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The Farway Museum letter

The introduction letter by the Farway Museum.

The Farway Museum (ファーウェイはくぶつかん, Faraway Museum) is a museum in Animal Crossing, Animal Forest e+, and New Horizons. In the GCN games, players have to send unidentified fossils here in order to have them identified. In the GCN games the museum served primarily for this one purpose, as Blathers, the curator of the town's museum, was not qualified to appraise such objects. In subsequent games Blathers had been approved for fossil identification, so mailing fossils to the Farway Museum is no longer required. However, after a long absence, the Farway Museum reappears in New Horizons, and will send DIY recipes for the golden fishing rod and golden net after catching all bugs and fish respectively.

There is no limit to the amount of fossils that can be sent to the Museum in a single day. However, only three will be delivered back to the player each day, with the rest delivered on succeeding days.

Another letter from the Farway M

A letter by the Farway Museum.

The Farway Museum is never seen in-game, but is referred to in Wild World, when Blathers talks of how he acquired his job. He claims that no-one from the Farway Museum would move to fill the post of curator at a new rural museum, so he was suggested for the job.