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Dandelions are flowers that appear between March and December. These flowers may take the place of a randomly generated weed at the start of each day, though they are not guaranteed to spawn. After a few days, they become dandelion puffs. Dandelion puffs can be accessed as a tool and be blown by pressing the A button. Blowing on the dandelion puffs removes the item from the player's pockets, but does not cause dandelions to spawn in the area that they are blown in. Dandelions don't affect the player's town environment rating and can be left or planted without detriment.

Orchid Mantis occasionally appear on the yellow flowers, but not the puffs(which games?). To date, this is the only bug attracted to this weed variety.


Dandelions can be planted, used as furniture, or be worn as headgear in hair. The player can also sell them to Tom Nook, Nookling Stores, Re-Tail, etc. for 40 Bells. Once it becomes a seed head, the player can blow the seeds away.


In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese タンポポ Tanpopo -
Spain Spanish Diente de león -
Italy Italian Dente di leone -

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