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Dodo Airlines is a building in New Horizons which allows players to visit other islands. It is operated by dodos Orville and Wilbur. Along with Resident Services, it is one of only two buildings present on the Deserted Island at the beginning of the game.


The building functions similar to a train station from past games, where you can go to other player's towns, or invite people to come into yours.

The player may also go on mystery tours by using a Nook Miles Ticket. These can be obtained at the Nook Stop for 2,000 Nook Miles. This will take them to a island that contain bugs, fish, and items that may not be accessible on your island. These islands may also contain fruit trees other fruit than your specialty fruit.

The airport later allows players to travel to Harv's Island (Photopia), where the player can take photos with characters summoned via Amiibo.

It also doubles as a post office, allowing the player to send letters to villagers via a card stand. However, now you can choose between multiple types of cards for free, instead of needing to buy them. There are also limited-time themed-cards depending on the time of year.


As before, you can invite people locally, or as friends online, but a new option is using a Dodo Code, a five character password, that, when entered, allows the player to visit that players town, possibly without having to be friends with them. The maximum number of people that can be on one island at once has been doubled from New Leaf's 4 up to 8.

A few things have been changed with multiplayer;

  • When on another person's island, if you are not best friends with the owner of it, you will be unable to use a shovel or an axe while visiting. But, if you are best friends with them, then you are able to use them.
  • You can move objects inside your house, even if other players are inside it.



Trails in the sky.

  • The name of the airport is a reference to the fact that Dodo birds were one of the few birds that cannot fly, as they ironically run an airport.
  • The two Dodo birds, Orville and Wilbur, are named after the brothers who invented the first functioning airplane; Wilbur and Orville Wright.
  • Much like the Train Station on New Leaf, the airport can be a different color depending on the town. Airport colors include blue, yellow, green, and red/orange.
  • When used to visit another player's town or have other players come to yours, the trails of the airplane will be visible in the sky.
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