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The DIY workbench is a type of functional furniture item introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Workbenches let the player to craft items from DIY recipes to customize items using customization kits.


There are five known DIY workbenches: simple DIY workbench, mini DIY workbench, DIY workbench, ironwood DIY workbench, and cute DIY table.

The first four can be crafted, with the first two from recipes available near the start of the game, and the latter two available through obtained recipes. The cute DIY table is available to purchase from Nook's Cranny. All workbenches function the same, with differences being purely cosmetic.


An NPC's workbench, seemingly another cosmetic variation of the Workbench.

Other workbenches[]

In addition to workbenches owned by the player, workbenches can also be found in the Community Center, on mystery islands, and in villagers' homes when they are crafting. Workbenches in villager houses can be used by the player.

The Community Center features a large DIY workbench variant that cannot be crafted by the player, making it unobtainable. It can be used freely and is replaced by a similarly unique and unobtainable workbench when the Community Center is upgraded.

Mystery islands all have a single simple DIY workbench spawned before the player arrives. It is identical to the simple DIY workbench the player can craft, but it cannot be moved or picked up.