The flower set is a collection of twelve items of furniture in the Animal Crossing series. It first appears in New Leaf and is rewarded by Leif on Weeding Day.

Another way to obtain these items is to allow weeds to accumulate in the town once the Gardening Shop has opened. When a minimum of 50 weeds have sprouted, Leif will be found outside and ask the player for help with weeding. If all the weeds are removed, he will give the player one of the items and head back to his store.

Furniture Items

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Style Size
Azalea stool Azalea-stool N/A 550 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 1sq
Cosmos fan Cosmos-fan N/A 595 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 1sq
Flower bouquet Flower-bouquet N/A 450 Leif Rustic 1sq
Hibiscus clock Hibiscus-clock N/A 550 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 1sq
Hydrangea bed Hydrangea-bed N/A 620 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 2sq
Lily record player Lily-record-player N/A 620 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 1sq
Lily lamp Lily-lamp N/A 700 Leif Antique/Fairy-Tale 1sq
Pansy table Pansy-table N/A 600 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 1sq
Rose sofa Rose-sofa N/A 600 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 1sq
Sunflower stereo Sunflower-stereo N/A 620 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 2sq
Tulip dresser Tulip-dresser N/A 550 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 1sq
Violet screen Violet-screen N/A 595 Leif Fairy-Tale/Rustic 2sq

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