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The Creepy set is a set of furniture items in the Animal Crossing series. It first appeared in City Folk as a series when it was distributed as DLC in 2012 in Japan and the United States. It reappears in New Leaf as an event-exclusive set obtainable through giving lollipops to Jack on Halloween.

Item list[]

New Leaf[]

Item Name Image Sell Price Available From Color(s) HHA Theme Style Size Info Customize
Creepy bat stone Creepy bat stone 500 Jack White (x2) Quirky Flashy 1x1 (1) - No
Creepy cauldron Creepy cauldron 900 Jack Green/Purple Quirky/Sci-Fi Flashy 1x1 (1) - No
Creepy clock Creepy clock 700 Jack Brown (x2) Quirky Flashy 1x1 (1) Clock No
Creepy coffin Creepy coffin 500 Jack Brown (x2) Quirky Flashy 1x1 (1) Storage No
Creepy crystal Creepy crystal 2,000 Jack Blue/Red Quirky/Sci-Fi Flashy 1x1 (1) - No
Creepy skeleton Creepy skeleton 500 Jack White (x2) Quirky/Sci-Fi Flashy 1x1 (1) - No
Creepy statue Creepy statue 800 Jack Gray (x2) Quirky Flashy 1x1 (1) - No
Creepy stone Creepy stone 500 Jack Gray (x2) Quirky Flashy 1x1 (1) - No

Item Name Image Sell Price Available From
Creepy wall Creepy wall 500 Jack
Creepy Carpet Creepy floor 500 Jack

City Folk[]

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available
Size Info
Creepy Coffin Creepy coffin cf 2,000 500 June 1 - June 14 (DLC) 1x1 (1) Storage
Creepy Bat Stone Creepy bat stone cf 2,000 500 June 16 - June 29 (DLC) 1x1 (1) -
Creepy Skeleton Creepy skeleton cf 2,000 500 July 1 - July 14 (DLC) 1x1 (1) -
Creepy Crystal Creepy crystal cf 8,000 2,000 July 16 - July 30 (DLC) 1x1 (1) -
Creepy Stone Creepy stone cf 2,000 500 August 16 - August 30 (DLC) 1x1 (1) -
Creepy Statue Creepy statue cf 2,000 500 September 1 - September 14 (DLC) 1x1 (1) -
Creepy Cauldron Creepy cauldron cf 3,600 900 September 16 - September 29 (DLC) 1x1 (1) -
Creepy Clock Creepy clock cf 2,000 500 October 1 - October 14 (DLC) 1x1 (1) Clock

Wallpaper and Flooring[]

City Folk[]

Item Name Image Sell
Creepy wall Creepy wallpaper cf 500 October 16 - October 30 (DLC)
Creepy Carpet Creepy carpet cf 500 August 1 - August 14 (DLC)


New Leaf[]


  • The Creepy Carpet may come attached to a letter that states "What better way to surround yourself in the spirit of the season than with this creepy wallpaper?!"
  • The Creepy Skeleton closely resembles the skeletons found throughout the Temple of the Ocean King in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.
  • The Creepy Clock closely resembles the demonic grandfather clock in Disney's Haunted Mansion theme park ride.

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