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Fainting is an occurrence in all Animal Crossing games where a player collapses and wakes up at the front of their homes. Fainting can be caused only by 3 different bugs (2 prior to New Horizons).

Being Stung[]



A player fainting when they are stung by wasps for the second time

This only occurs in New Horizons. When a player is stung twice by wasps, they will faint if they haven't taken medicine after the first sting. Stings can be prevented when the player catches the wasps with a net or enters any building. The only building the player cannot enter is any unoccupied villager home.

Scorpions and Tarantulas[]

When a player attempts to catch a scorpion or tarantula and misses, it will chase the player and sting them. However, unlike scorpions, tarantulas will behave docile and run from the player if no net is equipped. The only exception is when the player runs. When the player is stung, the player faints instantly and wakes up in front of their house, unlike wasps. If on a mystery tour, the player will be taken back to the dock by Wilbur. If the player catches a scorpion or tarantula, it can no longer sting the player, and will act as stationary in the player's pockets.

A player runs from wasps.

A player running from wasps


  • When the player enters their inventory, they cannot faint, and the bugs that are chasing the player will stay idle. However, when the player exits their inventory, the bugs will start to chase them again.
  • If the player talks to a villager while being chased by wasps, the wasps will remain idle until the player closes the window. Villagers will also have a piece of dialogue reacting to the wasps.
  • There is a special trick to catching tarantulas. The player will need to hold a while holding a net. When the tarantula raises it's leg the player will need to stop or else it will attack the player. Continue this over and over until the player catches it. This can also be applied to scorpions.
  • There is also a special trick to catching wasps. The player will need a net equipped before shaking a tree with wasps. As long as the player is in the front of the tree, the player will turn to face the wasps when they fall out of the tree with the "shocked" reaction. After the animation finishes, the player just has to press "a" to swing the net to catch a wasp.