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Furniture in Pocket Camp can be both placed in campsites, and in campers. Unlike previous installments of the Animal Crossing series, the majority of the furniture is gained through crafting with Cyrus using materials received from villagers or by accomplishing goals. You may also purchase un-craftable items by visiting Timmy and Tommy at the Nookling Global stand in the Market Place, where there will be a rotating selection of three pieces at a time up for sale. Special events provide the opportunity to earn Limited Edition items that can be crafted using special materials introduced temporarily for the event.

Name Image Requirements and materials Crafting time Sell price Loved by Series Size
modern tile
75px 150 paper
2 sparkle stones
9,940 Bells
17 hours 308 Bells N/A Modern Series
No. 9/9
classic carpet
75px 150 paper
2 sparkle stones
10,220 Bells
13 hours 460 Bells N/A Classic Series
No. 3/3
ranch flooring
75px 150 paper
2 sparkle stones
9,930 Bells
24 hours 350 Bells N/A Ranch Series
No. 9/11
old board floor
75px Standard in RV N/A 176 Bells N/A Living Room
No. 3/3
balloon floor 75px 3 hip essence
120 paper
8 hours - N/A - -
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