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This article is about the NookPhone app in New Horizons. For the use of custom patterns as clothing and decorations, see Designs.


Custom Designs is an app the player can use to create designs in New Horizons using the NookPhone. The interface is similar to previous games; however, there are numerous added features. When first opened, the player will see 10 pre-made designs and room for 40 more designs (50 in total). 

To create or edit a design, press "A" on any design and then "Change Design". The interface consists of a color selection on top (press "L" or "R" to change between the colors), a tool selection box on the right (press "X" to open the menu and select a tool), the design being drawn in the center, and previews on the left-hand side (press the "R" to change the preview type [canvas, shirt, face mask], and move the "R" stick to change the perspective).


  • Change Palette - Change the current palette between 15 variations

    Custom design interface

  • Change Color - Adjust a color on the current palette (change the hue, vividness, and brightness)
  • Pen - Standard drawing tool (press "Y" to change the pen thickness)
  • Line Tool - Allows for linear lines to be drawn
  • Rectangle Tool - Allows for precise rectangles or squares to be drawn
  • Circle Tool - Allows for precise circular shapes to be drawn
  • Fill - Fills an enclosed area with the color selected 
  • Round Stamp - Creates a circle-shaped stamp of various sizes
  • Star Stamp - Creates a star-shaped stamp of various sizes
  • Heart Stamp - Creates a heart-shaped stamp of various sizes
  • Fill All - Completely fills the canvas with the selected color
  • Drag Design - Drag design around the canvas
  • Swap Preview - Change the type of preview on the left-hand side between a top, face paint, and canvas
  • Mirror Mode (also activated with "ZR") will cause what's drawn on one side to be replicated on the other side
  • Eyedropper (hold "L"+"R") - Use a color from the canvas

After a design is completed, the player will be prompted to name the design, then it will appear in the menu. 

  • Press "Wear" and select "Face paint" or "Tops"; tops will replace the player's current top, and face paint will display the design on the player's face
  • Press "Display here" and select "Mannequin" or "Painting", where it will be displayed on a Mannequin's body, or on an easel.
  • Press "Display on ground" to place the design on the ground.

Pro Designs


PRO Designs can be unlocked from the Nook Stop for 800 Nook Miles. When purchased, the app will automatically update on the NookPhone. When opened, "R" or "L" can be used to swap between Custom and PRO Designs.


15 variations of clothing can be made in 3 categories, each having respective templates:

  • Tops - Tank top, Short-sleeve tee, Long-sleeve dress shirt, Sweater, Hoodie, and Coat
  • Dresses - Sleeveless dress, Short-sleeve dress, Long-sleeve dress, Round dress, Balloon-hem dress, and Robe
  • Headwear - Brimmed cap, Knit cap, and Brimmed Hat

Custom Designs Portal

Custom Designs Portal

After unlocking the Able Sisters shop, players can access the custom designs kiosk with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. From the menu, players can either search for a design ID, search by creator ID, post a custom design, or view the designs they've already posted.

In the 1.4 Summer Update (wave 2), a criteria search was added to the portal. Players can search for custom designs by typing in the name they're looking for and can filter the search to a specific type. This can filter color, theme or style.

In addition to the ability to dream, the portal can be found on the left of Luna's Bed at Resident Services in the plaza. Here the player will be able to access all of the personal custom designs and save them to their NookPhone.

Currently there is a limitation on 130 design uploads. Once this limit is reached, the creator must delete an old design code to make room for a new one.

With the Sanrio 1.9 update, players can now access the portal on their NookPhone without having to go to the Able Sisters tailor shop every time, even if it is closed. The update also gives players the option to make Umbrellas, Uchiwa Fans, Face cutouts, and flags.


Using NookLink in the Nintendo Switch Online app, the player can scan QR codes from New Leaf and Happy Home Designer. These can subsequently be accessed by entering the custom designs app and pressing the "+" button. QR codes for custom designs made for horned hats will also still work, and still appear as horn hats.