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The city is a location that is first mentioned in Wild World and debuted in City Folk. The player cannot visit the city in Wild World, but it is mentioned by neighbors, Able Sisters, or Blathers when they talk about their past. The player can only visit the city by riding Kapp'n's bus.

The city in Wild World[]

The city is mentioned by many characters in Wild World;

  • Tom Nook - He talks about his unsuccessful career in the city and his return to the player's town.
  • Blathers - Blathers was brought up in the city, but moved to the countryside to create the Museum after completing part of his degree.
  • Gracie - She frequently talks of the comparative lack of style in the country compared to the city. When she comes she quizzes the player to see if they are a "fashionista". If they failed, she gives the player a letter saying how they are not a "fashionista" with a shirt in it. If they pass, she gives them a certificate saying how she admires the player and has to pay her "respects" to them. However, the player does not receive a shirt.
  • Brewster - Brewster used to own an unsuccessful coffee shop in the city, before meeting Blathers and being invited to the museum.
  • Harriet - In Wild World, Harriet states "I've got to remember I don't own a salon in the city anymore".
  • Sable and Mabel - Sometimes they will talk of Sable's friendship with Tom Nook, long ago when they were growing up together. According to them, Tom Nook's dream was to have a big shop in the city.

Cranky villagers will sometimes ask the player if they were brought up in the city, while it would appear that the latter moved from the suburbs of a city, as hinted by their mother's letters.

The City in City Folk[]

The player can only visit the city in City Folk and the shops there are featured in other places in other games. To get here, they must take the bus to the City in the front center of the town. Five villagers will appear outside at a time during the day, while fewer will appear in the morning and at night. Once the player enters a building and comes out, new villagers will appear. The same villagers sometimes can be seen on a trip to the city. Additionally, there are also rectangular flowerpots decorated around the city.

Crazy Redd's[]

Main article: Crazy Redd's

Crazy Redd's is a black market run by Redd, a sneaky salesclerk. This shop is located south of the ABD, to the left of the city. It is a dark blue iron door in the shadowy part of the city, with a slithole either lighted when open, or not when it is not open.

Crazy Redd's is initially closed to the player unless they have obtained an invitation. To do this, the player must knock on his door once as he would normally tell them to scram, and talk to villagers. Eventually, one will randomly ask "Have you heard of Redd's Shop in the city?" when replying no, and that villager will tell the player they are a member and send them an invitation.

Crazy Redd's sells many rare items that are mostly found there, but at expensive prices. Redd also frequently sells paintings, and is the only place to find usual paintings. However, they may sometimes be forgeries, which are worth 10 Bells to Tom Nook. Redd's stock consists of 1 painting, and two pieces of furniture. He may change his stock regularly so the player can keep buying rare and collectable items.

The Marquee[]

Main article: The Marquee

The Marquee is the theater in between Crazy Redd's and Happy Room Academy, where the performer is normally Dr. Shrunk, but Frillard will appear sometimes. The player can learn up to four emotions here. When Frillard makes an appearance, the emotion that they will receive would be considered a "Special Emotion". 

Happy Room Academy[]

Main article: Happy Room Academy

The Happy Room Academy, or HRA, is the headquarters where Lyle works and a model room for decorating is shown. Players may also ask Lyle to check their scores, explain the current model room, or turn on/off the mailing features. The featured model room would either a random villager's or the player's itself.


Main article: GracieGrace

GracieGrace is a shop that sells highly priced furniture, clothes, and accessories that consists of four Furniture themes that are refreshed every season. Labelle is the clerk, but the owner, Gracie, will occasionally appear. Gracie can give the player fashion advice if they ask her. She has fashion checks for them whenever the player encounters Gracie and will tell if they have passed the test or not. Upon passing, Gracie will give a randomly given percent off of any items the player purchases in for one day. 

Auction house[]

Main article: Auction House
Auction house exterior

The Auction House is a building run by Lloid the gyroid, where items can be displayed and bid on by the player and other ones via Wi-Fi. Furniture can also be obtained to be displayed by taking it out of the player's inventory or closet.


Main article: Shampoodle

Shampoodle is the city's salon, where Harriet works. She can change the player's hair-style or give them a Mii Mask, the latter of which is considered a makeover.

Fortune Shop[]

Main article: Fortune Shop

The Fortune Shop is a place to get fortunes and charm for the month run by Katrina. In order to get another fortune after the first time the player has their fortune told, they must wait at least one week, as Katrina uses the stars.


Main article: Kicks (Store)

Although Kicks does not have his own building, he will normally be seen sitting on the stairs in front of a boarded-up shop, except on rainy days. Kicks will offer a shoe-shine for 500 Bells which changes the color of the player's shoes. The player can either choose to match their shoes with hair or clothing, matching with custom-patterned shirts will only grant the default color. He will not charge them if their shoe color does not change at all.


Main article: Phineas
Accf 759

On non-rainy days, Phineas the balloon man will appear the plaza between 9 AM and 7 PM. He will hand out free prizes including Balloons, bunny balloons, pinwheels, and bubble wands. His street organ will play a bassline to accompany the City Theme.

Bus stop[]

Main article: Bus Stop

The Bus Stop is used to go to the city and return back home. This is where Kapp'n's bus stops.

Reset Surveillance Center[]

Main article: Reset Surveillance Center

This room can be found to the right of the City's street tunnels that is sometimes closed off by traffic cones. However, it may open up on random days when there are no traffic cones in sight, and some lights can be seen with the lights on after 8:00 PM. The player may come to the Reset Surveillance Center numerous times. Entering it for the first time will result in Resetti attempting to kick the player and giving them a Silver Shovel if the player exits.


  • It is rumored that if the player sees a character in the plaza that is not living in their town and they talk to each other frequently, the chance of that villager moving in increases.
  • If the player puts an invalid song request in New Leaf, K.K. Slider will randomly play the City Theme remix called Animal City. It returns in New Horizons as a secret song.
  • Although Phineas normally leaves after 7 PM, he can be convinced to stay if the player remains in the city and does not enter any buildings. His street organ's music will change for each version of the City Theme. At 6 AM, he and all villagers will be forced to leave as the plaza resets.[1]


In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
France French Centre-ville -
Spain Spanish La Ciudad -
Germany German Großstadt -
Italy Italian La grande città -
South Korea Korean 도시 -