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"I caught an eel! Things just got REAL!" —New Leaf

The eel is a type of fish with a long and thin shadow, though this is only seen in Wild World, City Folk and New Leaf; in Animal Forest e+ and earlier games, it has a medium-sized shadow. It is a rather expensive fish, selling for 2,000 Bells at Tom Nook's store. The fish is another summer fish, of which there are many, and appears in the evening and night.

Donating to the museum

As with all fish caught in Animal Crossing series, the eel can be donated to the museum in each game by talking to Blathers, who will also give some information on it.

In Animal Crossing

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"This is one of those fish that seem to mysteriously disappear from time to time. Drives fishermen batty, wot!"

In Wild World

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"Grilled eel is supposedly quite succulent, but I have a bit of advice... Do NOT bring live eels to a cookout. Causes a bit of a scene, don't you know."

In City Folk

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"Eels are often thought of as river dwellers... but they actually go out to sea to lay their eggs, eh wot? If you can look past their slimy nature, you might notice they have round, expressive little eyes!"

The eel appears in the right tank in the museum, when donated. It can be seen as a brown-colored line moving across the bottom.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"Eels are born in the ocean but swim upstream through rivers when they become adults. They do, however, eventually swim back to the ocean when it is time to lay eggs. Their blood can be toxic, which is why you've never heard of eel sashimi. It's just to dangerous. Cooked eel, however, is edible and has no poisonous effects to speak of, making it a popular dish. For a long time, the egg-laying locations and habits of eels were largely a mystery. However, they are gradually being revealed through research, making eels a very hot topic of study."

Capture quotes

"うなぎが つれた!くねくね、ヌルヌルー!" —Animal Forest
"I caught an eel! I've been told they're rEELy tough to catch! (I'm sorry.)" —Animal Crossing
"I caught an eel! Slippery little sucker!" —Wild World
"I caught an eel! I'm just eel-lated!" —City Folk

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Eel (Wild World).png "They are actually born in the ocean. They have scales that are too small to be seen."
Size 3.25 feet
Habitat Rivers
Season Summer
Icon Eel (Wild World icon).png

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Eel (City Folk).png
"Since they can breathe through their skin as long as it's wet, these can live on land."
Size About 40 inches
Habitat Rivers
Season Summer

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Eel encyclopedia (New Leaf).jpg
"I caught an eel! Things just got REAL!"
Size About 40 inches
Habitat Rivers
Season Summer

Further information

A real life eel.

Freshwater eels (genus Anguilla) are very long fish with small scales covered in mucus, making them feel smooth and slimy to the touch. They swim with a sideways undulating style and lack pelvic fins. They prefer to hunt at night, which is referenced by the time it appears in Animal Crossing. As well as being valuable food fish, these eels are most known for their catadromous migrations; they swim to saltwater spawning grounds, and the larvae travel back to freshwater. However, adult eels have never been seen in the act of breeding. The specifics of the freshwater eel lifecycle is still being researched.

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