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It is filled with my utmost gratitude for your efforts.
― Farley, Animal Crossing
Farley is a character in Animal Crossing series that only appears in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+. Farley lives in the fountain and comes out to give the player a golden axe once the player has a perfect town. Farley is most likely the person that speaks to the player when they speak with the bell shrine/fountain. Farley's species is unknown, but widely speculated to be of troll/gnome origin.

Like Franklin, Farley never made an appearance in Animal Forest nor Animal Forest+. Instead, he was added to the North American release.


Ac A197 Screen Shot
Ac A197 bk
#197 Farley
Gender Male
Type Special
Star sign Virgo
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password niszTrbHxPr@Qi
Profile Farley is shrouded in mystery. No one seems to know where this character comes from or even what sort of creature it is, but one thing is for sure: you will only meet Farley if your town is a great place to be.
Ac A197
196 Friga #197 Farley 198 Tom Nook



Farley in the fountain.

  • Due to their similar roles, it is possible Farley was replaced by Serena in City Folk. Both appear in the fountain, and both give the player a better axe.
  • In the Prima Animal Crossing Guide, Farley is never mentioned, despite the clear label in the front: "All 236 animals revealed." What's stranger is a picture of Farley is shown in place of a snowman, yet no info on Farley is featured.
  • The statue in the Wishing Well is of Farley, which might be where he resides. Thus, there are theories that he talks to the player through the statue.
  • Along with Joan, Luna, and the player (in the Happy Home Showcase or in a Dream Town) Farley is the only character to have his own unique voice. His voice is very odd, and sounds like the more common male voice, but slowed down.
  • His Japanese name, いずみじいや, when translated literally means "Fountain Maintainer".

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