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Cicada shell Gallery

"I found a cicada shell! It's just a shell of its former self!" —New Leaf

The cicada shell (セミのぬけがら, Semi no Nukegara?) is the abandoned shell of an adult cicada, and a new "bug" in New Leaf.

It can be found mounted to trees akin to beetles from July to August. Cicada shells cannot be scared off with a net or by running; however, it will disappear if a player uses an axe on, or shakes its tree, or if the player hits the tree with the net instead of the "bug". It is the only bug that does not display a size when captured, though one is still calculated and the highest size is kept in the encyclopedia as with other bugs. It is also the only bug whose capture quote states that it was "found" rather than "caught", and is the only "bug" in the series that isn't an actual living organism.

In New Horizons, the cicada shell is the lowest-value "bug" in the game, at only 10 bells, 6 times less than the second-lowest value bug, the fly.

Donation to the museum[]

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, an information board in the bug exhibit will list information about this bug.

"Cicada larvae emerge from the ground in the evening and molt on trees, leaving behind empty shells. It's possible to find out the species of cicadas just be looking at these shells. Collecting the shells will tell you how many and what kind of cicadas inhabit a certain area."

In New Horizons[]

When either donating to the museum or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say (with abhorrence):

"Cicadas! The nerve! Not only are they loud, they leave their cicada shells lying about! When it's time for a cicada nymph to turn into an adult, you see, it clings to a tree and sheds its exoskeleton. Then it just leaves this shell of its former self hanging right there! Awful manners, really...and awfully terrifying too."

Capture quotes[]

"I found a cicada shell! It's just a shell of its former self!" —New Leaf

"I found a cicada shell! I'm glad the little guy came out of it! " New Horizons

Japanese Quotes

「セミのぬけがらを 見つけた! 夏の思い出!」 —New Leaf

"I found a cicada shell! The memories of summer!" (translation)

Encyclopedia information[]

New Leaf[]

Encyclopedia Information
Cicada shell encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I found a cicada shell! It's just a shell of its former self!"
Size 42 mm
Time Always
Season Summer

New Horizons[]

Encyclopedia Information
Cicada Shell NH
Current Active Hours All day
Months active (north) July to August
Months active (south) January to February

Other information[]


A real life cicada shell.

Main article: Cicada on Wikipedia

Since all cicada skins are generally identical, it is impossible to know what species of cicada this belongs to. Exuviae is the name given to such shed skins and occurs in other insects such as mayflies and dragonflies.

In other languages[]

Cicada shell
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese セミのぬけがら Seminonukegara -
France French Mue de cigale -
Spain Spanish Muda de cigarra -
Germany German Zikadenlarvenhaut -
Italy Italian Esuvia di cicala -
The Netherlands Dutch Cicadehuid -
Russia Russian раковина цикады rakovina tsikady -
China Chinese 蝉蜕/蟬蛻 Chántuì -
South Korea Korean 매미 허물 Maemi heomul -

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