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This article is about the special character. For the lazy horse villager, see Elmer.
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Nyuuuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!
― Chip, after being handed a fish

Chip (うおまさ, Uomasa?) is a beaver that hosts the Fishing Tourney in all games except Wild World and New Horizons. Chip sets up his stand outside Town Hall at 6:00 AM, and waits for players and villagers to bring him fish to measure at the weigh-in station. A fish brought to him that breaks the record of the day yields a prize. He eats every fish brought to him, and sometimes measures fish by eating them inch by inch. The Tourney ends at 6:00 PM.

Chip posts the winner of each tourney on the bulletin board. Winners receive a letter from Chip with a gleaming gold trophy. In New Leaf, players must receive their trophy by going into his tent between 6 PM and 9 PM to see the ceremony. If the player misses the ceremony, or their pockets are full, they will receive their trophy in the mail the next day.


In Animal Forest, Animal Crossing, and Animal Forest e+[]

In Animal Forest, Animal Crossing, and Animal Forest e+, the Fishing Tourneys are held on the Sundays of June and November. Only fish from the bass family will count. Chip will measure it by chewing it up inch by inch. To maximize the number of items you can receive from Chip, be sure to give him the fish in order of smallest to largest.

In City Folk[]

He plays the same role as before, with a few changes in appearance times. Fishing Tourneys occur one Saturday a month in all months except June, July, August, and September. Chip now also hosts Fishing Tourneys based around one specific type of fish, but will eat any fish given to him. Once you have gotten all the types of fish, he will award you with the Golden Rod.

In New Leaf[]

Chip no longer sets up his stand at the Town Hall anymore. Instead, he can be found in the event plaza, where he does the same role to evaluate the fish and see if you have the longest one in town. He will eat the fish after measuring them (unless the fish is too large for him to eat in one sitting, such as if it is a shark. In that case he'll take it with him to eat later). For every fish the player gives Chip that breaks the current record for that day's competition, a small prize will be given. If the fish is large for its species, he will give you a special piece of the fish set, which is only obtainable this way. If the player is in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, they will be standing on the plinth, waiting for their trophies. Once all the types of fish have been discovered, he will award the player with the golden fishing rod.


e-Card [1]
Ac A177 Screen Shot
Ac A177 bk
#177 Chip
Gender Male
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password 6arfg35AGYCSqt
Profile Chip possesses an uncommon knowledge of fish and fish-related recipes. He also possesses a bottomless pit of a stomach and insatiable craving for bass. He'll eat any fish you give him but only bass will win prizes.
Ac A177
176 Timmy #177 Chip 178 Blanca

amiibo Card[]

amiibo Card[2]
Amiibo card back
#116 Chip
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Birthday 12/9
Roll value 4
Hand sign Rock
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 116 Chip
115 Nat #116 Chip 117 Jack


  • His stand has a framed picture of him next to a koi.
  • He will not eat a special fish such as a stringfish. However, his dialogue from Pocket Camp during the Splatoon events seems to imply that he sees nothing wrong with eating the squid and octopus forms of Inklings and Octolings.
  • He shares a birthday with the snooty chicken Becky. Both of them have birthdays on December 9.
  • His eating habit resembles that of an otter more than a beaver. Beavers are known for eating or chewing mostly plants (like wood).
  • In the original Japanese version, he had angled, narrow eyes. This, paired with his buck-teeth, caused some fans to speculate that his design was changed in the overseas versions to avoid accusations of him looking like a racist caricature.
  • His catchphrase "Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk" might be a reference from Curly from "The Three Stooges".
  • He has the voice of a cranky villager.
  • Chip is known to be the father of C.J., and C.J.'s name is thought to be an abbreviation of "Chip Junior". This is further confirmed in the 2.0 update, where, if his amiibo is scanned, Chip will be sitting with C.J. at The Roost.
  • His name is possibly a reference to fish and chips.
    • Alternatively, as he's a beaver, which are known for chewing on wood, his name might come from wood chips.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese うおまさ Uomasa -
France French Castor -
Spain Spanish Martín -
Germany German Bartholo -
Italy Italian Castore -
China Chinese 俞正 Yú zhèng -
South Korea Korean 뚱달 -


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