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New Horizons clothing lists

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Name Image Price [1] Source [1] Variation [1]
Buy Sell
Academy uniform
NH-Dresses-Academy uniform (navy blue).png
2,080Bells 520Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Academy uniform (gray).png Gray
NH-Dresses-Academy uniform (red).png Red
NH-Dresses-Academy uniform (navy blue).png Navy blue
Adventure dress
NH-Dresses-Adventure Dress.png
2,800 Bells 700 Bells
Able Sisters
Alpinist dress
NH-Dresses-Alpinist dress green.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Alpinist dress red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Alpinist dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Alpinist dress blue.png Blue
Alpinist overalls
NH-Dresses-Alpinist overalls.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Alpinist overalls red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Alpinist overalls.png Green
NH-Dresses-Alpinist overalls blue.png Blue
Ancient belted robe
NH-Dresses-Ancient belted robe.png
3,640 Bells 910 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Ancient belted robe.png White
NH-Dresses-Ancient belted robe purple.png Purple
NH-Dresses-Ancient belted robe green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Ancient belted robe blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Ancient belted robe yellow.png Beige
Ancient sashed robe
NH-Dresses-Ancient sashed robe green.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Ancient sashed robe pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Ancient sashed robe red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Ancient sashed robe green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Ancient sashed robe blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Ancient sashed robe purple.png Purple
Áo dài
NH-Dresses-Áo dài white.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Áo dài white.png White
NH-Dresses-Áo dài pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Áo dài yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Áo dài green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Áo dài blue.png Navy blue
Apple dress
NH-Dresses-Apple dress.png
N/A 1,600 Bells
Astro dress
NH-Dresses-Astro dress blue.png
2,500Bells 625Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Astro dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Astro dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Astro dress blue.png Blue
Attus robe
NH-Dresses-Attus robe blue.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Attus robe red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Attus robe blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Attus robe brown.png Brown
Baby-chick costume
NH-Dresses-Chick costume.png
1,700 Bells 425 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Baby chick costume white.png Beige
NH-Dresses-Chick costume.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Baby chick costume blue.png Blue
Baby romper
NH-Dresses-Baby romper aqua.png
1,920 Bells 480 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Baby romper gray.png Baby gray
NH-Dresses-Baby romper pink.png Baby pink
NH-Dresses-Baby romper orange.png Baby orange
NH-Dresses-Baby romper yellow.png Baby yellow
NH-Dresses-Baby romper green.png Baby green
NH-Dresses-Baby romper aqua.png Baby mint
NH-Dresses-Baby romper blue.png Baby blue
NH-Dresses-Baby romper purple.png Baby purple
Baji jeogori
NH-Dresses-Baji Jeogori blue.png
2,520Bells 630Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Baji Jeogori black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Baji Jeogori pink.png Aqua
NH-Dresses-Baji Jeogori blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Baji Jeogori purple.png Purple
Ballet outfit
NH-Dresses-Ballet outfit pink.png
2,880 Bells 720 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Ballet outfit white.png White
NH-Dresses-Ballet outfit black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Ballet outfit pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Ballet outfit orange.png Red
NH-Dresses-Ballet outfit yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Ballet outfit green.png Mint
NH-Dresses-Ballet outfit blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Ballet outfit purple.png Purple
Balmacaan coat
NH-Dresses-Balmacaan coat avacado.png
1,540 Bells 350 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Balmacaan coat avacado.png Avocado
NH-Dresses-Balmacaan coat beige.png Beige
NH-Dresses-Balmacaan coat navy blue.png Navy blue
Baseball uniform
NH-Dresses-Baseball uniform red.png
1,760Bells 440Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Baseball uniform red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Baseball uniform orange.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Baseball uniform yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Baseball uniform green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Baseball uniform blue.png Navy blue
720 Bells 180 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Bathrobe-white.png White
NH-Dresses-Bathrobe-black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Bathrobe-pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Bathrobe-green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Bathrobe-blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Bathrobe-purple.png Purple
NH-Dresses-Bathrobe-brown.png Brown
Bath-towel wrap
NH-Dresses-Bath towel wrap white.png
630 Bells 157 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Bath towel wrap white.png White
NH-Dresses-Bath towel wrap black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Bath towel wrap pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Bath towel wrap green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Bath towel wrap blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Bath towel wrap purple.png Purple
NH-Dresses-Bath towel wrap brown.png Brown
Bear costume
NH-Dresses-Bear costume brown.png
1,700 Bells 425 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Bear costume black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Bear costume pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Bear costume blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Bear costume brown.png Brown
Bekasab robe
NH-Dresses-Bekasab robe red.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Bekasab robe red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Bekasab robe yellow.png Camel
NH-Dresses-Bekasab robe blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Bekasab robe purple.png Purple
Belted dotted dress
NH-Dresses-Belted dotted dress light blue.png
2,000 Bells 500 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Belted dotted dress light blue.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Belted dotted dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Belted dotted dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Belted dotted dress green.png Green
Bingata dress
NH-Dresses-Bingata dress.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
Blossom dress
1,500 Bells 375 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Blossom.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Blossom dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Blossom dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Blossom dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Blossom dress purple.png Purple
Blossoming kimono
NH-Dresses-Blossoming kimono.png
3,220 Bells 805 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Blossoming kimono-pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Blossoming-green.png Green tea
Boa parka
NH-Dresses-Boa parka green.png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Boa parka gray.png Gray
NH-Dresses-Boa parka pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Boa parka green.png Mint
NH-Dresses-Boa parka purple.png Purple
Bohemian tunic dress
NH-Dresses-Bohemian tunic dress red.png
1,900 Bells 475 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Bohemian tunic dress red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Bohemian tunic dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Bohemian tunic dress navy blue.png Navy blue
Bold muumuu
NH-Dresses-Bold muumuu navy blue.png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Bold muumuu navy blue.png Navy blue
NH-Dresses-Bold muumuu pink.png Pink
Bolero coat
NH-Dresses-Bolero coat pink.png
2,080 Bells 530 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Bolero coat pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Bolero coat yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Bolero coat blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Bolero coat green.png Green
Bone costume
NH-Dresses-Bone costume.png
1,280 Bells 320 Bells
Able Sisters
Box-skirt uniform
NH-Dresses-Box-skirt uniform navy.png
2,300 Bells 575 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Box-skirt uniform gray.png Gray
NH-Dresses-Box-skirt uniform black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Box-skirt uniform red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Box-skirt uniform green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Box-skirt uniform blue.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Box-skirt uniform navy.png Navy blue
NH-Dresses-Box-skirt uniform brown.png Brown
Bubble-skirt party dress
NH-Dresses-Bubble-Skirt Party Dress (pink).png
2,500 Bells 625 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Bubble-Skirt Party Dress (pink).png Pink
NH-Dresses-Bubble-Skirt Party Dress (purple).png Purple
NH-Dresses-Bubble-Skirt Party Dress (blue).png Blue
NH-Dresses-Bubble-Skirt Party Dress (light blue).png Light Blue
NH-Dresses-Bubble-Skirt Party Dress (green).png Green
NH-Dresses-Bubble-Skirt Party Dress (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Bubble-Skirt Party Dress (orange).png Orange
NH-Dresses-Bubble-Skirt Party Dress (red).png Red
Bunny dress
NH-Dresses-Bunny dress pink.png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Bunny dress blue.png White
NH-Dresses-Bunny dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Bunny dress yellow.png Yellow
Butterfly visiting kimono
NH-Dresses-Butterfly visiting kimono black.png
2,660 Bells 665 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Butterfly visiting kimono black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Butterfly visiting kimono blue.png Indigo blue
NH-Dresses-Butterfly visiting kimono purple.png Fuchsia
Casual chic dress
NH-Dresses-Casual chic dress yellow.png
2,400 Bells 600 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Casual chic dress coral.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Casual chic dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Casual chic dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Casual chic dress light blue.pngLight blue
NH-Dresses-Casual chic dress blue.png Navy blue
NH-Dresses-Casual chic dress purple.png Purple
Casual kimono
NH-Dresses-Casual kimono navy.png
2,000 Bells 500 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Casual kimono green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Casual kimono aqua.png Aqua
NH-Dresses-Casual kimono navy.png Dark blue
NH-Dresses-Casual kimono brown.png Mustard
Cat dress
NH-Dresses-Cat dress navy blue.png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Cat dress navy blue.png Navy blue
NH-Dresses-Cat dress brown.png Brown
NH-Dresses-Cat dress white.png White
Caterpillar costume
NH-Dresses-Caterpillar costume green.png
1,700 Bells 425 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Caterpillar costume yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Caterpillar costume green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Caterpillar costume rainbow.png Rainbow
Caveman tank
NH-Dresses-Caveman tank brown.png
1,050Bells 262 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Caveman tank yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Caveman tank blue.png Gray
NH-Dresses-Caveman tank brown.png Orange
Checkered jumper dress
NH-Dresses-Checkered jumper dress red.png
1,840 Bells 460 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Checkered jumper dress red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Checkered jumper dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Checkered jumper dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Checkered jumper dress white.png Beige
Cheerleading uniform
NH-Dresses-Cheerleading uniform red.png
1,920 Bells 480 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Cheerleading uniform pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Cheerleading uniform red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Cheerleading uniform yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Cheerleading uniform berry red.png Berry red
NH-Dresses-Cheerleading uniform green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Cheerleading uniform light blue.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Cheerleading uniform blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Cheerleading uniform purple.png Purple
Cherry dress
NH-Dresses-Cherry dress.png
N/A 1,600 Bells
Chic tuxedo dress
NH-Dresses-Tuxedo dress.png
2,240 Bells 560 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Tuxedo dress.png Black
NH-Dresses-Chic tuxedo dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Chic tuxedo dress red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Chic tuxedo dress blue.png Light blue
Chima jeogori
NH-Dresses-Hanbok red green.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Hanbok pink light blue.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Hanbok red yellow.png Red
NH-Dresses-Hanbok red green.png Vermilion
NH-Dresses-Hanbok lime peach.png Yellow-green
NH-Dresses-Chima jeogori blue.png Blue
China poblana
NH-Dresses-China poblana.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
Clover dress
NH-Dresses-Clover dress green.png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Clover dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Clover dress dark green.png Dark green
Cold-country bunad
NH-Dresses-Cold-country bunad blue.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Cold-country bunad blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Cold-country bunad green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Cold-country bunad red.png Red
Cold-country dress
NH-Dresses-Cold country dress blue.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Cold country dress red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Cold country dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Cold country dress blue.png Blue
Concierge uniform
NH-Dresses-Concierge uniform.png
1,920 Bells 480 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Concierge uniform white.png White
NH-Dresses-Concierge uniform.png Red
NH-Dresses-Concierge uniform green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Concierge uniform blue.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Concierge uniform camel.png Brown
Coveralls with arm covers
NH-Dresses-Coveralls with arm covers green.png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Coveralls with arm covers green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Coveralls with arm covers blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Coveralls with arm covers orange.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Coveralls with arm covers pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Coveralls with arm covers purple.png Purple
Cyber suit
NH-Dresses-Cyber suit blue.png
3,500 Bells 875 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Cyber suit pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Cyber suit yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Cyber suit blue.png Blue
Dazed dress
NH-Dresses-Dazed dress pink.png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Dazed dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Dazed dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Dazed dress green.png Green
Denim overalls
NH-Dresses-Denim overalls blue.png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Denim overalls white.png White
NH-Dresses-Denim overalls black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Denim overalls red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Denim overalls yellow.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Denim overalls green.png Avocado
NH-Dresses-Denim overalls blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Denim overalls tan.png Beige
NH-Dresses-Denim overalls brown.png Brown
Desert outfit
NH-Dresses-Desert outfit purple.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Desert outfit purple.png Purple
NH-Dresses-Desert outfit blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Desert outfit pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Desert outfit yellow.png Yellow
Desert-princess outfit
NH-Dresses-Desert-princess outfit blue.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Desert-princess outfit pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Desert-princess outfit yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Desert-princess outfit blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Desert-princess outfit purple.png Purple
Diner uniform
NH-Dresses-Diner uniform pink.png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Diner uniform black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Diner uniform pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Diner uniform red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Diner uniform yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Diner uniform green.png Aquamarine
NH-Dresses-Diner uniform blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Diner uniform cream.png Cream
Dollhouse dress
NH-Dresses-Dollhouse dress yellow.png
2,800 Bells 700 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Dollhouse dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Dollhouse dress red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Dollhouse dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Dollhouse dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Dollhouse dress purple.png Purple
NH-Dresses-Dollhouse dress sky blue.png Sky blue
NH-Dresses-Dollhouse dress light blue.png Light blue
Dragon suit
NH-Dresses-Dragon suit.png
2,500 Bells 625 Bells
Able Sisters
Dreamy dress
NH-Dresses-Dreamy Dress.png
2,080 Bells 520 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Dreamy Dress.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Dreamy dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Dreamy dress mint.pngGreen
NH-Dresses-Dreamy dress blue.png Blue
Earth-egg outfit
NH-Dresses-Earth-egg outfit.png
N/A 1,200 Bells
Egg party dress
NH-Dresses-Egg party dress.png
N/A 7,200 Bells
Egg-sushi costume
NH-Dresses-Egg sushi costume.png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters
Elegant dress
NH-Dresses-Elegant dress purple.png
2,400 Bells 600 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Elegant dress purple.png Purple
NH-Dresses-Elegant dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Elegant dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Elegant dress berry red.png Berry red
NH-Dresses-Elegant dress pink.png Pink
Fairy dress
3,640 Bells 910 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Fairy.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Fairy dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Fairy dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Fairy dress blue.png Mint
NH-Dresses-Fairy dress purple.png Purple
Fairy-tale dress
NH-Dresses-Fairy-tale dress red.png
2,400 Bells 600 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Fairy-tale dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Fairy-tale dress red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Fairy-tale dress orange.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Fairy-tale dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Fairy-tale dress light green.png Light green
NH-Dresses-Fairy-tale dress green.pngGreen
NH-Dresses-Fairy-tale dress aqua.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Fairy-tale dress blue.png Blue
Fancy kimono
NH-Dresses-Fancy kimono red.png
5,200 Bells 1,300 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Fancy kimono red.png Vermilion
NH-Dresses-Fancy kimono peach.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Fancy kimono yellow.png Pale orange
NH-Dresses-Fancy kimono olive.png Green
NH-Dresses-Fancy kimono green.png Parrot green
NH-Dresses-Fancy kimono aqua.png Aqua
NH-Dresses-Fancy kimono indigo.png Indigo blue
NH-Dresses-Fancy kimono purple.png Purple
Fancy party dress
NH-Dresses-Fancy party dress blue.png
2,400 Bells 600 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Fancy party dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Fancy party dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Fancy party dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Fancy party dress brown.png Beige
Farmer overalls
NH-Dresses-Farmer overalls.png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Farmer overalls.png Gray
NH-Dresses-Farmer overalls red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Farmer overalls yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Farmer overalls green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Farmer overalls blue.png Blue
Fashionable royal dress
NH-Dresses-Fashionable royal dress.png
6,000 Bells 1,500 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Fashionable royal dress.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Fashionable royal dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Fashionable royal dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Fashionable royal dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Fashionable royal dress purple.png Purple
Festive dress
NH-Dresses-Festive dress.png
2,400 Bells 600 Bells
Able Sisters
Festive-tree dress
NH-Dresses-Festive-tree dress green and white.png
2,240 Bells 560 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Festive-tree dress green and white.png Green & white
NH-Dresses-Festive-tree dress green and blue.png Green & blue
NH-Dresses-Festive-tree dress green and red.png Green & red
NH-Dresses-Festive-tree dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Festive-tree dress gold.png Gold
NH-Dresses-Festive-tree dress silver.png Silver
Figure-skating costume
NH-Dresses-Figure skating costume.png
2,880 Bells 720 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Figure skating costume.png Black
NH-Dresses-Figure skating costume red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Figure skating costume pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Figure skating costume yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Figure skating costume green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Figure skating costume blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Figure skating costume purple.png Purple
Figure-skating dress
NH-Dresses-Figure skating dress blue.png
2,880 Bells 720 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Figure skating dress black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Figure skating dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Figure skating dress red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Figure skating dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Figure skating dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Figure skating dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Figure skating dress purple.png Purple
Firefighter uniform
2,240 Bells 560 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Firefighter.png Black
NH-Dresses-Firefighter uniform orange.png Flame orange
NH-Dresses-Firefighter uniform yellow.png Lime yellow
NH-Dresses-Firefighter uniform green.png Avocado
NH-Dresses-Firefighter uniform brown.png Brown
Fishing waders
NH-Dresses-Fishing waders.png
2,000 Bells 500 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Fishing waders gray.png Gray
NH-Dresses-Fishing waders orange.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Fishing waders.png Avocado
NH-Dresses-Fishing waders blue.png Navy blue
Flashy animal costume
NH-Dresses-Flashy animal costume (white).png
1,700 Bells 425 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Flashy animal costume (white).png White
NH-Dresses-Flashy animal costume (red).png Red
NH-Dresses-Flashy animal costume (purple).png Purple
NH-Dresses-Flashy animal costume (orange).png Orange
NH-Dresses-Flashy animal costume (green).png Green
Flapper dress
NH-Dresses-Flapper dress.png
2,600 Bells 650 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Flapper dress.png Silver
NH-Dresses-Flapper dress black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Flapper dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Flapper dress yellow.png Gold
NH-Dresses-Flapper dress green.png Green
Flashy kimono
NH-Dresses-Flashy kimono green.png
4,800 Bells 1,200 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Flashy kimono white.png White
NH-Dresses-Flashy kimono pink.png Fuchsia
NH-Dresses-Flashy kimono red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Flashy kimono yellow.png Gold
NH-Dresses-Flashy kimono green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Flashy kimono blue.png Blue
Fleece PJ's
NH-Dresses-Fleece pjs.png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Fleece pjs.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Fleece pjs beige.pngBeige
Flight-crew uniform
NH-Dresses-Flight crew uniform blue.png
2,800 Bells 700 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Flight crew uniform gray blue.png Gray
NH-Dresses-Flight crew uniform red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Flight crew uniform light blue.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Flight crew uniform blue.png Navy blue
NH-Dresses-Flight crew uniform navy.png Black
Floral lace dress
NH-Dresses-Floral lace dress cyan.png
1,820 Bells 455 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Floral lace dress black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Floral lace dress magenta.png Ruby red
NH-Dresses-Floral lace dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Floral lace dress orange.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Floral lace dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Floral lace dress cyan.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Floral lace dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Floral lace dress purple.png Purple
Flower-print dress
NH-Dresses-Flower print dress pink.png
1,200 Bells 300 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Flower print dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Flower print dress green.png Green
Folk-dance outfit
NH-Dresses-Folk dance outfit.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
Forest-print dress
NH-Dresses-Forest print dress.png
1,540 Bells 385 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Forest print dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Forest print dress.png Green
NH-Dresses-Forest print dress blue.png Pale blue
NH-Dresses-Forest print dress purple.pngPurple
NH-Dresses-Forest print dress brown.png Brown
Frilly dress
NH-Dresses-Frilly dress pink.png
2,000 Bells 500 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Frilly dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Frilly dress brown.png Brown
NH-Dresses-Frilly dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Frilly dress yellow.png Yellow
Frog costume
NH-Dresses-Frog costume green.png
1,700 Bells 425 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Frog costume red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Frog costume yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Frog costume green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Frog costume blue.png Blue
Frugal dress
NH-Frugal dress brown.png
490 Bells 122 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Frugal dress green.png Green
NH-Frugal dress blue.png Blue-gray
NH-Frugal dress brown.png Brown
Frugal outfit
NH-Dresses-Frugal outfit brown.png
450 Bells 112 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Frugal outfit brown.png Brown
NH-Dresses-Frugal outfit green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Frugal outfit blue-gray.png Blue-gray
Full-body tights
NH-Dresses-Full body tights black.png
1,120 Bells 280 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Full body tights black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Full body tights white.png White
NH-Dresses-Full body tights red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Full body tights blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Full body tights green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Full body tights pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Full body tights gold.png Gold
NH-Dresses-Full body tights silver.png Silver
Full-length dress with pearls
NH-Dresses-Full-length dress with pearls black.png
2,600 Bells 650 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Full-length dress with pearls black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Full-length dress with pearls berry red.png Berry red
NH-Dresses-Full-length dress with pearls beige.png Beige
NH-Dresses-Full-length dress with pearls green.png Green
Gizzard-shad-sushi costume
NH-Dresses-Gizzard-shad-sushi costume.png
1,440 Bells 360 Bells
Able Sisters
Gold armor
NH-Dresses-Gold armor.png
N/A 80,000 Bells
Grape dress
NH-Dresses-Grape dress.png
1,500 Bells 375 Bells
Able Sisters
Gumdrop dress
NH-Dresses-Gumdrop dress pop.png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Gumdrop dress pop.png Pop
NH-Dresses-Gumdrop dress cool.png Cool
NH-Dresses-Hakama plum.png
3,180 Bells 795 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Hakama plum.png Plum
NH-Dresses-Hakama green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Hakama dark blue.png Dark blue
Hakama with crest
NH-Dresses-Hakama with crest.png
4,800 Bells 1,200 Bells
Able Sisters
Hibiscus muumuu
NH-Dresses-Hibiscus muumuu red.png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Hibiscus muumuu red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Hibiscus muumuu yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Hibiscus muumuu pink.png Pink
Hikoboshi outfit
NH-Dresses-Hikoboshi outfit.png
2,500 Bells 650 Bells Nook Shopping N/A
Hot-dog costume
NH-Dresses-Hot-dog costume.png
1,280 Bells 320 Bells
Able Sisters
House-print dress
NH-Dresses-House print dress white.png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-House print dress white.png White
NH-Dresses-House print dress yellow.png Yellow
Ice-hockey uniform
NH-Dresses-Ice-hockey uniform white & red.png
2,640 Bells 660 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Ice-hockey uniform white & red.png White & red
NH-Dresses-Ice-hockey uniform white & blue.png White & blue
NH-Dresses-Ice-hockey uniform berry red.png Berry red
NH-Dresses-Ice-hockey uniform blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Ice-hockey uniform green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Ice-hockey uniform orange.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Ice-hockey uniform light blue.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Ice-hockey uniform gray.png Gray
Icy dress
NH-Dresses-Icy dress.png
5,200 Bells 1,300 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
Impish costume
NH-Dresses-Impish costume red.png
2,240 Bells 560 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Impish costume black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Impish costume red.png Red
Instant-muscles suit
NH-Dresses-Instant-muscles suit purple.png
2,280 Bells 570 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Instant-muscles suit purple.png Purple
NH-Dresses-Instant-muscles suit green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Instant-muscles suit light blue.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Instant-muscles suit orange.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Instant-muscles suit lime.png Lime
NH-Dresses-Instant-muscles suit red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Instant-muscles suit blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Instant-muscles suit yellow.png Yellow
Iron armor
NH-Dresses-Iron armor.png
N/A 6,000 Bells
Jack's Robe
NH-Dresses-Jack's Robe.png
N/A 2,000 Bells N/A N/A
Jester costume
NH-Dresses-Jester costume purple & yellow.png
2,240 Bells 560 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Jester costume purple & yellow.png Purple & yellow
NH-Dresses-Jester costume black & white.png Black & white
NH-Dresses-Jester costume red & blue.png Red & blue
NH-Dresses-Jester costume green & red.png Green & red
NH-Dresses-Jinbei dark blue.png
1,820 Bells 455 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Jinbei dark blue.png Dark blue
NH-Dresses-Jinbei fuchsia.png Fuchsia
NH-Dresses-Jinbei gray.png Gray
Jockey uniform
NH-Dresses-Jockey uniform sash.png
1,920 Bells 480 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Jockey uniform sash.png Sash
NH-Dresses-Jockey uniform checkered.png Checkered
NH-Dresses-Jockey uniform diamonds.png Diamonds
NH-Dresses-Jockey uniform ring.png Ring
NH-Dresses-Jockey uniform stars.png Stars
NH-Dresses-Jockey uniform double sash.png Double sash
NH-Dresses-Jockey uniform vertical stripes.png Vertical stripes
NH-Dresses-Jockey uniform zigzag.png Zigzag
NH-Dresses-Judogi (white).png
1,760 Bells 440 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Judogi (white).png White
NH-Dresses-Judogi (blue).png Blue
Jumper work suit
NH-Dresses-Jumper work suit orange.png
1050 Bells 262 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Jumper work suit orange.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Jumper work suit red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Jumper work suit blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Jumper work suit yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Jumper work suit green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Jumper work suit pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Jumper work suit brown.png Brown
NH-Dresses-Jumper work suit black.png Black
Junihitoe kimono
NH-Dresses-Junihitoe kimono.png
7,000 Bells 1,750 Bells
Able Sisters
Kabuki-actor yukata
NH-Dresses-Kabuki-actor yukata fuchsia.png
2,400 Bells 600 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Kabuki-actor yukata fuchsia.png Fuchsia
NH-Dresses-Kabuki-actor yukata dark blue.png Dark blue
NH-Dresses-Kabuki-actor yukata gray.png Gray
NH-Dresses-Kandoora brown.png
2,520 Bells 630 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Kandoora white.png White
NH-Dresses-Kandoora gray.png Gray
NH-Dresses-Kandoora brown.png Brown
Kappa costume
NH-Dresses-Kappa costume (green).png
1,700 Bells 425 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Kappa costume (green).png Green
NH-Dresses-Kappa costume (pink).png Pink
Kiwi dress
NH-Dresses-Kiwi dress.png
1,500 Bells 375 Bells
Able Sisters
Labelle dress
NH-Dresses-Labelle dress twilight.png
3,400 Bells 850 Bells
NH-Dresses-Labelle dress twilight.png Twilight
NH-Dresses-Labelle dress midnight.png Midnight
NH-Dresses-Labelle dress passion.png Passion
NH-Dresses-Labelle dress ocean.png Ocean
NH-Dresses-Labelle dress sunset.png Sunset
NH-Dresses-Labelle dress love.png Love
Lace-up dress
NH-Dresses-Lace-up dress pink.png
2,500 Bells 625 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Lace-up dress pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Lace-up dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Lace-up dress purple.png Purple
Lacy dress
NH-Dresses-Lacy dress blue.png
1,520 Bells 380 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Lacy dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Lacy dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Lacy dress pink.png Pink
Layered sleeveless dress
NH-Dresses-Layered sleeveless dress moss green.png
1,200 Bells 300 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Dresses-Layered sleeveless dress moss green.png Moss green
NH-Dresses-Layered sleeveless dress orange.png Orange
NH-Dresses-Layered sleeveless dress pink.png Pink
Layered tank dress
NH-Dresses-Layered tank berry red.png
1,200 Bells 300 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Layered tank berry red.png Berry red
NH-Dresses-Layered tank beige.png Beige
NH-Dresses-Layered tank blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Layered tank brown.png Brown
Leaf-egg outfit
NH-Dresses-Leaf-egg outfit.png
N/A 1,200 Bells
Linen dress
NH-Dresses-Linen dress (black).png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Linen dress (black).png Black
NH-Dresses-Linen dress (red).png Red
NH-Dresses-Linen dress (mustard).png Mustard
NH-Dresses-Linen dress (white).png White
NH-Dresses-Linen dress (blue).png Blue
Lively plaid dress
NH-Dresses-Lively plaid dress.png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters
Long chenille cardigan
NH-Dresses-Long chenille cardigan (mustard).png
2,000 Bells 500 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Long chenille cardigan (mustard).png Mustard
NH-Dresses-Long chenille cardigan (blue).png Blue
NH-Dresses-Long chenille cardigan (pink).png Pink
NH-Dresses-Long chenille cardigan (green).png Green
Long denim cardigan
NH-Dresses-Long denim cardigan (gray).png
2,000 Bells 500 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Long denim cardigan (gray).png Gray
NH-Dresses-Long denim cardigan (pink).png Pink
NH-Dresses-Long denim cardigan (yellow).png Yellow
Long down coat
NH-Dresses-Long down coat (black).png
1,900 Bells 475 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Long down coat (black).png Black
NH-Dresses-Long down coat (green).png Green
NH-Dresses-Long down coat (white).png White
NH-Dresses-Long down coat (purple).png Purple
NH-Dresses-Long down coat (beige).png Beige
Long pleather coat
NH-Dresses-Long pleather coat (black).png
1840 Bells 460 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Dresses-Long pleather coat (black).png Black
NH-Dresses-Long pleather coat (purple).png Purple
NH-Dresses-Long pleather coat (brown).png Brown
Loose fall dress
NH-Dresses-Loose fall dress (red).png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Loose fall dress (red).png Red
NH-Dresses-Loose fall dress (peacock blue).png Peacock blue
NH-Dresses-Loose fall dress (orange).png Orange
50px Blue
Mage's robe
NH-Dresses-Mage's robe (black).png
4,000 Bells 1,000 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Mage's robe (black).png Black
NH-Dresses-Mage's robe (blue).png Blue
NH-Dresses-Mage's robe (white).png White
NH-Dresses-Mage's robe (red).png Red
Mage's dress
NH-Dresses-Mage's Dress (White).png
2,040 Bells 510 Bells
Able Sisters
50px White
NH-Dresses-Mage's Dress (Purple).png Purple
NH-Dresses-Mage's Dress (Orange).png Orange
NH-Dresses-Mage's Dress (Green).png Green
NH-Dresses-Mage's Dress (Red).png Red
Magical dress
NH-Dresses-Magical dress.png
3,180 Bells 795 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Magical dress black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Magical dress.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Magical dress red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Magical dress yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Magical dress green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Magical dress light blue.png Light blue
NH-Dresses-Magical dress blue.png Blue
NH-Dresses-Magical dress purple.png Purple
Magic-academy robe
NH-Dresses-Magic-Academy Robe (White).png
2,040 Bells 510 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Magic-Academy Robe (White).png White
NH-Dresses-Magic-Academy Robe (Red).png Red
NH-Dresses-Magic-Academy Robe (Purple).png Purple
NH-Dresses-Magic-Academy Robe (Orange).png Orange
NH-Dresses-Magic-Academy Robe (Green).png Green
NH-Dresses-Magic-Academy Robe (Black).png Black
Maid dress
NH-Dresses-Maid dress-black.png
2,320 Bells 580 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Dresses-Maid dress-black.png Black
NH-Dresses-Maid dress-pink.png Pink
NH-Dresses-Maid dress-red.png Red
NH-Dresses-Maid dress-yellow.png Yellow
NH-Dresses-Maid dress-green.png Green
NH-Dresses-Maid dress-pastel green.png Mint
NH-Dresses-Maid dress-purple.png Purple
NH-Dresses-Maid dress-brown.png Brown
Marble-dots dress
NH-Dresses-Marble-dots dress (black).png
1,500 Bells 375