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Firework Items are a group of hand-held objects in the Animal Crossing series. They traditionally appear during events which involve fireworks, such as the Fireworks Shows during summer or New Year's Eve in winter. There are four items available to the player: the sparkler, Roman candle and party popper as well as the fountain firework in New Leaf.



The sparkler is similar in appearance and use as the Roman candle. When equipped and used, it slowly emits colored flames and sparks which transcend down the stick until it burns out towards the player's hand.

Roman Candle[]

Roman Candle

The Roman candle is similar in appearance and function as the sparkler. However, when it is used it emits a fountain of colored sparks in the direction they are pointed at until it runs out.

The Roman Candle makes its first appearance in Wild World.

Party Popper[]

Party Popper

The party popper is an item which fires different colored confetti and streamers when activated.

It first appears in Wild World.

Fountain Firework[]

The Fountain Firework is an item which launches a fountain of sparks into the air. Upon activation, the item will be set on the ground, and it will become a "used firework" trash item when it dies out. In addition to purchasing this, Isabelle will give one to the player if no other firework items are present in their pockets. It first appears in New Leaf.


In Wild World[]

In City Folk[]

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, the party popper frequently appears throughout the game, particularly during the completion of Public Works Projects which may happen throughout the game. it first appears when the player has planted the Town Tree.

The Roman candle and the sparkler can both be bought through August as part of the firework celebrations, which occur each Sunday of the month. Each item randomly appears in place of a Fortune Cookie in Timmy and Tommy's store.

In New Horizons[]