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This article is about the act of fishing. For the list of fish, see Fish.

Fishing is the activity of catching fish using a fishing rod. Fishing is not only recreational but it is often an essential skill for earning money as fish are diverse in price, ranging from 100 to 15,000 Bells. To fish a player must acquire a fishing rod. The player can then fish in ponds, river pools, rivers, waterfalls, and oceans.

Catching fish[]

Ac fish

A player fishing in Animal Crossing.

In order to catch fish, the player must use the fishing rod near a fish shadow in a body of water. The bobber will fly into the water. If the bobber is in flowing water, such as a river, it will slowly drift downstream. However, it cannot travel too far away from the player. It is also possible for the bobber to flow over a waterfall.

If the bobber lands in front of the fish, the fish will take notice. Fish can do three things when they notice a bobber. They can nibble, gently tapping the line; they can nibble once, then lose interest and swim off; or they can bite the bobber. When the fish bites the bobber, the player must press and hold the A button as quickly as possible. After a few seconds, the fish will be caught. If the player is too slow, or doesn't press A at all, the fish will escape and disappear. Fish can only nibble on the bobber four times without biting it. If a fish has already nibbled four times, on the fifth attempt it will always bite.

If the player runs or uses a tool such as the net or shovel near the water where a fish is, the fish will be startled and will disappear.


Main article: List of fish by shadow size

Fish come in many distinct sizes. There are 6 sizes of shadow, starting from tiny and increasing in size to huge, as well as long, thin shadows (which can only be eels, ribbon eels, and moray eels), and shadows with fins, which are usually extremely rare, expensive fish such as the great white shark.

Eelshadow Fishshadow Sharky
Shadow of an eel 'Huge' shadow Shadow with fin

Times and dates[]

Many fish appear all day or all year like the sea bass. Some fish, however, only appear at certain times of the day, or at certain times of the year, like the gar. To know more about specific date and times for each fish, please check the corresponding lists for specific games.

Other items which can be fished up[]

Diving beetle and pondskater[]


The shadow of a submerged diving beetle compared to a fish shadow.

The diving beetle will dive under the surface of the water sometimes, creating a shadow similar to one of a small fish. The pondskater darts around on the surface of freshwater. These bugs can not be caught with a fishing rod and require a net to catch them.


There are three items of trash: the empty can, boot, and old tire. These items can all be caught in the river. Trash share the same shadows as fish.


In City Folk, villagers may lose the key to their house. When fished out, it can be returned for a reward. If the key is not found in time, the option to return the key will disappear or the key will disappear from the player's inventory. The key can only be found in the river.


In New Horizons, the player may fish up the crafting material Junk. Items in this category can be used in crafting recipes to make furniture.


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