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This article is about the cranky bird islander. For the sisterly penguin villager, see Flo.


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Ahhh... How romantic! My heart is filled to bursting with a warm, fuzzy feeling, babe!
― Flash, Animal Crossing

Flash (みちる, Michiru?) is a cranky bird islander from the Animal Crossing series. His name may have came from the bright colors of his feathers. His Japanese name can translate into quite a few things; Manchu, to grow up, to rise, to be full (i.e. full moon) etc.


Flash is a very dapper-looking blue bird. He has a pink-red beak and he wears a straw hat. Under his beak is an orange and yellow mark which covers his entire chin, and up to his beak. He also has a swirl of dark blue hair. He wears a Blue Aloha Shirt.


Below is a brief description of the cranky personality. For more information, click here.

Cranky villagers will usually appear in a grouchy or agitated mood. When talking to the player, cranky villagers tend to become angry if the player disagrees with them or refuses to do a favor. Like all cranky villagers, Flash will be invested in his hobby and will often challenge the player to various competitions. He will easily get along with jock, snooty, and other cranky villagers, and occasionally lazy and normal villagers as well. However, he will find it hard to socialize with peppy villagers, as they will seem overstimulated or immature.

Fruit Allergy[]

As an islander, he has a favorite fruit and a fruit that he is allergic to. Feeding him the allergy fruit will reduce the likelihood of his dropping money bags. Flash is allergic to peaches and loves apples.


e-Card [1]
Ac A042 Screen Shot
Ac A042 bk
#042 Flash
Gender Male
Type Bird
Star sign Gemini
Clothes Blue aloha shirt
Petphrase Babe
Password zzUo#JtnxIWsnY
Profile Flash dreams of an eternal summer. When he welcomes you to his island paradise, you'll be taken in by all his smooth talk. Relaxing, swimming, surfing... Actually, it does sound like the perfect life!
Ac A042
041 Cube #042 Flash 043 Yodel


  • According to his E-card bio, he dreams of an eternal summer, where he can welcome visitors to his island and charm them with his words.
  • His Italian catchphrase is his own name in English.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese みちる Michiru -
France French Maurice -
Spain Spanish Mauro -
Germany German Flo -
Italy Italian Baleno -


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