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e-Cards (or e-Reader cards) are sets of collectable cards that were sold alongside Animal Forest+, Animal Crossing, and Animal Forest e+, compatible with the e-Reader accessory for the Game Boy Advance. They provide players an opportunity to obtain specific items, including some that are not available any other way.

In recent years, amiibo integration in games such as Happy Home Designer and amiibo Festival has largely superseded any features that e-Cards provided in previous games.

Character cards

Each character card features a particular villager or special character. One side of the card features a large picture of the character, along with their name and species.

On the other side, biographical information about the character is shown, including name, gender, species, astrological sign, and if applicable, their default clothing and catchphrase (referred to as "pet phrase" on the cards), along with a short profile. A password is also provided with each character card. If the card is scanned into the e-Reader on its own, a letter from the pictured character is displayed on the GBA screen; the card can also be scanned at the ETM to obtain an item (a different one from the one obtained through the printed password). Character cards can also be used in certain game card minigames.