This article is about how to dive. For the list of deep-sea creatures, see Deep-Sea Creatures.

Diving is featured exclusively in New Leaf. It is one gameplay element which involves collecting for the town Museum, with the others being; fishing, bug catching, fossil hunting and art collecting. Diving is the only way to collect deep-sea creatures.

However, Diving is limited to the ocean. The player cannot swim or dive in ponds, rivers or waterfall ponds.

Catching Deep-Sea Creatures

Wet Suit

The Wet Suit is an item of clothing which must be worn in order to swim and collect deep-sea creatures. It is not obtainable at the start of the game, and can be bought from the Island for 40 Medals or as a rented item from Lloid, which is removed once the player leaves the Island.

Unlike tools, wetsuits do not come in different types with extra enhancements which make it easier to collect deep-sea creatures. However, wetsuits appear in different colors.

Swimming and Diving

Once the player has obtained a wetsuit, they can begin swimming in the ocean or tropical seas for deep-sea creatures. Initially, deep-sea creatures do not appear, like fish or bugs, and the game must first load them once the player has entered the water.

Once the player has entered the water and enough time has passed, deep-sea creatures will begin to appear. They come in a variety of different sizes and temperaments. All deep-sea creatures appear as dark, round shadows underneath the water expelling bubbles up to the surface. These shadows vary in size depending on the size of the creature.

Some deep-sea creatures will move when approached and require the player to dive above them or swim under the water after them, which leads to the risk of scaring them away which happens when a number of bubbles appear and the shadow disappears.

Swimming Without a Wetsuit

With certain conditions on certain days, the player is able to glitch into the ocean and swim without a wetsuit. They can do so by doing the river glitch on the cliff by the ocean rather than the river, and will swim normally, even able to catch seafood.


Deep-sea creatures can only be found in two locations. The first is the ocean surrounding the player's town and the other is the sea surrounding the Island, known as the tropical seas or "island ocean".


The ocean is the largest body of water in the Animal Crossing series. Fish co-exist with deep-sea creatures in the same water. Some deep-sea creatures are exclusive to the ocean surrounding the town.

Tropical Sea

The tropical sea is the body of water that surrounds the Island. Similar to the ocean, fish will also inhabit the water. Some deep-sea creatures are exclusive the to tropical seas, such as the Spotted Garden Eel, Giant Isopod and Chambered Nautilus.

Other Information

Types of Sea Creature

Similar to fish and bugs, the deep-sea creature collectables come in different types.

Times and Dates

Different types of sea creature appear during different times of the year and at different times of the day. Some creatures appear all year round, while others prefer warmer or colder temperatures. For a list of locations, times and months, click here.

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