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Hugh gets upset while talking to Static, a cranky villager.

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A player talking with Frobert

Conversations are a recurring feature of the Animal Crossing series. By pressing the 'A' button while facing a villager or other character, a conversation will begin.

Villagers will typically give a general statement at the start of a conversation, often relating to the time of year, weather, or their current position. Once this statement is finished, options will appear which further the conversation, though there are some exceptions where options are unavailable. In all games these options include talking further, giving a delivery, giving a requested item, or ending the conversation. In the GCN games, an option for specifically asking for favors was available, though this is not present in later games. Some conversations involve more in-depth comments, games, and even deliveries.

From Wild World and onward, villagers will occasionally display the "!" emote over their head and approach the player. This usually indicates that the villager wants to talk to the player specifically for a variety of reasons including selling, trading, or requesting.

Villagers will automatically initiate a conversation when pushed, hit with a net, or if a flea over their head is caught.

Interactions between Villagers[]

Villagers and characters will often converse with each other. Special characters rarely converse, though one example is when Timmy speaks to Reese when the player first enters Re-Tail in New Leaf. When villagers speak with each other the player has the option to join in. Though while in earlier games, simply pushing two villagers into close proximity gives a high chance of triggering this, New Leaf is completely random. Sometimes the villagers may even look at each-other as if they're going to talk, only to walk away. If villagers turn to face each other, a conversation between the two may happen.


For more examples of conversations, go here.

Peppy Villager: My favorite dinner is a hamburger and Mocha Java combo! What do you like, [Snooty Villager]? Eh, [catchphrase]?
Snooty Villager: Me?! How could you even think that I EVER eat junk food like that! But, if I had to choose... I'd get the Milkshake and Mango Cream combo! So...good...
Peppy Villager: Uhh, I don't see the difference, [catchphrase]. Hey, [player]! You like junk food, right?

(Player is given two options: "So tasty!" and "So nasty!")

("So tasty!")
Peppy Villager: I knew it! But since YOU like it, I'm not into it anymore. Junk food is so played out now that other people like it... I can't like anything other people are into.
Snooty Villager: Yeah. I kinda know what you mean...[catchphrase]
(Both of the villagers will walk off unaffected.)

("So nasty!")
Peppy Villager: Really? I didn't know you were so health conscious!
Snooty Villager: Wait a minute! If that's true, then why are your hands so greasy? You always eat greasy, fried foods, don't you?! You can't hide it... Your greasy hands gave it away!
Peppy Villager: I know... It's so obvious when <player> is lying!
(Both of the villagers will walk off unaffected.)