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This lady in a fancy dress came over and gave me direction to the station! She said...
― Frillard, City Folk

Frillard or Master Frillard (きょしょー, Kyoshō?) is a special character in City Folk. He makes his appearances in the Marquee taking Dr. Shrunk's place on rare occasions. He is currently the only frill-necked lizard in the Animal Crossing series. His name comes from a combination of frill-necked (the type of lizard he is) and lizard (his species).


Frillard is a frill-necked lizard who is yellow with gold spots and has thick, white eyebrows from old age. He also uses a cane and wears a purple suit jacket with a bright green tie.


There is no way to know when Master Frillard will perform next. Only by talking to The Marquee clerk and choosing one of the emotions shown below. It is important to note that he only teaches six different emotions which are unknown to Dr. Shrunk. They are as follow:

  • Inspiration
  • Bashfulness
  • Outrage
  • Sleepiness
  • Thought
  • Agreement

Frillard and Dr. Shrunk[]

Animals in the city depict him as a great entertainer with his humorous jokes. Villagers also say Dr. Shrunk is Master Frillard's student.

New Leaf[]

Although he does not make a direct appearance in-game, Frillard is referenced in Shrunk's jokes, usually when he repeats jokes taught to him by his mentor. Frillard is referred to as by Shrunk as "my mentor", and in one joke, it is claimed that he visits Shrunk's house. However Shrunk's son says he looks "more like an axolotl to me".

On occasions when you talk to Shrunk after the player gets a new joke, he will mention Frillard. He claims that he misses him, implying that Frillard either retired or perhaps even passed away after City Folk.


  • Like Dr. Shrunk, Frillard's Japanese name is a simplified spelling "maestro" (巨匠 kyoshō?).

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese きょしょー Kyoshō -
Spain Spanish Dr. Sote -
Italy Italian Oscar -
South Korea Korean 거성 -