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Starfish crack

Cracks, as noted by Tom Nook, are an area of the ground that "appears unusual". Each day, a few cracks, which are sometimes called "starfish" due to their shape, will appear in the town. These cracks may hold fossils or Gyroids if dug up with a shovel. These fossils can then be sold to Tom Nook in Wild World and City Folk, or to Reese at Retail. Gyroids can also be sold or displayed in a house.

By using the shovel, any non-living item can be buried. This items include furniture and shells. For fruit and saplings (and on some occasions, Bells, depending on the game) these will result in a sapling.

In Animal Crossing and the other GCN games, villagers sometimes bury furniture in cracks, and will subsequently post a message on the Bulletin Board remarking about it.

Pitfalls randomly appear in cracks, caused by pitfall seeds. When the player walks too close, the crack will disappear and they will fall into the hole. If a tricky pitfall seed is buried, the crack will appear smaller than usual.

In New Leaf, 5 cracks appear on each day; 4 of them reveal fossils while the last one reveals a pitfall seed. If it rained/snowed the day before, there will be 8 cracks; the other 3 reveal gyroids. A crack can also be seen once a time capsule (which a villager asks the player to bury some time ago) is ready to be dug out. Bamboo shoots from trees will also appear as cracks in the ground.

In New Horizons, four to five cracks appear each day. Similar to New Leaf, bamboo shoots will also appear as cracks in the ground by bamboo trees. If a pitfall seed is planted, it will be marked with a crack.