DIY recipes are a crafting mechanic in New Horizons. Recipes can be crafted at a DIY workbench using gathered materials and/or furniture. It can be accessed through the DIY Recipes app on the NookPhone. DIY recipes can be sold to Timmy & Tommy for 200 bells. At Nook's Cranny (and in the Resident Services tent), a few recipes are available for purchase, including the flimsy tools (Axe, Shovel, Fishing Rod, Net, and Watering Can), the slingshot, ladder, and vaulting pole.

Every day on your island, a message in a bottle will wash up, with a letter and a DIY recipe inside.

Diy recipes

DIY recipes

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Story DIYs

These DIYs may only be constructed once during the main story.

Recipe Name Image Materials Needed Size Obtained From Item Sell Price
Bridge construction kit NH-Bridge construction kit 4x NH-furniture-iconlog stakes
4x NH-clay-iconclay
4x NH-stone-iconstone
Varies Tom Nook N/A
Campsite construction kit NH-Campsite construction kit 15x NH-wood-iconwood
15x NH-softwood-iconsoftwood
15x NH-hardwood-iconhardwood
15x NH-iron nugget-iconiron nugget
Tom Nook N/A

Villager Personality DIY's

A villager's personality seems to dictate what DIY recipes they can hand out while crafting in their home or visiting at the campsite. For example, Normal villagers have been noted to hand out Peach-themed recipes.

Snooty Peppy Normal Sisterly Jock Cranky Lazy Smug
Aroma pot Backyard lawn Bamboo bench Apple chair Bamboo drum Armor shoes Angled signpost Acoustic guitar
Bamboo basket Birdhouse Bamboo floor lamp Apple dress Bamboo stopblock Bamboo flooring Bone doorplate Basement flooring
Bamboo candleholder Cabin wall Bamboo sphere Apple hat Bamboo wall decoration Bamboo hat Boomerang Chocolate herringbone wall
Bamboo lunch box Cardboard sofa Classic-library wall Apple rug Barbell Bamboo partition Cardboard bed Crest doorplate
Bamboo shelf Cardboard table Cutting board Apple umbrella Beekeeper's hive Bamboo wall Cardboard chair Decoy duck
Bamboo speaker Cherry dress Floral swag Apple wall Doghouse Barrel Clackercart Document stack
Bamboo stool Cherry hat Grass skirt Birdcage Firewood Bonfire Deer decoration Gold armor
Birdbath Cherry lamp Grass standee Brown herringbone wall Fossil doorplate Bonsai shelf Garden rock Gold helmet
Butter churn Cherry rug Hedge standee Dark wooden-mosaic wall Honeycomb flooring Clothesline Golden arowana model Gold-armor shoes
Classic pitcher Cherry speakers Knitted-grass backpack Diy workbench Honeycomb wall Dark bamboo rug Golden dung beetle Gold-screen wall
Coconut juice Cherry umbrella Log bench Flower stand Iron frame Deer scare Large cardboard boxes Golden candlestick
Coconut wall planter Cherry wall Log decorative shelves Hyacinth lamp Jungle flooring Fruit basket Log wall-mounted clock Golden casket
Cosmos shower Garden wagon Log extra-long sofa Iron closet Jungle wall Fruit wreath Matryoshka Golden flooring
Flat garden rock Giant teddy bear Log chair Iron doorplate Kettlebell Gong Medium cardboard boxes Golden gears
Garden bench Green grass skirt Natural garden table Iron garden bench Leaf Infused-water dispenser Mossy garden rock Golden wall
Gold bars Hanging terrarium Natural square table Iron garden chair Log pack Iron armor Music stand Iron wall rack
Golden dishes Leaf mask Pansy table Iron garden table Mountain standee Iron hanger stand Orange dress Ironwood bed
Golden seat Log bed Peach chair Iron shelf Oil-barrel bathtub Ironwood diy workbench Orange end table Ironwood cart
Golden toilet Log garden lounge Peach dress Iron worktable Pear bed Ironwood table Orange hat Ironwood chair
Ironwood cupboard Log round table Peach hat Juicy-apple tv Pear dress Jail bars Orange rug Ironwood clock
Ironwood dresser Log stool Peach rug Key holder Pear hat Kettle bathtub Orange umbrella Log stakes
Ironwood low table Magazine rack Peach surprise box Leaf umbrella Pear rug Knight's helmet Orange wall Rose bed
Lucky gold cat Manga-library wall Peach umbrella Shell lamp Pear umbrella Lily record player Orange wall-mounted clock Scattered papers
Modern wood wall Mum cushion Peach wall Shell partition Pear wall Log dining table Sauna heater Steel flooring
Money flooring Natural garden chair Rocking horse Shell speaker Pear wardrobe Modeling clay Shell arch Steel-frame wall
Palm-tree lamp Paw-print doorplate Terrarium Shell stool Pitfall seed Pile of zen cushions Shell fountain Stone lion-dog
Pond stone Shell bed Tiny library Street piano Plain wooden shop sign Pot Signpost Stone wall
Rustic-stone wall Shell rug Traditional straw coat Tree branch wreath Sandy-beach flooring Raccoon figurine Stack of books Straw umbrella hat
Tall garden rock Shell table Western-style stone Wooden mini table Simple diy workbench Scarecrow Stone table Tall lantern
Timber doorplate Small cardboard boxes Wooden toolbox Wooden table Stacked-wood wall Sleigh Water pump Ukulele
Unglazed dish set Stacked magazines Wooden-block bed Wooden table mirror Tree standee Standard umbrella stand Windflower fan Wooden bucket
Wooden chair Wooden full-length mirror Wooden-block chest Wooden waste bin Trophy case Tea table Wooden bookshelf Wooden double bed
Wooden end table Wooden stool Wooden-mosaic wall Wooden-block bench Tulip surprise box Tiki torch Wooden chest Wooden low table
Wooden-block stool Woodland wall Wooden-block table Wild log bench Wild-wood wall Wooden simple bed Wooden-knot wall
Wooden-block wall clock Cool hyacinth wreath Wooden-plank sign Zen-style stone
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