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Officer Copper reporting for duty! I pledge to serve and protect the citizens of <town name>, sir!
― Copper, New Leaf

Copper (おまわりさんA・もんばんさんB Omawari-san A; Monban-san B?, Policeman A; Gatekeeper B) is a dog who appears in every game in the Animal Crossing series (except for New Horizons) along with his working partner, Booker.

His name comes from the slang term "Copper", meaning "policeman". In all of the games, Copper's dedication to professionalism and his work is in sharp contrast with Booker's doddering incompetence. Copper also prides early risers and warns the player to be careful when wandering around at night. Copper is in charge of opening and closing the Town Gate to allow other players to visit using WiiConnect24 or Nintendo WFC. He and Booker are shown to wield wooden pikes which shows that Tortimer has quite possibly permitted them to use, if necessary, non-lethal force.

Copper works diligently, being straightforward with his job, in contrast to Booker.


In Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+

In Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+, Copper works at the Police Station where he alerts the player of upcoming events, the location of visitors in the town, hosts morning workout regimes in the summer and gives your friends a map of the town. Copper marks the player's attendance to morning exercises, and a reward is given if the player participates for a certain number of days.

In Wild World and City Folk

Copper as he appears in Wild World.

In Wild World and City Folk, Copper has the same job, opening or closing the Town Gate for the player's friends to come through. Copper will explain everything that is to know about visiting or inviting a friend. He is on the right side of the Town Gate. On the left is Booker. Copper will give the player their unique friend code, which can be exchanged with friends. Copper is much more brave and daring than his partner, Booker, and mocks him in his shyness. He also helps with the DS Suitcase and Wi-Fi.

When a villager gives the player an invitation to Crazy Redd's, they warn them not to show it to Copper, even though when the player does, nothing happens. If the player tries to sell it at Tom Nook's Store, Tom will be offended and will say he will NOT buy it, but will take it off of their hands.

In New Leaf

Copper returns in New Leaf alongside his companion Booker Both return to their previous roles as police officers who can be found in the Police Station. He only appears in the game if the Modern Police Station is built. Alternatively, he appears in his van at the Campsite.

In New Horizons

In New Horizons, Copper makes a cameo appearance on the cover for the album Agent K.K.. As well, he and Booker also appear in the Roost when either of their amiibos are selected via amiibo phone.

Super Smash Bros. series

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Copper can sometimes be seen in the background of the Smashville stage. Copper also appears as a trophy and a sticker in this game as part of the Animal Crossing series. The trophy has him and Booker standing on it and reads:

"The guards stationed at the town gate through which travelers come and go. Copper, who's on the right, is in charge of traveling via Nintendo WFC, and Booker on the left runs the lost and found. Booker's a cute fellow who's known for his indecisive manner...maybe. Copper's diligent, dedicated, and always ready to lend a helping paw."

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Copper and Booker appear the World of Light mode running a dojo where they teach spirits "Brick Wall Style".



e-Card [1]
Ac A063 Screen Shot.png
Ac A063 bk.jpg
#063 Copper
Gender Male
Type Special
Star sign Cancer
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password jnNr7A2iy#XWC7
Profile Copper is a stand-up citizen, and one of the hardest-working animals you'll ever meet. You think rain or darkness keeps this top dog from his duty? Not a chance. He even says that umbrellas are for cadets!
Ac A063.jpg
062 Pelly #063 Copper 064 Saharah


e-Card [2]
Ac A200 Screen Shot.png
Ac A200 bk.jpg
#200 Copper
Gender Male
Type Special
Star sign Cancer
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password @zWW%8ioJJ#Aa7
Profile One of the busiest bees in town isn't a bee at all! It's our own energetic officer of the law, Copper. When he's not busting illegal parkers, he's slimming plump rumps by leading aerobics classes.
Ac A200.jpg
199 Pete #200 Copper 201 Tommy

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[3]
Amiibo card back.png
#105 Copper
Type Special
Star sign Cancer
Birthday 6/28
Roll value 2
Hand sign Rock
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 105 Copper.png
104 Labelle #105 Copper 106 Booker


  • Copper gets his name from the British slang term for a Police Officer and a term used by criminals for police officers.
  • Copper often wishes to hear some of K.K.'s songs.
  • Copper mocks Booker for being so out of shape.
  • Some of Copper's dialogue in Animal Crossing implies that he has a lighter and easygoing side, but tries to hide it to maintain a professional appearance.
  • In Animal Crossing, his uniform has a gun holster, with a gun in it.
  • In Animal Crossing, Copper can sometimes be found sleeping late at night. He wakes up upon being approached, even if the player moves slowly.
  • It is implied in Happy Home Designer that Copper sometimes sleepwalks.
  • Copper appears on the cover of Agent K.K.
  • Copper shares his birthday with Kidd. They both have a birthday on June 28th.
  • Inside his van, Copper is wearing his Morning Aerobics outfit from the original game.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese おまわりさんA・もんばんさんB Omawari-san A・Monban-san B, Policeman A・Gatekeeper B
France French Maret
Spain Spanish Vigilio
Germany German Harry
Italy Italian Birro
South Korea Korean 경찰관A/문지기B


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