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In New Leaf, the player can change their eye color using contact lenses. The option is made available through Harriet in Shampoodle, once it has been open for 14 days and the player had at least one hair cut. Similar to getting a haircut, the player is asked a series of questions which determine the color, and will be charged 3,000 bells. Once the player has paid the bells, they cannot cancel the color change. Eye color change is available only in the player's own town and the gates must be closed. It is not possible to change the player's eye color if their haircut was done that same day.

Color Guide

In order to get the desired color, the player must choose answers defining the result. The guide below shows the different colors available.

First Second Color
The vast sky Pitch black. BlackeyesNL.png
The vast sky A clear, blue sky. LightblueeyesNL.png
The vast sky Like rain was coming. GreyeyesNL.png
The large trees Their abundant leaves. GreeneyesNL.png
The large trees Their sturdy trunks. BrowneyesNL.png
The large trees Their endless shade. BlackeyesNL.png
The endless ocean A tropical, blue ocean. DarkblueeyesNL.png
The endless ocean A cold, wintry ocean. GreyeyesNL.png
The endless ocean An ocean of coral. GreeneyesNL.png