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Selecting DS Suitcase on City Folk

DS Suitcase is a way of visiting another town in City Folk, using a Nintendo DS/3DS family system to transfer the data physically to a different Wii. This is in contrast to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, where a player visits a different town via an Internet connection, while still playing on the "home" Wii.

Visiting using DS Suitcase[]

To visit another town using the DS Suitcase, the player goes to the town gate, speaks to Copper, and asks to go out, using DS Suitcase rather than Nintendo WFC. The DS is set to "Download Play," and the player details are downloaded to the DS.

Without switching off the DS (the lid can be closed), it is taken to the other ("visited") Wii, from where the player can be loaded by speaking to Rover at the initial screen, and selecting "DS Suitcase."

The visiting player is then visiting the town that resides on the visited Wii.

To return to the "home" Wii, the player must exit the visited town through the town gate. They can then return to their home town from the initial Rover screen, as above.


  • If the DS is switched off, the DS Suitcase is lost.
  • If the player is reloaded on the home Wii, without returning through the DS Suitcase, their "assets" will be lost. "Assets" means all held items, and all cash (although not the savings account).
  • The DS cannot be used to play another game while it holds the DS Suitcase.
  • The savings account cannot be accessed whilst visiting another town.[citation needed]
  • Another character cannot be loaded, unlike during WFC.
  • The town cannot be visited (as per WFC).
  • The in-house storage (drawers, etc) cannot be accessed (as per WFC).