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Freshwater goby Gallery

"I caught a freshwater goby! Time to go bye-bye!" —New Horizons

The freshwater goby is an uncommon fish that can be caught in the river in every game during the night. It sells for a low price despite its rarity.

Donation to the museum[]

As with all fish caught in Animal Crossing series, the freshwater goby can be donated to the museum in each game by talking to Blathers, who will also give some information on it.

In Animal Crossing[]

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"This is one of those fish that seem to mysteriously disappear from time to time. Drives fishermen batty, wot! Have no fear, dear friend! You're leaving this beauty in very good wings, hmmm? Hoo! Owl humor. Hoo hoo!"

In Wild World[]

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"A friend of mine claims that freshwater goby tastes fantastic on pizza. What a loon, eh wot?

In City Folk[]

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"This round little fish may look like a mild-mannered goby at first...but it's actually quite aggressive. The freshwater goby is known for its tendency to try to eat anything that will fit in its mouth... Rather shocking, really. I'm quite glad this little piggy's mouth is nowhere near owl-sized, eh wot?"

After donation, the freshwater goby can be found in the middle-left tank.

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"These short and stocky river-dwelling fish have a lot of slender teeth for tearing apart other fish. Freshwater gobies dig holes under rocks in riverbeds to make nests for eggs, which the males guard. Other fish breeds take advantage of this protective quality and often lay eggs in goby nests."

In New Horizons[]

Upon donation or selecting "Tell me about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"The freshwater goby is an unassuming specimen. But beneath that calm, fishy exterior, true gluttony resides! It will eat anything that will fit in its mouth... And its mouth is quite the gaping maw, so I recommend you refrain from drawing attention to yourself!"

Capture quotes[]

"I caught a freshwater goby! Go me, goby!" —Animal Crossing
"I caught a freshwater goby! Now, go be in my pocket!" —Wild World
"I caught a freshwater goby! Goby? Go, me!" —City Folk
"I caught a freshwater goby! Time to go bye-bye!" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information[]

Wild World[]

Encyclopedia Information
Freshwater goby (Wild World) "To keep from getting swept away, they use suction cups to stabilize themselves. They have an audible cry."
Size 5.9 inches
Habitat Rivers
Season All year
Icon Freshwater goby (Wild World icon)

City Folk[]

Encyclopedia Information
Freshwater Goby (City Folk)
"These nocturnal fish spend the day hiding under rocks"
Size About 6
Habitat Rivers
Season All year

New Leaf[]

Encyclopedia Information
Freshwater goby encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I caught a freshwater goby! You fresh, goby!"
Size About 6
Habitat Rivers
Season All year

New Horizons[]

Encyclopedia Information
NH-encyclopedia-Freshwater goby
"I caught a freshwater goby! Time to go bye-bye!"
Habitat River
Months active (north) All year
Months active (south) Unknown

Further information[]

800px-Odontobutis obscura1
Main article: Dark sleeper on Wikipedia

The freshwater goby is typically a native fish to tropical and temperate areas of Asia. There are numerous types of these so-called fish, known as haaze in Japan. All live in freshwater rivers where they scavenge the riverbed for prey.

In other languages[]

Freshwater goby
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ドンコ Donko -
France French Gobie d'eau douce -
Spain Spanish Gobio de río -
Germany German Flussgrundel -
Italy Italian Ghiozzo -
The Netherlands Dutch Zoetwatergrondel -
Russia Russian Одонтобутис Odontobutis -
China Chinese 塘鳢鱼/塘鱧魚 Tánglǐyú -
South Korea Korean 동사리 Dongsari -

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