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Desert Island Escape is a minigame introduced in amiibo Festival. The player sends 3 villagers to a desert island using amiibo cards. The task is to find materials to construct a raft and escape the island. As of Welcome amiibo, a ported version of the game is now playable in New Leaf. To play you need to obtain a Wii U Console either from an Amiibo character that is at the campgrounds, or getting fortune #51 from the Fortune Cookie. You need to have either compatible amiibo or Play Coins to play this minigame, the latter of which can be earned by carrying around your 3DS in sleep mode.


In amiibo Festival, 3 amiibo cards are required to play this mini-game. In ‘’Welcome amiibo’’, while amiibo can be used, three of the villagers living in your town can be selected instead, but you need to use your Nintendo 3DS’s Play Coins to use them. The goal of the game is to collect 1 sail and 3 wooden logs, enabling the party to create a raft and escape. The first spaces on the map are obscured and only revealed by accessing observation towers and progressing through the game. Certain spaces have question marks on them, which activate an event when triggered. A roulette spin will determine the result. However, the party must take care not to run out of food or time, or the game is over. The time varies depending on the game difficulty (Beginner: 7 days, Intermediate: 9 days, Advanced: 12 days). Players that take too many hits from enemies will become ill and cannot move until they take medicine or rest for the day. Players with ‘Gimme! Gimme!’ ability however can immediately recover after being defeated. The poison status, inflicted by only a few enemies, reduces the players step count by 1 until healed.


Stats shown when the player adds a card.

Each card has its own different stats. It shows the four stats for each card on the screen when the player adds a card. ‘’’Movement’’’ DIE boot icon.png: This icon shows the number of steps a character can take per round. A question mark shows that a card’s special ability may affect this value. ‘’’Vision’’’ DIE binocs icon.png: The amount of visibility that a character has during their turn. The higher the number, the further the character can see through fog. ‘’’Hunger’’’ DIE hunger icon.png: The portions of food needed for this character. ‘’’Fav. Fruit’’’ DIE favfruit icon.png: The villager’s favorite fruit. Villagers shaking trees of their favorite type sometimes receive bonus fruit, up to a maximum of 8 fruits dropped. There are other stats that are not shown that affect a villager’s success on different rolls. For example, villagers with Whimsy have improved odds at gathering honey and fighting monsters, while villagers with Soft-Footed have a high chance of escaping pitfalls but fare poorly in combat.

Wild Creatures

Isabelle encountered a toxic snake and you need to choose whether to fight or to flee.

Wild creatures are hostile enemies occurring throughout the game in spaces with bushes or cedar trees. Several varieties of creatures occur, varying in the difficulty. Some enemies poison the player, reducing the players step count by one. In battle players can fight or flee, and a spinning roulette will decide the outcome. Regular slingshots increase the likelihood of defeating enemies in battle. Silver (intermediate) and gold (advanced) however attack not just the current enemy but all spaces in front, although their use is limited.

Molly saw a Scorpion stuck in a pit.


At the end of each day, the player can create tools from the materials they have gathered to use. If the player has a silver or gold nugget, it can be added to the crafting process to create a silver or gold version of that tool. All tools can break randomly after being used, but silver and gold tools have added abilities and break far faster.


Made with one stick and one stone. A shovel causes a pitfall roll to succeed by removing the pitfall. The pitfall can be buried on any visible land tile to create a trap. If a villager walks into this trapped tile, they will fall into the pitfall even if they have a shovel. If the trapped tile had a monster on it, the villager will instead be able to occupy the tile without fighting the monster.


Made with one stick and one stone, Slingshots improve the villager’s combat stat, giving them a larger chance at success during combat. Silver slingshots improve this after you complete the battle the slingshot can attack all tiles in a specified direction.


Made with one stick and one cloth, the net increases the chance of success when gathering honey and removes the chance of being stung. Silver and gold nets will automatically succeed at gathering the maximum amount of honey. After it gathers the honey, the net will then automatically reveal fog, scan and reveal tile contents, and then gather the maximum number of materials, rations, and medicine from all those revealed tiles. This occurs in a large arc, with a range of two tiles for the silver net, and three tiles for the golden net.

Fishing Rod

Made with one stick and one string, a fishing rod enables villagers to fish for rations at fishing spots. Silver rods allow you to retrieve an item from a tile that isn’t covered in fog.

Special Ability

Each villager has their own special skill, which variously affect the game.

Chef du Jour: This skill accompanies squirrels and hamsters like Marshal and Flurry. At the beginning of their turn, these villagers can cook. Cooking food will increase the crew's food supply by about 50% rations, but use the rest of that villager's turn.

Dexterity: This skill accompanies octopuses and monkeys like Octavian and Deli. Villagers with this skill can locate materials in adjacent spaces and make tools themselves. Crafting a tool skips their turn, however. Reese and Cyrus also have this ability.

First Aid: This skill accompanies sheep and goats like Willow and Nan. These villagers cannot heal their own injuries, but can also cure teammates' ailments using food.

Fish Fetcher: This skill accompanies cats like Tom and Rosie. When players move a villager with this skill, they can detect fish nearby. When this occurs the villager autostarts a fishing event without using up their turn. Villagers carrying a fishing rod always catch fish, while those without have only a 50/50 chance. Up to 7 fish can be caught.

Flight: This skill accompanies birds like Midge and Jacques. Flying villagers always move 2 spaces at a time, which lets them cross single spaces filled with water and rocks.

Gimme! Gimme!: This skill accompanies pigs and anteaters like Peggy and Antonio. These villagers receive more rations from shaking trees and fishing, although they may eat a portion automatically.

Hearty Traveler: This skill accompanies horses and ostriches like Julian and Flora. These villagers can move 6 spaces per turn. Fog doesn't clear as these villagers approach it, but they have an advantage at fleeing in battle.

Headlong Charge: This skill accompanies bulls, cows, and rhinos like Coach, Patty, and Merengue. These villagers charge forward in a straight line as far as their step count. During this they pick up items and destroy several lesser enemies. But pitfalls still trap these villagers, and watchtowers get destroyed if charged into.

Honey Hunter: This skill accompanies bears and cubs like Teddy and Stitches. When they walk next to a beehive, they will walk to that tile and collect 3-5 units of honey, without interruption from bees.

Hunter: This skill accompanies eagles like Apollo and Celia. These villagers are very skilled when equipped with a slingshot. Defeating centipedes and snakes provides the party with food or medicine once they're defeated. Hunters have abysmal pitfall escape chances. Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy and Redd also have this ability.

Lone Wolf: This skill accompanies wolves and tigers like Whitney and Rowan. Lone wolves don't return to camp in the evening, useful for teams that need to spread out to cover more of the island. However, these villagers only collect materials for rafts, not tools.

Sleepy: This skill accompanies rabbits and alligators like Bunnie and Sly, and also Lief, being a sloth. When it's time for a villager with this skill to take their turn, they will choose to either sleep or move around the island. If they sleep, they will skip their entire turn. If this option is chosen, they can move farther than their set number of movement on their following turn.

Sniff Em' Out!: This skill accompanies dogs and chickens like Goldie and Ava. These villagers show adjacent spaces holding materials of any type. They can also detect medicine and fruit trees, but not enemy locations or pitfalls.

Soft Footed: This skill accompanies deer and ducks like Diana and Bill. When entering an area where an enemy appears, to skip the fight altogether by avoiding confrontation. If they start a fight, these villagers cannot flee. Soft Footed villagers are poor fighters but have high pitfall escape rates.

Strong & Fearless: This skill accompanies gorillas, elephants, lions, and hippos like Boone, Tia, Bud, and Bertha. These villagers destroy rocks blocking the path which saves travel time. They also fare better in combat.

Swimmer: This skill accompanies frogs and penguins like Lily and Gwen. Swimmers can move 6 spaces in water, but only 3 on land. They let out a sigh of exhaustion if they avoid water for a while. Swimming into spaces with fish will scare the fish away. Lottie also has this ability.

Tunnel Digger: This skill accompanies mice like Dora and Rizzo. It allows for free movement around the island as long as spaces aren't covered by fog. The longer the tunnel is, however, the less likely the dig will be successful, as the roulette wheel's success area gets smaller as the distance from the space the villager is on gets larger. These villagers can detect pitfalls in adjacent spaces.

Whimsy: This skill accompanies koalas and kangaroos like Eugene and Kitt. These villagers can move 7 steps, but the movement wheel contains more zeros than usual, resulting in no steps that turn. Villagers with Whimsy have improved chances in most wheel spins, most notably combat and honeycomb spins.


Achievements: New Leaf

Objective Letter Rewards
Clear all beginner levels Woohoo! You cleared every last beginner level of Desert Island Escape! What does that mean? You’ve won a Wii U station!

Wii U station

Unlock Intermediate levels To honor your escape from the desert island, you’ve been awarded an ocean-horizon wall! Now you can go back to island time anytime.

Ocean-horizon wall

Clear all beginner levels with a target score You’ve been awarded this Desert Island map in recognition of your excellent scores in the beginner levels of Desert Island Escape!

Desert Island map

Unlock Advanced levels Looks like you’re getting the hang of this Desert Island Escape thing! Here’s a little something special to keep you motivated: this water floor!

Water floor

Clear all intermediate levels Can you believe it?! You’ve cleared all intermediate levels of Desert Island Escape! You deserve this Wii U game shelf!

Wii U game shelf

Clear all intermediate levels with a target score You’ve been awarded this Desert Island table in recognition of your terrific scores in the intermediate levels of Desert Island Escape!

Desert Island table

Clear 6 advanced levels You’ve got survival down to a science! Let this frying pan be a reward for all your efforts in Desert Island Escape!

Frying pan

Clear all Advanced leves Congratulations! You’ve cleared every single advanced level in Desert Island Escape. You earned this amiibo shelf!

amiibo shelf

Clear all Advanced levels with a target score You’ve been awarded this Desert Island stool in recognition of your amazing scores in the Advanced levels of Desert Island Escape!

Desert Island stool

Clear all levels Well, old pro, you’ve done it! You’ve beat every level of Desert Island Escape. Now you can remember your achievement every day with this good-luck charm!

Good-luck charm

Clear all levels with a target score You’ve been awarded this Ikada trophy in recognition of your awesome scores in all levels of Desert Island Escape!

Ikada trophy