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The Earth-boring dung beetle (オオセンチコガネ, Oosenchikogane) is a bug that first appeared in New Horizons.

Donation to the museum[]

In New Horizons[]

When either donating to the museum or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"Earth-boring dung beetles are considered quite handsome by some, thanks to their metallic luster. In fact, some even think them to be good omens and bringers of favorable fortune. But I must protest! These field-ravaging pests love to burrow under piles of dung and lay their eggs. They raise their young under DUNG! Need I say more? Ick. I think not."

Capture quotes[]

"I caught an earth-boring dung beetle! It's not boring at all!" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information[]

New Horizons[]

Encyclopedia Information
Earth-boring dung beetle nh
"I caught an earth-boring dung beetle! It's not boring at all!"
Current Active Hours All day
Months active (north) July to September
Months active (south) January to February

Further information[]


Phelotrupes auratus is a member of the family Geotrupidae, the earth-boring dung beetles. P. auratus is native to Japan. The family is referred to as such as they often dig tunnels for which they lay their eggs in. Typically, the beetles eat detritus, but are known to eat fecal matter as well. The genus is highly variable, with several known colour morphs.

In other languages[]

Earth-boring dung beetle
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese オオセンチコガネ Ōsenchikogane -
France French Geotrupidae -
Spain Spanish Escarabajo geotrúpido -
Germany German Gold-Mistkäfer -
Italy Italian Geotrupidae -
The Netherlands Dutch Echte mestkever -
China Chinese 雪隐金龟/雪隱金龜 Xuěyǐnjīnguī -
South Korea Korean 보라금풍뎅이 Borageumpungdengi -

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