マリリン Maririn
Claudia HD
"A tiger can't change its stripes."
Gender Personality Species
Female Snooty Tiger
Birthday November 22nd (Scorpio)
Initial phrase ooh la la
Flag of Japan アハーン (ahān, uh huh)
Initial clothes Spring Shirt
Skill Stomping around
Goal CEO
Coffee Mocha,
A little bit of milk,
One spoonful of sugar
Style Ornate
Favorite song K.K. Synth
Appearances NL, HHD, PC
Regional names Flag of France small Vanina
Flag of Germany small Lilly
Flag of Spain Lilu
Flag of Italy small Lilla

It looked chewy, I guess, but it certainly WASN'T fruit!
― Claudia, New Leaf
Claudia (マリリン, Maririn?) is a snooty tiger villager who first appeared in New Leaf. Her Japanese name is most likely a reference to Marilyn Monroe, a famous actress in the 50's. Her English name is similar in sound to "claw," as she is a tiger. Her initial catchphrase is a reference to her being a snooty villager, which is used commonly in movies or television shows and dramas involving preppy girls and snobby girls. It is similar to the one of Petunia.


Claudia's main color is a hot pink, with dark blue stripes over her arms, legs, tail and head. She has black half-lidded eyes with blue eye shadow. The insides of her ears are light blue, rimmed with a darker blue. Her muzzle is light pink and her nose is black. On her face are two blue stripes on either cheek, placed so that they look like whiskers. She intially wears a Spring Shirt, and carries an Elegant Umbrella when it rains.


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.
Claudia has a snooty personality, which means she loves make-up and gossiping. As a snooty villager, Claudia will first appear rude and arrogant towards the player, often talking about herself and her own experiences. She also speaks about the style and appearance of other villagers, usually other female villagers such as normal, peppy, and other snooty villagers. She will soon warm up to the player, confiding in them about their own feelings but still keeping subtly rude. Claudia will not get along with lazy villagers due to them not caring about their appearance or the lazy villagers hating what she eats, and she won't get along with jock villagers because they will question her on her physical appearance and they won't worry about fashion. However, she will get along with cranky villagers due to their similar rude personalities, and usually normal villagers as well.


Claudia's house greatly resembles a fancy hotel. She has a Gorgeous Counter at the front, representing a hotel counter. This counter displays a genie lamp, as well as some red lilies. The back of her house resembles a hotel room, as there is a whirlpool bath, as well as a Regal Bed, and a Regal Lamp. Her Retro Stereo plays K.K. Synth. Claudia's wallpaper is the Cityscape Wall, and her flooring is the Fancy Carpet.

Claudia's home
New Leaf

Pocket Camp

Claudia's preferred theme is elegant. Her profile says:

If you run afoul of her temper, don't worry. Her general easygoingness (and short attention span) make it no big deal.

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 7

Furniture/Item Required Materials Price (Bells) Craft Time
Glass Partition 120 steel, 3 Modern Essence 2,360 6 hours, 30 minutes
Zebra-Print Rug 60 cotton, 60 paper, 3 Elegant Essence 370 1 hour
Perfume Bottles 30 steel 1,320 2 hours
Minimalist Chair 15 cotton, 15 wood 1,460 2 hours, 30 minutes
Modern Table (Gray) 10 steel, 1 modern table (basic) 560 4 hours

Friendship Rewards

At level 7 friendship, she will reward you with a spring shirt and sparkle stones (x1).

At level 9, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 15, she will request that you craft a whirlpool bath.

At level 20, she will reward you with pic of Claudia and sparkle stones (x1).

At level 25, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 30, she will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#287 Claudia
Type Tiger
Star sign Scorpio
Birthday 11/22
Roll value 6
Hand sign Scissors
Request A cool coffee shop
Amiibo 287 Claudia
286 Cube #287 Claudia 288 Curly



  • Claudia shares a birthday with Sable.
  • Claudia is the third female tiger, after Bangle and Bianca.

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