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The citrus long-horned beetle is a beetle that first appeared in New Horizons. It can be found on tree stumps year-round at any time of day. Like other beetles, it is skittish and will fly away if the player approaches too quickly.

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"I caught a citrus long-horned beetle! Orange you happy for me?" —New Horizons

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In New Horizons

In New Horizons, upon donation or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say (with abhorrence):

"The citrus long-horned beetle is a putrid pest and a grave threat to trees. Hoo! It's true! Adults possess powerful jaws and use them to chomp through hardwood and plant fibers with ease. The little larvae are no better, boring bullet-like holes into innocent trees with gusto—citrus trees especially. Voracious and vile, indeed! "

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New Horizons

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"I caught a citrus long-horned beetle! Orange you happy for me?"
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Main article: Citrus long-horned beetle on Wikipedia

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The citrus long-horned beetle (Anoplophora chinensis) is a long-horned beetle native to Japan, China, Korea, and southeast Asia where it is considered a serious pest. It had invaded several countries in Europe, and all other countries actively prevent this insect from reaching their borders.[1]

Each female citrus long-horned beetle can make up to 200 eggs after mating, and each egg is separately deposited in tree bark. After the beetle larvae hatches, it chews into the tree, forming a tunnel that is then used as a place for beetle pupation (the process of growing from larvae to adult). From egg-laying to pupation and adult emergence can take twelve to eighteen months.

Infestations by the beetle can kill many different types of hardwood trees as well as citrus trees, pecan, apple, Australian pine, hibiscus, sycamore, willow, pear, mulberry, pigeon pea, Chinaberry, poplar, litchi, kumquat, Japanese red cedar, oak, and Ficus.

In other languages

Citrus long-horned beetle
Language Name
Japan Japanese ゴマダラカミキリ Gomadarakamikiri
France French Capricorne des agrumes
Spain Spanish Longicornio asiático
Germany German Fichtenbock
Italy Italian Tarlo asiatico
The Netherlands Dutch Aziatische boktor
Russia Russian Цитрусовый усач Tsitrusovyy usach
China Chinese 星天牛 Xīngtiānniú
South Korea Korean 알락하늘소 Allakaneulso

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