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Customization Kits are a new item featured in New Horizons.

They are used to customize furniture using. The player first encounters them during Tom Nook's Customization Workshop and gets 50 for free. The player can later buy some for 600 Bells in Nooks Cranny.

To customize an item, use a DIY Workbench and click "Customize something". Select a valid item to be customized (as not all can be customized).

Different items have different customizing options. For example, some can only have their color changed (e.g. Swinging Bench) whereas some can have Custom Designs on them (e.g. Corkboard).

Once you have finished customizing, select "Customize" or press "+". It will go through a similar cutscene as if you were crafting something, and you will get the new customized option. (You will need to have the customization kits on you to be able to customize!)

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