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Stay cool.

― Picture quote, Wild World

Would I need an ice pick?
― Cube, City Folk
Cube (ビス, Bisu?) is a lazy penguin villager in the Animal Crossing series who first appears in Animal Forest. He has appeared in every game in the series to date. His English name seems to be a reference to the GameCube, supported by the fact that his starting outfit is the GC logo Shirt. "Cube" could also be a reference to an ice cube. His initial phrase, "d-d-dude," references cold, as words are usually a stutter in cold temperatures. It is similar to Gwen's, Aurora's and Roald's. His initial phrase was changed to "brainfreeze" in New Horizons. He has the play hobby.


Cube GC

Cube in Animal Crossing

Cube is an Emperor Penguin with yellow-orange cheeks and a large beak. His unique features are his large, white eyes with black, plus (+ or x) shaped pupils that are similar to screws. His flippers, back, and very slightly up his neck to the bottom of his head are blue. His head is a glossy black and his stomach is polished white. He initially wears the N64 Logo Shirt in Animal Forest, the GC Logo Shirt in Animal Crossing, and the Big-Dot Tee in Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons. Cube carries a Petal Parasol on rainy days.


Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.
As a lazy villager, Cube will be friendly and easy to get along with due to his laid back lifestyle. Like all lazy villagers, he has a love of food and relaxing. He will enjoy partaking in the usual hobbies, usually for relaxing reasons or for food, like when fishing. Cube will get along well with other villagers, but may offend or confuse jock villagers, who have a lifestyle of exercise and fitness, which conflicts with the lazy lifestyle of relaxing and food. He will get along with other lazy villagers with whom he will talk about food, comics, or superheroes. He will also get along well with normal, peppy, smug and sisterly villagers, and occasionally cranky villagers, but may from time to time annoy snooty villagers, who disagree with the lazy lifestyle.


Cube's house is mainly robot themed. He has a Red Snapper fish in a tank, which he may refuse to part with during Flea Markets. He also has a Daffodil Chair and a Tulip Chair. If Cube has a stereo in his home, it will play K.K. Technopop. For his wallpaper and flooring, he has the Modern Wall and Diner Tile.

In New Leaf, Cube's house has remained its old theme. However, there are now more robot items than previous installments. Diner Tile still serves a role as his house's carpet, but the wallpaper has been changed to Modern Wall. K.K. Technopop still plays from his stereo.

Photo 304 CubehouseNL
Wild World (interior) New Leaf (interior)
Cube House Cube Outside
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

Pocket Camp

Cube's preferred theme is hip. His profile says:

What you see is what you get with Cube. Some may worry about him always getting lost in his own little world, but... it's one of the many things that make him special.

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 5

Furniture/Item Required Materials Price (Bells) Craft Time
Robo-Lamp 6 steel 670 1 minute
Robo-Floor 30 steel 1,370 2 hours, 30 minutes
Robo-TV 60 steel, 3 Hip Esscence 1,830 2 hours
Robo-Table 30 steel 880 5 hours
Egg Bench 60 steel, 3 Hip Essence 2,410 1 minute

Friendship Rewards

At level 7 friendship, he will reward you with a big-dot tee and sparkle stones (x1).

At level 9, he will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 10, he will request that you craft a wind turbine.

At level 20, he will reward you with pic of Cube and sparkle stones (x1).

At level 25, he will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 30, he will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 35, he will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 40, he will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).

At level 45, he will reward you with sparkle stones (x1).


Ac A041 Screen Shot
The Back of Cube's E-Reader Card
#041 Cube
Gender Male
Type Penguin
Star sign Aquarius
Clothes G Logo Shirt
Petphrase D-d-dude
Password NmxlGWIesLYAAC
Profile What you see is what you get with Cube. Some people worry about him because he's so spacey, but he couldn't really care less. He's totally at peace with who he is. Just don't call him a square.
Cube's E-Reader Card
040 Apollo #041 Cube 042 Flash

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#286 Cube
Type Penguin
Star sign Aquarius
Birthday 29 January
Roll value 3
Hand sign Paper
Request An eco-friendly factory
Amiibo 286 Cube
285 Merengue #286 Cube 287 Claudia


In other languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ビス Bisu
Flag of France small French Cube
Flag of Spain Spanish Cube
Flag of Germany small German Cube
Flag of Italy small Italian Cubetto
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Cube
Flagofchinasmall Chinese 羅斯/罗斯 Luósī
Flag of South Korea Korean 빙수 Bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert)

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