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Dōbutsu no Mori: Hohinda Mura Dayori (どうぶつの森 ホヒンダ村だより, lit. Animal Forest: News from Hohinda Village) is a manga series based on the Animal Crossing series. It is authored by Sayori Abe. It is a finished series; the manga has 12 volumes. It is primarily composed as a 4-koma manga, meaning it has multiple 4-panel comics.

The primary location is a village called Hohinda (ホヒンダ), with the main protagonist being the human villager Sayorin (さよりん). Other human villagers from other villages include Kotarō (コタロウ, Kotarō) from Hafunda (ハフンダ), Ruiko (ルイコ) from Hehinko (ヘヒンコ), Chiaki (ちあき) from Marinaze (マリナーゼ, Marināze), Shige (シゲ) from F1 Four (F1フォー, F1 Fō), Haitoku (はいとく) from Mu (む), and Daniel (ダニエル, Danieru) from Yudoufu (ユドウフ).

Villagers regularly featured from here include Pecan, Roscoe, Olivia, Goose, Filbert, Wolfgang, Mitzi, Dotty, Butch, Curly, Jeremiah, Curt, Rocco, Gladys, Whitney, Rizzo, Ankha, Amelia, Tiffany, Hopper, Lolly, Hamlet, Colton, and Fauna. Villagers who appear occasionally include Octavian, Mallary, Bree, Ruby, Walker, Tangy, Cyrano, Kody, Vesta, Angus, Tom, Harry, Al, and Chief.

Villagers from other villages include Buck of Hafunda, Daisy of Hehinko, Bluebear, Amelia, and Curly of Marinaze, and Static of F1 Four.

Special characters that appear in facilities or during special events include Tortimer, Tom Nook, Mabel, Sable, Timmy and Tommy, Isabelle, Harriet, Blathers, Pelly, Phyllis, Pete, Gracie, Saharah, Wendell, Redd, Gulliver, Joan, Blanca, Katrina, Pascal, Jack, Jingle, Mr. Resetti, Shrunk, K.K. Slider, Brewster, Katie, Pavé, Labelle, Frillard, Wisp, Chip, Zipper T. Bunny, Phineas, Snowman, Snowdad, Snowmom, and Snowtyke.



Sayorin is the main protagonist from Hohinda. Being born on February 25, she is a Pisces. She has medium-length pink hair. She shares a birthday with the author of the manga.


Kotarō is Sayorin's crush; he lives in Hafunda. His birthday is on November 22, making him a Scorpio. He has short black hair. He is named after Fuma Kotarō from the video game Onimusha 2.


Ruiko is Sayorin's best friend; she lives in Hehinko. A Taurus, Ruiko was born on May 7. She also has Type-O blood. She has dark brown hair featuring three braids. Not interested in money, she dreams of becoming a painter.


Chiaki is a girl from Marinaze and is rivals with Sayorin, since they are both in love with Kotarō. She was born on March 26, making her an Aries. Additionally, she has Type-B blood. She wears her blonde hair in a ponytail. She is named after the editor-in-chief's wife.


Shige is from F1 Four and is a close friend and rival of Kotarō's. He was born on December 16 and is a Sagittarius; he has Type-AB blood. His village's name is derived from F1 Formula. He was named after the actor Totsugi Shigeyuki. He has a crush on Sayorin.


Haitoku is a resident of Mu and is the smart friend of Shige and Kotarō. Always wearing sports sunglasses, he has surprisingly sharp intuition. Though his house is small, he has over 350 million Bells.


Daniel is a resident of Yudoufu and an American. Born on February 2, he is an Aquarius. He has Type-O blood. He is always wearing a Mii mask with long blonde hair and blue eyes.



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