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Fossils are a recurring class of collectables in New Horizons. These can be collected by digging up X shapes on the ground with a shovel. In New Horizons, the total number of fossils is 73, up from 67 in New Leaf.

When donating a fossil, or if the player has an assessed fossil in their inventory, they can ask Blathers to give a "short presentation" on the animal that fossil belongs to. When displayed in the museum, the fossils are now arranged along an evolutionary tree pattern, showing just how far back each fossil is in relation to the others, and the relationships between the animals.

List of fossils[]

Stand-alone fossils
Name Image Price
Acanthostega NH-Furniture-acanthostega 2,000 Bells
Amber NH-Furniture-amber 1,200 Bells
Ammonite NH-Furniture-ammonite 1,100 Bells
Anomalocaris NH-Furniture-anomalocaris 2,000 Bells
Archaeopteryx NH-Furniture-archaeopteryx 1,300 Bells
Australopith NH-Furniture-australopith 1,100 Bells
Coprolite NH-Furniture-coprolite 1,100 Bells
Dinosaur track NH-Furniture-dinosaurtrack 1,000 Bells
Dunkleosteus NH-Furniture-dunkleosteus 3,500 Bells
Eusthenopteron NH-Furniture-eusthenopteron 2,000 Bells
Juramaia NH-Furniture-juramaia 1,000 Bells
Myllokunmingia NH-Furniture-myllokunmingia 1,500 Bells
Shark-tooth pattern NH-Furniture-sharktoothpattern 1,000 Bells
Trilobite NH-Furniture-trilobite 1,300 Bells

Multi-part fossils
Name Image Price
Ankylo skull NH-Furniture-ankyloskull 3,500 Bells
Ankylo torso NH-Furniture-ankylotorso 3,000 Bells
Ankylo tail NH-Furniture-ankylotail 2,500 Bells
Archelon skull NH-Furniture-archelonskull 4,000 Bells
Archelon tail NH-Furniture-archelontail 3,500 Bells
Brachio skull NH-Furniture-brachioskull 6,000 Bells
Brachio chest NH-Furniture-brachiochest 5,500 Bells
Brachio pelvis NH-Furniture-brachiopelvis 5,000 Bells
Brachio tail NH-Furniture-brachiotail 5,500 Bells
Deinony torso NH-Furniture-deinonytorso 3,000 Bells
Deinony tail NH-Furniture-deinonytail 2,500 Bells
Dimetrodon skull NH-Furniture-dimetrodonskull 5,500 Bells
Dimetrodon torso NH-Furniture-dimetrodontorso 5,000 Bells
Diplo skull NH-Furniture-diploskull 5,000 Bells
Diplo neck NH-Furniture-diploneck 4,500 Bells
Diplo chest NH-Furniture-diplochest 4,000 Bells
Diplo pelvis NH-Furniture-diplopelvis 4,500 Bells
Diplo tail NH-Furniture-diplotail 5,000 Bells
Diplo tail tip NH-Furniture-diplotailtip 4,000 Bells
Iguanodon skull NH-Furniture-iguanodonskull 4,000 Bells
Iguanodon torso NH-Furniture-iguanodontorso 3,500 Bells
Iguanodon tail NH-Furniture-iguanodontail 3,000 Bells
Mammoth skull NH-Furniture-mammothskull 3,000 Bells
Mammoth torso NH-Furniture-mammothtorso 2,500 Bells
Megacero skull NH-Furniture-megaceroskull 4,500 Bells
Megacero torso NH-Furniture-megacerotorso 3,500 Bells
Megacero tail NH-Furniture-megacerotail 3,000 Bells
Left megalo side NH-Furniture-leftmegaloside 4,000 Bells
Right megalo side NH-Furniture-rightmegaloside 5,500 Bells
Ophthalmo skull NH-Furniture-ophthalmoskull 2,500 Bells
Ophthalmo torso NH-Furniture-ophthalmotorso 2,000 Bells
Pachy skull NH-Furniture-pachysaurusskull 4,000 Bells
Pachy tail NH-Furniture-pachysaurustail 3,500 Bells
Parasaur skull NH-Furniture-parasaurskull 3,500 Bells
Parasaur torso NH-Furniture-parasaurtorso 3,000 Bells
Parasaur tail NH-Furniture-parasaurtail 2,500 Bells
Plesio skull NH-Furniture-plesioskull 4,000 Bells
Plesio tail NH-Furniture-plesiotail 4,500 Bells
Plesio torso NH-Furniture-plesiotorso 4,500 Bells
Right ptera wing NH-Furniture-rightpterawing 4,500 Bells
Ptera body NH-Furniture-pterabody 4,000 Bells
Left ptera wing NH-Furniture-leftpterawing 4,500 Bells
Right quetzal wing NH-Furniture-rightquetzalwing 5,000 Bells
Quetzal torso NH-Furniture-quetzaltorso 4,500 Bells
Left quetzal wing NH-Furniture-leftquetzalwing 5,000 Bells
Sabertooth tiger
Sabertooth skull NH-Furniture-sabertoothskull 2,500 Bells
Sabertooth tail NH-Furniture-sabertoothtail 2,000 Bells
Spino skull NH-Furniture-spinoskull 4,000 Bells
Spino torso NH-Furniture-spinotorso 5,000 Bells
Spino tail NH-Furniture-spinotail 2,500 Bells
Stego skull NH-Furniture-stegoskull 5,000 Bells
Stego torso NH-Furniture-stegotorso 4,500 Bells
Stego tail NH-Furniture-stegotail 4,000 Bells
Tricera skull NH-Furniture-triceraskull 5,500 Bells
Tricera torso NH-Furniture-triceratorso 5,000 Bells
Tricera tail NH-Furniture-triceratail 4,500 Bells
Tyrannosaurus rex
T. rex skull NH-Furniture-trexskull 6,000 Bells
T. rex torso NH-Furniture-trextorso 5,500 Bells
T. rex tail NH-Furniture-trextail 5,000 Bells


  • When sold at Nook's Cranny, a complete collection of fossils is worth 261,600 Bells.
  • Unassessed fossils sell at Nook's Cranny for 100 Bells.

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