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Event calendar

Events Month(s) and Day(s) Hemisphere Event(s)
January 1st Both NH-Icon-Light stick.pngNew Year's Day
January Second Saturday Both FishIconTest.pngFishing Tourney
January Third Saturday Southern BugIconTest.pngBug Off
January or February Varies Both NH-Icon-Party popper.pngLunar New Year
February 14th Both PC-FurnitureIcon-valentine chocolate.pngValentine's Day
February Third Saturday Southern BugIconTest.pngBug Off
February or March 28th of February through 3rd of March Both NH Pavé Icon.pngFestivale
April 1st through 10th Northern NH-cherry-blossom petal-icon.pngCherry Blossom Season
April 1st through Easter Both NH-Icon-Zipper.pngBunny Day
April Second Saturday Both FishIconTest.pngFishing Tourney
April 16th through 26th Southern NH-maple leaf-icon.pngMaple Leaf Season
April/May 23rd of April through 4th of May Both NH-Icon-Leif.pngNature Day
May 1st through 7th Both NH-Icon-Rover.pngMay Day
May 1st through 31st Southern NH-flat mushroom-icon.pngMushrooming Season
May 18th through 31st Both NH-Blathers-Icon.pngInternational Museum Day
June 1st through 30th Both NH-Icon-Heart crystal.pngWedding Season
June Fourth Saturday Northern BugIconTest.pngBug Off
July Second Saturday Both FishIconTest.pngFishing Tourney
July Fourth Saturday Northern BugIconTest.pngBug Off
August Every Sunday Both NH-Icon-Party popper.pngFireworks Show
August Fourth Saturday Northern BugIconTest.pngBug Off
September Fourth Saturday Northern BugIconTest.pngBug Off
October 1st through 10th Southern NH-cherry-blossom petal-icon.pngCherry Blossom Season
October Second Saturday Both FishIconTest.pngFishing Tourney
October 31st Both NH-Jack-Icon.pngHalloween
November 1st through 30th Northern NH-flat mushroom-icon.pngMushrooming Season
November 16th through 25th Northern NH-maple leaf-icon.pngMaple Leaf Season
November Third Saturday Southern BugIconTest.pngBug Off
November 26th Both NH-Franklin-Icon.pngTurkey Day
December Third Saturday Southern BugIconTest.pngBug Off
December 24th Both NH-Jingle-Icon.pngToy Day
December 31st Both NH-Icon-Party popper.pngNew Year's Eve
December/January 15th of December through 6th of January Both NH-red ornament-icon.pngFestive Season

Nook Shopping events

In addition to the events listed above, Nook Shopping will mark other holidays and festivals by offering special items for sale for a limited time. A letter is delivered to the player every month notifying them that new items are in stock. These seasonal items are available to order in both hemispheres on the dates given.

Availability Event(s) Where Observed Item(s)
January 1st - 15th (2021 only) New Year's Day World 2021 celebratory arch
January 1st - 15th New Year's Day France Olivier salad
January 1st - 15th New Year's Day Asia Zodiac ox figure
January 1st - 15th New Year's Day South Korea Yut Nori
January 1st - 15th Shōgatsu Japan Kagamimochi
New Year's shimekazari
February 25th - March 3rd Hinamatsuri Japan Hinaningyo
Blossom Lantern
February 1st - March 14th Pi day USA Π Pie
February 1st? - March 15th Carnival of Venice Italy Venetian carnival mask
February 13th - 15th Big Game Celebration USA Fiery cheer megaphone
Football rug
March 10th - March 17st Shamrock Day (St. Patrick's Day) Ireland Shamrock Hat
Shamrock Rug
Shamrock Shoes
Shamrock Suit
Shamrock Wand
Shamrock Doorplate
Shamrock Sunglasses
Shamrock Soda
March 26th - April 1st April Fools' Day International Whoopee Cushion
April 1st - April 10th Singmogil Korea Forsythia
April 1st - April 30th Prom USA Prom Wall

Prom Flooring

Prom Sash

April 15th - April 22nd Nature Day (Earth Day) International Cool Globe
May 1st - 31st Mother's Day International Thank-You Mom mug


June 1st - 15th International Children's Day International Handmade cape
Handmade crown
June 1st - 30th Father's Day International Thank-You Dad mug

Thank-You Dad Apron

June 15th - 21st Summer Solstice Europe Summer-solstice crown
June 15th - 21st Winter Solstice South Hemisphere Midwinter sweater
July 1st - 7th Tanabata Japan Bamboo grass
July 8th - 22nd Marine Day Japan Ship-Wheel Door Decoration
July 10th - 20th Le 14th Julliet France Phrygian Cap
July 15th - August 15th Cowboy Festival Brazil Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On
August 1st - 31st Cowherd & Weaver Girl Day Asia Hikoboshi outfit
Orihime outfit
August 10th - 16th Obon Japan Eggplant cow and Cucumber horse
September 1st - 30th Grape Harvest Festival Spain, France, Italy, Germany Grape-Harvest Basket
September 7th - October 8th Moon-viewing Day Asia Moon rug
December 15th - December 21st Winter Solstice North Hemisphere Aurora wall
Midwinter sweater
December 26th - December 31st New Year's Eve World Sparkling cider
December 26th - December 31st Nochevieja Spain Twelve-grape dish
December 26th - December 31st Silvester Germany Berliner
December 26th - December 31st New Year's Eve Russia Olivier salad
December 26th - December 31st Ōmisoka Japan New Year's noodles
December 26th - January 5th (2022 only) New Years Day World 2022 celebratory arch
December 26th - January 5th New Year's Day South Korea Yut Nori
December 26th - January 5th Shōgatsu Japan Kadomatsu
Otoshidama envelope
New Year's shimekazari
December 26 - January 5th New Year's Day Asia Zodiac tiger figurine

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Month Events
January Festive SeasonLa-Di-DayLunar New YearNew Year's DayYay Day
February Bright NightsFestivaleGroundhog DayLeap DayLunar New YearValentine's Day
March Bunny DayFestivaleShamrock DaySpring Sports Fair
April April Fool's DayBunny DayCherry Blossom Season(N)Maple Leaf Season(S)Nature DayWeeding Day
May International Museum DayMay DayMother's DayMushrooming Season(S)Nature DaySpring Cleaning
June Father's DayGraduation DaySummer SolsticeWedding Season
July Fireworks ShowHometown Day
August Fireworks ShowFounder's DayMeteor ShowerObon
September Fall Sports FairHarvest Moon FestivalLabor Day
October Cherry Blossom Season(S)Explorer's DayHalloweenHarvest Moon FestivalMushrooming Season
November Harvest FestivalMayor's DayMushrooming Season(N)Officer's DayMaple Leaf Season(N)Sale Day
December Festive SeasonNaughty or Nice DayNew Year's EveSnow DayToy DayWinter Solstice
Recurring Events
Bug OffFishing TourneyLotteryFlea MarketMorning AerobicsTortimer's Vacation