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New Horizons clothing lists

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A - D

Name Image Price [1] Source [1] Variation [1]
Buy Sell
Antique boots 2,640 Bells 660 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Antique boots black.png Black
NH-Shoes-Antique boots brown.png Brown
NH-Shoes-Antique boots beige.png Greige
Armor shoes
NH-Shoes-Armor shoes.png
N/A 3000 Bells
Babouches 560 Bells 140 Bells
NH-Shoes-Babouches lilac.png Gray
NH-Shoes-Babouches red.png Red
NH-Shoes-Babouches pink.png Pink
NH-Shoes-Babouches orange.png Orange
NH-Shoes-Babouches yellow.png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Babouches turqouise.png Mint
NH-Shoes-Babouches blue.png Blue
NH-Shoes-Babouches purple.png Purple
Ballet slippers
NH-Shoes-Ballet slippers (pink).png
2,200 Bells 550 Bells
NH-Shoes-Ballet slippers (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Ballet slippers (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Ballet slippers (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Ballet slippers (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Ballet slippers (mint).png Mint
NH-Shoes-Ballet slippers (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Ballet slippers (purple).png Purple
NH-Shoes-Ballet slippers (white).png White
Basketball shoes 1,500 Bells 375 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Basketball shoes red.png Red
NH-Shoes-Basketball shoes pink.png Pink
NH-Shoes-Basketball shoes orange.png Orange
NH-Shoes-Basketball shoes green.png Green
NH-Shoes-Basketball shoes light blue.png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Basketball shoes blue.png Blue
NH-Shoes-Basketball shoes purple.png Purple
NH-Shoes-Basketball shoes beige.png Beige
Beaded sandals
NH-Shoes-Beaded sandals (orange).png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Shoes-Beaded sandals (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Beaded sandals (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Beaded sandals (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Beaded sandals (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Beaded sandals (purple).png Purple
50px Beige
NH-Shoes-Boots (green).png
560 Bells 140 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Boots.png Black
NH-Shoes-Boots (red).png Red
50px Olive
NH-Shoes-Boots (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Boots (blue).png Blue
Business shoes
NH-Shoes-Business shoes (black).png
1,300 Bells 325 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Business shoes (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Business shoes (brown).png Brown
NH-Shoes-Cleats (blue).png
1,200 Bells 300 Bells
NH-Shoes-Cleats (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Cleats (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Cleats (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Cleats (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Cleats (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Cleats (light aqua).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Cleats (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Cleats 7.png Purple
Comfy sandals
NH-Shoes-Comfy sandals (brown).png
1,040 Bells 260 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Shoes-Comfy sandals (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Comfy sandals (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Comfy sandals (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Comfy sandals (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Comfy sandals (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Comfy sandals (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Comfy sandals (purple).png Purple
NH-Shoes-Comfy sandals (brown).png Brown
Cowboy boots 2,380 Bells 595 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Cowboy boots (ivory).png Ivory
NH-Shoes-Cowboy boots (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Cowboy boots (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Cowboy boots (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Cowboy boots (brown).png Brown
Cross-belt sandals
NH-Shoes-Cross-belt sandals (green).png
1,040 Bells 260 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Shoes-Cross-belt sandals (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Cross-belt sandals (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Cross-belt sandals (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Cross-belt sandals (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Cross-belt sandals (purple).png Purple
NH-Shoes-Cross-belt sandals (brown).png Brown
Cute sneakers
1,260 Bells 315 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Cute sneakers (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Cute sneakers (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Cute sneakers (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Cute sneakers (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Cute sneakers (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Cute sneakers (purple).png Purple
DAL slippers
NH-Shoes-Dal slippers.png
N/A 1,010 Bells
Dodo Airlines

E - H

Name Image Price [1] Source [1] Variation [1]
Buy Sell
Earth-egg shoes
NH-Shoes-Earth-egg shoes.png
N/A 800 Bells
Embroidered shoes
NH-Shoes-Embroidered shoes (red).png
2,100 Bells 525 Bells
NH-Shoes-Embroidered shoes (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Embroidered shoes (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Embroidered shoes (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Embroidered shoes (blue).png Blue
Faux-fur ankle booties
NH-Shoes-Faux-fur ankle booties (olive).png
1,450 Bells 362 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Shoes-Faux-fur ankle booties (ruby red).png Ruby red
NH-Shoes-Faux-fur ankle booties (olive).png Olive
NH-Shoes-Faux-fur ankle booties (navy blue).png Navy blue
NH-Shoes-Faux-fur ankle booties (beige).png Beige
Faux-shearling boots
NH-Shoes-Faux-shearling boots (beige).png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Shoes-Faux-shearling boots (Gray).png Gray
50px Black
NH-Shoes-Faux-shearling boots (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Faux-shearling boots (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Faux-shearling boots (beige).png Beige
Faux-suede sneakers
NH-Shoes-Fauxsuede sneakers.png
1,080 Bells 270 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Faux-suede sneakers berry red.png Berry red
NH-Shoes-Faux-suede sneakers pink.png Pink
NH-Shoes-Faux-suede sneakers orange.png Orange
NH-Shoes-Faux-suede sneakers green.png Green
NH-Shoes-Faux-suede sneakers light blue.png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Faux-suede sneakers navy blue.png Navy blue
NH-Shoes-Faux-suede sneakers purple.png Purple
NH-Shoes-Faux-suede sneakers beige.png Beige
Flashy animal boots NH-Shoes-Flashy animal boots (White).png 1,260 Bells 315 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Flashy animal boots (White).png White
NH-Shoes-Flashy animal boots (Black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Flashy animal boots (Red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Flashy animal boots (Orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Flashy animal boots (Green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Flashy animal boots (Purple).png Purple
NH-Shoes-Flip-flops blue.png
350 Bells 87 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Shoes-Flip-flops white.png White
NH-Shoes-Flip-flops red.png Red
NH-Shoes-Flip-flops pink.png Pink
NH-Shoes-Flip-flops orange.png Orange
NH-Shoes-Flip-flops yellow.png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Flip-flops green.png Green
NH-Shoes-Flip-flops light blue.png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Flip-flops blue.png Blue
Flower sandals
NH-Shoes-Flower sandals (white).png
1,200 Bells 300 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Shoes-Flower sandals (gray).png White
NH-Shoes-Flower sandals (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Flower sandals (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Flower sandals (white).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Flower sandals (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Flower sandals (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Flower sandals (purple).png Purple
Ghillie brogues
NH-Shoes-Ghillie brogues (brown).png
2,340 Bells 585 Bells
NH-Shoes-Ghillie brogues (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Ghillie brogues (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Ghillie brogues (brown).png Brown
Gladiator sandals
NH-Shoes-Gladiator sandals (brown).png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Shoes-Gladiator sandals (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Gladiator sandals (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Gladiator sandals (brown).png Brown
Gold-armor shoes
NH-Shoes-Gold-armor shoes.png
N/A 40,000 Bells
Hi-tech sneakers
NH-Shoes-Hi-tech sneakers (orange).png
1,260 Bells 315 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Hi-tech sneakers (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Hi-tech sneakers (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Hi-tech sneakers (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Hi-tech sneakers (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Hi-tech sneakers (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-High-tops (gray).png
1,080 Bells 270 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-High-tops (white).png White
NH-Shoes-High-tops (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-High-tops (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-High-tops (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-High-tops (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-High-tops (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-High-tops (purple).png Purple
NH-Shoes-High-tops (brown).png Brown
House slippers 490 Bells 122 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-House slippers (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-House slippers (Pink).png Red
NH-Shoes-House slippers (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-House slippers (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-House slippers (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-House slippers (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-House slippers (navy blue).png Navy blue
NH-Shoes-House slippers (beige).png Beige

I - L

Name Image Price [1] Source [1] Variation [1]
Buy Sell
Jester's shoes
NH-Shoes-Jester's shoes (purple).png
1,900 Bells 475 Bells
NH-Shoes-Jester's shoes (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Jester's shoes (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Jester's shoes (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Jester's shoes (purple).png Purple
Kiddie sneakers
NH-Shoes-Kiddie sneakers (red).png
700 Bells 175 Bells
NH-Shoes-Kiddie sneakers (white).png Silver
NH-Shoes-Kiddie sneakers (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Kiddie sneakers (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Kiddie sneakers (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Kiddie sneakers (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Kiddie sneakers (purple).png Purple
Kimono sandals
NH-Shoes-Kimono sandals (black).png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
NH-Shoes-Kimono sandals (white).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Kimono sandals (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Kimono sandals (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Kimono sandals (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Kimono sandals (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Kimono sandals (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Kimono sandals (blue).png Dark blue
NH-Shoes-Kimono sandals (purple).png Purple
Kung-fu shoes
NH-Shoes-Kung-fu shoes.png
1,260 Bells 315 Bells
Labelle pumps
NH-Shoes-Labelle pumps twilight.png
3,500 Bells 875 Bells
NH-Shoes-Labelle pumps midnight.png Midnight
NH-Shoes-Labelle pumps passion.png Passion
NH-Shoes-Labelle pumps love.png Love
NH-Shoes-Labelle pumps sunset.png Sunset
NH-Shoes-Labelle pumps ocean.png Ocean
NH-Shoes-Labelle pumps twilight.png Twilight
Labelle sneakers
NH-Shoes-Labelle sneakers twilight.png
3,300 Bells 825 Bells
NH-Shoes-Labelle sneakers midnight.png Midnight
NH-Shoes-Labelle sneakers passion.png Passion
NH-Shoes-Labelle sneakers love.png Love
NH-Shoes-Labelle sneakers sunset.png Sunset
NH-Shoes-Labelle sneakers ocean.png Ocean
NH-Shoes-Labelle sneakers twilight.png Twilight
Lace-up boots
NH-Shoes-Laceup boots.png
1,920 Bells 480 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Lace-up boots (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Lace-up boots (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Lace-up boots (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Lace-up boots (brown).png Brown
Leaf-egg shoes
NH-Shoes-Leaf-egg shoes.png
N/A 800 Bells
Leopard pumps
NH-Shoes-Leopard pumps (beige).png
1,560 Bells 390 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Leopard pumps (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Leopard pumps (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Leopard pumps (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Leopard pumps (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Leopard pumps (purple).png Purple
NH-Shoes-Leopard pumps (beige).png Beige
NH-Shoes-Loafers (brown).png
1,300 Bells 325 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Loafers (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Loafers (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Loafers (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Loafers (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Loafers (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Loafers (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Loafers (brown).png Brown

M - P

Name Image Price [1] Source [1] Variation [1]
Buy Sell
Mage's booties
NH-Shoes-Mage s booties (black).png
1,550 Bells 387 Bells
NH-Shoes-Mage's booties (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Mage s booties (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Mage's booties (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Mage s booties (blue).png Blue
Mage's boots NH-Shoes-Mage's Boots (White).png 1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Mage's Boots (White).png White
NH-Shoes-Mage's Boots (Black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Mage's Boots (Red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Mage's Boots (Orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Mage's Boots (Green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Mage's Boots (Purple).png Purple
Mary janes
NH-Shoes-Mary janes (black).png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Mary janes (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Mary janes (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Mary janes (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Mary janes (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Mary janes (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Mary janes (green).png Green
50px Light blue
NH-Shoes-Mary janes (Blue).png Blue
Moccasin boots 1,120 Bells 280 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Shoes-Moccasin boots (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Moccasin boots (pink).png Pink
50px Camel
NH-Shoes-Moccasin boots (olive).png Olive
NH-Shoes-Moccasin boots (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Moccasin boots (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Moccasin boots (beige).png Beige
NH-Shoes-Moccasins (camel).png
1,080 Bells 270 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Moccasins (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Moccasins (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Moccasins (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Moccasins (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Moccasins (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Moccasins (camel).png Camel
NH-Shoes-Moccasins (light blue).png Light blue
Nook Inc. slippers
NH-Shoes-Nook inc. slippers.png
400 Nook Miles 2,000 Bells
Nook Stop
Outdoor sandals
NH-Shoes-Outdoor sandals (green).png
630 Bells 157 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Shoes-Outdoor sandals (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Outdoor sandals (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Outdoor sandals (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Outdoor sandals (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Outdoor sandals (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Outdoor sandals (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Outdoor sandals (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Outdoor sandals (purple).png Purple
Paw slippers
NH-Shoes-Paw slippers (pink).png
1,260 Bells 315 Bells
NH-Shoes-Paw slippers (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Paw slippers (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Paw slippers (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Paw slippers (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Paw slippers (brown).png Brown
Pleather ankle booties
NH-Shoes-Pleather ankle booties (brown).png
1,280 Bells 320 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Pleather ankle booties (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Pleather ankle booties (mustard).png Mustard
NH-Shoes-Pleather ankle booties (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Pleather ankle booties (brown).png Brown
Pleather sneakers
NH-Shoes-Pleather sneakers.png
700 Bells 175 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Pleather sneakers white.png White
NH-Shoes-Pleather sneakers black.png Black
NH-Shoes-Pleather sneakers red.png Red
NH-Shoes-Pleather sneakers orange.png Orange
NH-Shoes-Pleather sneakers yellow.png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Pleather sneakers green.png Green
NH-Shoes-Pleather sneakers light blue.png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Pleather sneakers blue.png Blue
Pom-pom boots
NH-Shoes-Pom-pom boots red.png
1,600 Bells 400 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Shoes-Pom-pom boots black.png Black
NH-Shoes-Pom-pom boots red.png Red
NH-Shoes-pom-pom boots pink.png Pink
NH-Shoes-Pom-pom boots yellow.png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Pom-pom boots green.png Green
NH-Shoes-Pom-pom boots blue.png Blue
NH-Shoes-Pom-pom boots purple.png Purple
Power boots
NH-Shoes-Power boots (red).png
3,150 Bells 787 Bells
NH-Shoes-Power boots (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Power boots (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Power boots (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Power boots (blue).png Blue

Q - T

Name Image Price [1] Source [1] Variation [1]
Buy Sell
Rain boots
NH-Shoes-Rain boots yellow.png
490 Bells 122 Bells
Able Sisters

Nook Shopping
NH-Shoes-Rain boots black.png Black
NH-Shoes-Rain boots red.png Red
NH-Shoes-Rain boots pink.png Pink
NH-Shoes-Rain boots yellow.png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Rain boots green.png Green
NH-Shoes-Rain boots blue.png Blue
NH-Shoes-Rain boots purple.png Purple
NH-Shoes-Rain boots beige.png Beige
Recycled boots
NH-Shoes-Recycled Boots.png
N/A 40 Bells
Restroom slippers
NH-Shoes-Restroom slippers (navy blue).png
350 Bells 87 Bells
NH-Shoes-Restroom slippers (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Restroom slippers (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Restroom slippers (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Restroom slippers (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Restroom slippers (navy blue).png Navy blue
Ribbon sandals
NH-Shoes-Ribbon sandals (blue).png
1,300 Bells 325 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Shoes-Ribbon sandals (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Ribbon sandals (beige).png Beige
NH-Shoes-Ribbon sandals (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Ribbon sandals (berry red).png Berry red
NH-Shoes-Ribbon sandals (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Ribbon sandals (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Ribbon sandals (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Ribbon sandals (blue).png Blue
Rubber-toe high tops
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe high tops (blue).png
1,260 Bells 315 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe high tops (ivory).png Ivory
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe high tops (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe high tops (berry red).png Berry red
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe high tops (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe high tops (coral).png Coral
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe high tops (olive).png Olive
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe high tops (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe high tops (beige).png Beige
Rubber-toe sneakers 1,080 Bells 270 Bells
Able Sisters

Nook Shopping
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe sneakers (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe sneakers (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe sneakers (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe sneakers (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe sneakers (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe sneakers (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe sneakers (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Rubber-toe sneakers (purple).png Purple
Samurai greaves
NH-Shoes-Samurai greaves (red).png
4,300 Bells 1,075 Bells
NH-Shoes-Samurai greaves (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Samurai greaves (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Samurai greaves (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Samurai greaves (yellow).png Golden yellow
NH-Shoes-Samurai greaves (blue).png Blue
Shiny bow platform shoes
NH-Shoes-Shiny bow platform shoes (pink).png
2,400 Bells 600 Bells
NH-Shoes-Shiny bow platform shoes (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Shiny bow platform shoes (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Shiny bow platform shoes (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Shiny bow platform shoes (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Shiny bow platform shoes (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Shiny bow platform shoes (purple).png Purple
NH-Shoes-Shiny bow platform shoes (light purple).png Light purple
Shower sandals
NH-Shoes-Shower sandals (black).png
350 Bells 87 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Shower sandals (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Shower sandals (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Shower sandals (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Shower sandals (gold).png Gold
NH-Shoes-Shower sandals (blue).png Blue
Ski boots
NH-Shoes-Ski boots (white).png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
Kicks during winter
NH-Shoes-Ski boots (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Ski boots (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Ski boots (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Ski boots (yellow).png Lime
NH-Shoes-Ski boots (blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Ski boots (purple).png Purple
Sky-egg shoes
NH-Shoes-Sky-egg shoes.png
N/A 800 Bells
Slip-on loafers
NH-Shoes-Slip-on loafers (yellow).png
490 Bells 122 Bells
Able Sisters

Nook Shopping
NH-Shoes-Slip-on loafers (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Slip-on loafers (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Slip-on loafers (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Slip-on loafers (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Slip-on loafers (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Slip-on loafers (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Slip-on loafers (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Slip-on loafers (beige).png Beige
Slip-on sandals
NH-Shoes-Slip-on sandals (light blue).png
560 Bells 140 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Slip-on sandals (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Slip-on sandals (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Slip-on sandals (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Slip-on sandals (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Slip-on sandals (lime).png Lime
NH-Shoes-Slip-on sandals (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Slip-on sandals (navy blue).png Navy blue
NH-Shoes-Slip-on sandals (purple).png Purple
Slip-on school shoes
NH-Shoes-Slip-on school shoes (red).png
350 Bells 87 Bells
NH-Shoes-Slip-on school shoes (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Slip-on school shoes (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Slip-on school shoes (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Slip-on school shoes (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Slip-on school shoes (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Slippers (gray).png
350 Bells 87 Bells
NH-Shoes-Slippers (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Slippers (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Slippers (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Slippers (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Slippers (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Slippers (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Slippers (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Slippers (blue).png Blue
Space boots
NH-Shoes-Space boots.png
4,300 Bells 1,075 Bells
Sporty sandals
NH-Shoes-Sporty sandals (red).png
1,300 Bells 325 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Sporty sandals (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Sporty sandals (pink).png Pink
50px Olive
NH-Shoes-Sporty sandals (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Sporty sandals (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Sporty sandals (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Sporty sandals (purple).png Purple
NH-Shoes-Sporty sandals (beige).png Beige
Steel-toed boots
NH-Shoes-Steel-toed boots (brown).png
2,640 Bells 660 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Steel-toed boots (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Steel-toed boots (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Steel-toed boots (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Steel-toed boots (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Steel-toed boots (brown).png Brown
NH-Shoes-Steel-toed boots (beige).png Beige
Stone-egg shoes
NH-Shoes-Stone-egg shoes.png
N/A 800 Bells
Strappy heels 1,560 Bells 390 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Strappy heels (silver).png Silver
NH-Shoes-Strappy heels (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Strappy heels (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Strappy heels (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Strappy heels (gold).png Gold
NH-Shoes-Strappy heels (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Strappy heels (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Strappy heels (purple).png Purple
Traditional flower shoes
NH-Shoes-Traditional flower shoes (red).png
1,800 Bells 450 Bells
NH-Shoes-Traditional flower shoes (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Traditional flower shoes (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Traditional flower shoes (lime).png Lime
NH-Shoes-Traditional flower shoes (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Traditional flower shoes (blue).png Blue
Trekking shoes
NH-Shoes-Trekking shoes (orange).png
1,500 Bells 375 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Trekking shoes (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Trekking shoes (black).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Trekking shoes (gray).png Black
NH-Shoes-Trekking shoes (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Trekking shoes (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Trekking shoes (purple).png Purple
NH-Shoes-Trekking shoes (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Trekking shoes (brown).png Brown

U - Z

Name Image Price [1] Source [1] Variation [1]
Buy Sell
Velour boots
NH-Shoes-Velour boots (ruby red).png
1,920 Bells 480 Bells
Able Sisters during winter
NH-Shoes-Velour boots (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Velour boots (ruby red).png Ruby red
NH-Shoes-Velour boots (mustard).png Mustard
NH-Shoes-Velour boots (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Velour boots (brown).png Brown
Vinyl round-toed pumps
NH-Shoes-Vinyl round-toed pumps (beige).png
1,500 Bells 375 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Vinyl round-toed pumps (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Vinyl round-toed pumps (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Vinyl round-toed pumps (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Vinyl round-toed pumps (mint).png Mint
NH-Shoes-Vinyl round-toed pumps (brown).png Brown
NH-Shoes-Vinyl round-toed pumps (beige).png Beige
Visual-punk boots
NH-Shoes-Visual-punk boots.png
2,200 Bells 550 Bells
Walking shoes
NH-Shoes-Walking shoes (pink).png
560 Bells 140 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Walking shoes (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Walking shoes (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Walking shoes (beige).png Beige
Water-egg shoes
NH-Shoes-Water-egg shoes.png
N/A 800 Bells
Water sandals
NH-Shoes-Water sandals (pink).png
1,040 Bells 260 Bells
Able Sisters during summer
NH-Shoes-Water sandals (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Water sandals (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Water sandals (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Water sandals (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Water sandals (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Water sandals (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Water sandals (blue).png Navy blue
NH-Shoes-Water sandals (purple).png Purple
Water shoes
NH-Shoes-Water shoes (pink).png
900 Bells 225 Bells
Able Sisters

Nook Shopping
NH-Shoes-Water shoes (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Water shoes (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Water shoes (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Water shoes (orange).png Orange
NH-Shoes-Water shoes (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Water shoes (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Water shoes (light blue).png Light blue
NH-Shoes-Water shoes (blue).png Navy blue
Wedding pumps
NH-Shoes-Wedding pumps.png
6 Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Wedding shoes
NH-Shoes-Wedding shoes.png
6 Heart Crystals 750 Bells
Wingtip shoes
NH-Shoes-Wingtip shoes (black and white).png
900 Bells 225 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Wingtip shoes (white).png Greige
NH-Shoes-Wingtip shoes (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Wingtip shoes (black and white).png Black & white
NH-Shoes-Wingtip shoes (Black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Wingtip shoes (berry red).png Berry red
NH-Shoes-Wingtip shoes (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Wingtip shoes (brown).png Brown
NH-Shoes-Winklepickers (red).png
910 Bells 227 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Winklepickers (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Winklepickers (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Winklepickers (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Winklepickers (blue).png Blue
Wood-egg shoes
NH-Shoes-Wood-egg shoes.png
N/A 800 Bells
Wooden clogs
NH-Shoes-Wooden clogs (yellow).png
1,300 Bells 325 Bells
NH-Shoes-Wooden clogs (orange).png Red
NH-Shoes-Wooden clogs (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Wooden clogs (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Wooden clogs (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Wooden clogs (brown).png Brown
Work boots
NH-Shoes-Work boots (red).png
1,920 Bells 480 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Work boots (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Work boots (gray).png Gray
NH-Shoes-Work boots (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Work boots (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Work boots (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Work boots (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Work boots (blue).png Blue
NH-Shoes-Work boots (purple).png Purple
Wrestling shoes
NH-Shoes-Wrestling shoes (red).png
1,080 Bells 270 Bells
NH-Shoes-Wrestling shoes (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Wrestling shoes (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Wrestling shoes (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Wrestling shoes (yellow).png Yellow
NH-Shoes-Wrestling shoes (green).png Green
NH-Shoes-Wrestling shoes (blue).png Blue
Zap boots
NH-Shoes-Zap boots.png
2,640 Bells 660 Bells
NH-Shoes-Zori (black).png
4,300 Bells 1,075 Bells
Able Sisters
NH-Shoes-Zori (aqua).png Aqua
NH-Shoes-Zori (white).png White
NH-Shoes-Zori (black).png Black
NH-Shoes-Zori (pink).png Pink
NH-Shoes-Zori (light pink).png Light pink
NH-Shoes-Zori (red).png Red
NH-Shoes-Zori (gold).png Gold
NH-Shoes-Zori (green).png Green