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Ooh! That reminds me! We had a vistor earlier who suggested a new public works project. She wants us to put a Dream Suite on Main Street where you can take naps with vivid dreams! Cool, huh?
― Isabelle adding Dream Suite as an option for a project

The Dream Suite (also known as the Dream Mansion) is a building that is introduced in New Leaf. It is run and operated by Luna, who also makes her debut in the game. It must first be built, which can be achieved by talking to Isabelle when she is first seen sleeping at her desk in the Town Hall. Once Isabelle finishes her talk with the player about sleeping, the suggestion for the Dream Suite shortly afterwards becomes an option as a project. Once built, it can be found in Main Street next to Club LOL. Luna provides the service, by allowing the player to access the towns of other players or provide their own.

The Dream Suite is replaced by dreaming in New Horizons.

Creating the dream world[]

On the Couch

Uploading a dream town on the couch.

To create a dream world town representation, the player must first upload it to the Internet. The process can be done by sitting down on a couch inside the suite. The player then goes through a series of short questions, such as allowing their used patterns to be copied by other dream dwellers. Designs should not be shared if they contain inappropriate symbols or language.

After the creation of the dream world, other players will be able to visit it. It can also be updated once per day. Updating will overwrite the existing town with a recent version of it and reveal how many times it was visited by other dream dwellers. As well as the previous statement, updating the player's Dream World rendition of the town will give the player a reward of 5,000 Bells.

If the dream world is not updated or visited for a very long time, it will be automatically deleted from Nintendo's servers. This will wipe every collected data of the dream world including visit counts.

Dream walking[]

Top Dream

Overhead view of the dream suite.

Dream walking allows the player to access dream versions of other players towns, which costs 500 Bells a visit. It does not require the other player online to allow them access. This is different to inviting a friend to visit or being invited to a town, because they do not see the other player. Not all towns are available to visit, because some players may disallow town sharing.

There are different ways to access Dream Towns. Luna will say the following sentence,

Now then, why don't you start by telling me what kind of dream you want to have?
― Luna, Dream Suite

The Player is then given a choice of responses they can use to reply to the question:

  • I'll leave it up to you!
  • Input Dream Address.
  • I'll search for one!
  • Actually, I'll pass...

By letting Luna choose, the player will be taken to a random Dream Town. They will be told the Dream Address and the name of the town for future reference. However, if the player responds by inputting a Dream Address, the player will be asked for a 12 digit code. If the Player chooses to search for one, they can search for a town through a selection of options:

  • What they should dream.
  • Town name
  • Player name
  • Region
  • Cancelling the request.
Ac dream

Once the player has chosen to visit a town, Luna will allow the player to enter. The Player will change into preset pajamas and lay on the bed in the room, shortly falling asleep afterwards. Once the player is asleep and they access the town, they will be greeted by a player who will give them a pre-written message (the phrase set on the TPC card) welcoming them (If talking to them).

The player can do mostly anything within the town except access Main Street, the Town Hall, Re-Tail, the Campground or The Roost. Any actions that the player makes does not affect the other Player's world as this only emulates it, creating a vandalism-free way of sharing towns. Also, the Player will not be able to bring back any items they pick up in the Dream Town.


Wendell can be found walking around in the dream town. When talked to, he will allow the player to obtain patterns that are used by the other player. He will only give out patterns from the town if the player has made the pattern themselves. Also, Wendell will only appear if the player author chose to make their patterns available.


  • A male player (if talking to them in a dream) would have the voice of a jock villager, a female player (if talking to them in a dream) would have the voice of a peppy villager.

In other languages[]

Dream Suite
Language Name Translation
France French Institut du rêve -
Spain Spanish Casa del sueño -
Germany German Schlummerhaus -
Italy Italian Casa del sogno -
South Korea Korean 꿈꾸는 집 Kkumkkuneun jib -