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Just remember, we're all in the same world, even if we're living on different islands.
― Eugene, New Horizons

Eugene Gallery

Eugene (ロッキー, Rokkī?, Rocky) is a smug koala villager in the Animal Crossing series. His name refers to the plant that koalas are known to love eating: eucalyptus. His catchphrase is a reference to his smug personality.

He is featured on the cover of K.K. Ska and he has the music hobby.


Eugene is a dark brown and white koala who wears black sunglasses. The fluff of his ears and his face are white, and he has dark-brown sideburns. His sunglasses cover his eyes, which are revealed to be small dots when looking at him from the right angle or by replacing his glasses. He resembles a stereotypical "greaser" from the 1950's. In New Leaf, he wears a Pleather Vest, and in New Horizons, he wears a black Biker Jacket.


Below is a brief description of the smug personality. For more information, click here.

Smug villagers are very polite, kind, and gentleman-like. As a smug villager, Eugene will get along easily with other villagers. Smug villagers get along well with most villagers, their personality appearing to be a mix of the other personality types. Smug villagers will stroke their egos from time to time, going on about how cool they are.

Generally, Eugene will get along with lazy, normal, snooty and peppy villagers, and may conflict with cranky villagers.


In New Leaf, Eugene's house is based on that of a Rockstar; most of the furniture is black and white much like Eugene's physical appearance. He owns many pieces from the Sleek Series, being the dresser, the couch, the lamp and the bed. He also has two electric guitars, a drumset, and an amp. In the middle of the room is a High-End Stereo that plays K.K. Cruisin'. Eugene's wallpaper is the Maze Wall, while his flooring is the Maze Floor.

In New Horizons, Eugene's house resembles an office. In the back of his house, lined up against his wall, he has two cardboard boxes, a whiteboard, and a cardboard bed. The leftmost cardboard box has a pro tape recorder that plays Agent K.K.. In the middle of his house, he has two lecture-hall desks, pushed together to resemble a table. There are two document stacks and a mug on top of the desks, and a folding chair on each side. In the front of his house, he also has a water cooler and a fan palm. For wallpaper, he uses the Office Wall, and for flooring, he uses the Monochromatic Tile Flooring.

NL Eugene House.jpg NL Eugene House Ext.jpg
New Leaf (interior) New Leaf (exterior)
NH Eugene House.jpg NH Eugene House Ext.png
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

Pocket Camp

Eugene was added to Pocket Camp in the February 15, 2018 update.

Eugene's preferred theme is cool, and he primarily gives paper as a reward. His profile reads:

❝ Eugene oozes style like a toothpaste tube with a pinprick. He'll let you touch his sideburns if you want, but know that you may never be the same.❞

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 3

Furniture/Item Required Items Price (Bells) Craft Time
Hammock 3 wood, 3 cotton 420 1 minute
Stage-Floor Rug 6 steel 500 30 minutes
Sleek Dresser 30 steel 550 1 hour
Aloe 6 wood 430 1 minute
Modern Sofa 6 cotton 500 1 minute

Friendship Rewards

  • At level 7 friendship, he will reward the player with a pleather vest and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 9, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 10, he will request that the player crafts a big amp.
  • At level 20, he will reward the player with a pic of Eugene and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 25, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 30, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 35, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 40, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 45, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 50, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 55, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 60, he will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back.png
#080 Eugene
Type Koala
Star sign Scorpio
Birthday 10/26
Roll value 3
Hand sign Scissors
Request A space for self-reflection
Amiibo 080 Eugene.png
079 Truffles #080 Eugene 081 Eunice


  • Prior to New Horizons, the way Eugene's arms were colored made them resemble sleeves. This was common for several villagers, as prior to New Horizons, no villagers (not including special characters) could wear clothing with sleeves. Even if gifted a shirt or dress with sleeves, the shape of the garment would always default to being a tank top.
  • In New Horizons, Eugene’s house exterior and interior are very similar to Raymond's.
  • As sometimes revealed on April Fool's Day in New Leaf, Eugene is the youngest of three siblings.
  • Eugene is afraid of the Monster mask in New Leaf.
  • In New Horizons, Eugene's preferred styles are Cool/Gorgeous, and his preferred colors are Black/Gray.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese ロッキー Rokkī
France French Jamy
Spain Spanish Eucalín
Germany German Sunny
Italy Italian Corrado
The Netherlands Dutch Eugene
Russia Russian Юджин Yudzhin
China Chinese 羅奇/罗奇 Luóqí
South Korea Korean 코알 Koal (from koala)


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