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Dōbutsu no Mori (どうぶつの森 Animal Forest in English?), is the name of the first installment in the Animal Crossing series. It was released only in Japan for the Nintendo 64. The reason it was originally released as a Japan-exclusive game was because Nintendo was uncertain whether a worldwide release for the game was viable, due to it being text-heavy and containing Japanese references and holidays that were untranslatable at the time.[1] It was later remade for the GameCube in 2002, and released worldwide as Animal Crossing. Since 2010, a fully playable fan translation patch is in existence which ports dialog directly from the Nintendo GameCube release, but there are glitches with long blocks of text such as mail and the Bulletin Board being cut off suddenly.

Differences from Animal Crossing[]


The Bell Shrine in Animal Forest.


A player catches a Herabuna, an Animal Forest-only fish.

NINTENDO64--Animal Forest english translation Sep26 20 42 44

The dial input system in Animal Forest (taken from a fan-translated copy)

  • Punchy and Cheri were absent in Animal Forest.
  • The real-time clock must be set manually in-game, as the Nintendo 64 lacks an internal clock.
  • The Able Sisters and their shop are not in Animal Forest; thus, designs are not available for use and the player must rely on pre-made clothing and umbrella designs from Tom Nook.
  • When fish are released in the N64 game, they bounce along the ground and into the water instead of diving straight in.
  • Insects are not restricted by acres and can freely wander into other acres. Banded Dragonflies and similar airborne insects cannot fly too far out to sea in Animal Forest, but in Animal Crossing there is no limit.
  • Some of the wallpapers and carpets from Animal Forest were redesigned or removed in Animal Crossing.
  • Some of the clothing from Animal Forest, for example, the N Logo shirt (G Logo in Animal Crossing), are redesigned or removed in Animal Crossing.
  • Two sets of stationery from Animal Forest, the New Year's Card and the Fortune Paper, are redesigned.
  • The holidays from Animal Forest are either changed or removed in Animal Crossing.
  • Tom Nook wears slightly different uniforms.
  • The Wishing Well from Animal Crossing is a Bell Shrine in Animal Forest. On New Year's Day, instead of tossing a coin in the fountain, the player shakes the thick rope in the middle and the bells ring.
  • The input keyboard from Animal Crossing is a dial that contains the letters, numbers, and symbols that appear on the screen in Animal Forest.
  • In Animal Crossing, Gulliver would give the player a rare furniture piece for saving him. In Animal Forest, he gives the player a random furniture piece.
  • In Animal Crossing, three items could be stored in container furniture such as dressers, wardrobes, etc. In Animal Forest, only one item can be stored in these kinds of furniture.
  • In Animal Crossing, a player's initial home had a wooden box that had a college rule journal on top. In Animal Forest, this is not included, so this means this feature was either not included or both items have to be bought from Nook.
  • In Animal Crossing, the catalog has a section called "Handhelds" where umbrellas, pinwheels, fans, balloons and tools could be ordered. In Animal Forest, this section is called "Umbrellas" and only umbrellas can be ordered from that section. This means pinwheels, fans, balloons, and tools cannot be ordered from the catalog.
  • In Animal Crossing, the player could store multiple airchecks in stereos, radios, etc. In Animal Forest, only one aircheck could be stored in them.
  • Buildings such as Tom Nook's shop, the Post Office, and the Dump have slightly redesigned logos in Animal Crossing.
  • There is no Museum, thus there is no Blathers. The Faraway Museum still exists, and fossils can be sent there for identification, and from there can be either displayed in the player's house, sold, or given away.
  • Taking a trip in Animal Forest requires the player have one Controller Pak to save travel data on, and two Controller Paks are needed to travel directly. In Animal Crossing, an extra Memory Card is used to save travel data, and the player can travel directly to the other town if two Memory Cards with town data are in use at the same time.
  • e-Reader support was added in later Japanese and North American releases of Animal Crossing, thus, there is no E-reader functionality in Animal Forest.
  • Mayor Tortimer was not yet introduced into the series until the Gamecube games, and therefore no gifts could be obtained from him on special events.
  • During the Cherry Blossom Festival, all the villagers sit on mats.
  • Instead of buying stationery as a pack of four, only one piece of paper can be bought at a time.
  • In Animal Crossing, a Money Rock appears for every player in a village each day. In Animal Forest there is only one money rock per town per day, no matter how many people are playing.
  • Kapp'n and the Island do not exist in Animal Forest, being exclusive to the Gamecube games.
  • Villagers do not react to being struck by a net.
  • Blanca is not present.
  • The live version of several K.K.Songs have been changed. "K.K. Ballad" has a different melody in the main verses, while "DJ K.K." uses a different set of guitar riffs, which were most likely changed due to their similarities with the song "Get Ready for This" by 2 Unlimited.
  • Items look different when on the ground. Stationery is a paper bag with a leaf on it, clothing are treasure chests, and tools are toolboxes. These aesthetics were later re-used for Wild World.
  • Mystery items are for sale at Nook's Cranny. (early January)
  • Bluebear's and Stella's original designs were also slightly different than now, and their appearances were tweaked to the current design in Animal Forest+ and Animal Crossing. Some of the other villagers have under gone these tweaks as well.
  • There were no coconuts in Animal Forest.
  • When getting bad fortunes identified by Katrina, slightly different effects happen. This can include tripping and falling half as frequently or less malfunctioning of the friendship of other villagers.
  • Only seven Famicom games can be obtained: Balloon Fight, Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Golf, Pinball, and Tennis.
  • Chip has a slightly different design with more slanted eyes, which was likely changed in Animal Crossing and the rest of the game series to avoid the potential racist connotations of a Japanese caricature.


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