherry salmon Gallery

"I caught a cherry salmon! It's the perfect topper for a marlin sundae!" —New Horizons

The cherry salmon is a fish which can be found in the river at different times of the year. It is found in the clifftop river in New Horizons. It is fairly abundant but fetches a decent price in all of the games.

Donation to the museum

As with all bugs and fish in Animal Crossing series, the cherry salmon can be donated to the Museum by talking to Blathers. When donating, he will give the player some information about it.

In Animal Crossing

Upon donating it to the Museum in Animal Crossing, Blathers the curator will say;

"This is one of those fish that seem to mysteriously disappear from time to time. Drives fishermen batty, wot!"

In Wild World

Upon donating it to the museum in Wild World, Blathers will say the following about the cherry salmon;

"Cherry salmon are known for their flavor and beauty, eh wot? Indeed, that is likely why they are called the queens of mountain-stream fishing. Hoo hoo! Of course, the males of the species might object to that moniker!"

In City Folk

When donating it to the museum in City Folk, Blathers will say;

"The first thing you notice when looking at a cherry salmon is undoubtedly its green, polka-dot body, wot? All those different sized dots overlapping each other... How very chic!"

In New Leaf

In New Leaf an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"The spotted pattern on cherry salmon serves as camouflage and is rather common in all salmon. Most cherry salmon spend their lives in rivers, but some do migrate to the ocean to fully mature. They are popular with anglers because of their well-balanced physique and beautiful patterns. Plus, their nervous nature makes them a good challenge to catch, which just adds to the fun."

In New Horizons

When donating it to the museum in New Horizons, Blathers will say;

"The cherry salmon is related to the salmon, and is known for its distinctive pattern of "polka dots". There polka dots disappear as they mature, but ONLY in the first of certain geographic regions. Pity the poor researchers that must make sense of the cherry salmon's fickle fashion sense."

Capture quotes

"I caught a cherry salmon! It looks so PITiful! (Get it? Pit? Oh, never mind.)" —Animal Crossing
"I caught a cherry salmon! Weird... it smells like fish." —Wild World
"I caught a cherry salmon! This is definitely NOT the pits!" —City Folk
"I caught a cherry salmon! Now for a cherry-salmon pie!" —New Leaf
"I caught a cherry salmon! It's the perfect topper for a marlin sundae!" —New Horizons
Japanese Quotes

「ヤマメを つりあげた! ケッコウ でかいっ!」 —Animal Forest

"I caught a cherry salmon! It's pretty big!" —Animal Forest (translation)

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Cherry salmon (Wild World).png "They have distinctive oval markings. Their size when spawning can vary."
Size 13.7 inches
Habitat Rivers
Season Spring/Fall
Icon Cherry salmon (Wild World icon).png

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Cherry Salmon (City Folk).png
"Also called the seema, these fish live in fresh and saltwater."
Size About 14 inches
Habitat Rivers
Season Spring/Fall

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Cherry salmon encyclopedia (New Leaf).jpg
"I caught a cherry salmon! Now for a cherry-salmon pie!"
Size About 14 inches
Habitat Rivers
Season Spring/Fall

New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information
NH-encyclopedia-Cherry salmon.jpg
"I caught a cherry salmon! It's the perfect topper for a marlin sundae!"
Habitat River (Clifftop)
Months active (north) March - June, September - November
Months active (south) March - May, September - December

Further information

Main article: Cherry Salmon on Wikipedia

A real life cherry salmon

Oncorhynchus masou is a type of Asian salmon. This fish has several localized names in Japan referring to the specific form. Cherry salmon (sakuramasu) is a large subspecies that travels to the oceans. This is a plain fish with few markings. It reaches spawning grounds during the cherry blossom season, hence the name. Yamame is a variety of cherry salmon that occurs only in rivers, and features prominent dark oval markings on the side of its body. Amago and sasuke trout both refer to small-spotted forms occurring far inland.

Collectively, the species can be found in the eastern areas of the Pacific Ocean, namely Japan and Korea. It has a landlocked sub-species called the Taiwanese salmon, entirely endemic to Taiwan. Cherry Salmon feed mainly on insects, but also feeds on small fish and crustaceans. It is endangered due to overfishing, but many forms have also been introduced due to popularity with anglers.

In other languages

Cherry salmon
Language Name
Japan Japanese ヤマメ Yamame
France French Saumon masou
Spain Spanish Salmón japonés
Germany German Masulachs
Italy Italian Salmone giapponese
The Netherlands Dutch Japanse zalm
Russia Russian Сима Sima
China Chinese 樱花钩吻鲑/櫻桃鉤吻鮭 Yīnghuāgōuwěnguī
South Korea Korean 산천어 Sancheoneo

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