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Fruit are common items that grow from fruit trees and palm trees in all Animal Crossing series titles. They can be eaten in all games and are sometimes requested by villagers.

Each town starts with one of five types of fruit as its native fruit: Apples, Oranges, Cherries, Pears, or Peaches. There is a 20% chance for the town to have any given native fruit. Native fruits sell for 100 Bells, but non-native fruits sell for 500. Up until New Leaf, coconuts also sold for 500 bells, as they weren't native to any town, but sell for 250 bells in New Leaf and New Horizons.

New Leaf


In New Leaf, new fruits have been added to the series for the first time since Animal Forest+: Lychees, Durians, Lemons, Bananas, Mangoes, and Persimmons. Some of these types of fruit are considered tropical fruit, each of which are available from Tortimer Island or from T&T Emporium, selling for 250 Bells each. In addition, coconuts have had their price fixed at 250 bells since they are now an Island fruit. Another addition is the ability to have nine items of the same fruit to be stacked, saving space in the inventory. However, fruits don't automatically stack, and the player must manually stack them.

There are two types of tree in New Leaf: trees and palms. Players are able to plant additional fruit trees by burying their respective fruit into the ground. Fruit trees will only survive if planted on their respective ground and are spaced with at least a one tile gap from buildings, walls, water, or other "hard" obstacles including other trees. Trees can only be planted on the ground, while palms must be planted on the beach.

List of fruit in New Leaf

Fruit Image Type Quantity per tree Sell price
Apple Apple.png Temperate tree 3 100 (500)
Orange Orange.png Temperate tree 3 100 (500)
Cherry Cherry.png Temperate tree 3 100 (500)
Pear Pear.png Temperate tree 3 100 (500)
Peach Peach.png Temperate tree 3 100 (500)
Perfect Apple Perfect Apple.png Temperate tree 3 600 (3000)
Perfect Orange Perfectoranges.jpg Temperate tree 3 600 (3000)
Perfect Cherry Perfect cherries.PNG Temperate tree 3 600 (3000)
Perfect Pear Perfect Pear.png Temperate tree 3 600 (3000)
Perfect Peach Perfect peaches.PNG Temperate tree 3 600 (3000)
Lychee Lychee.png Tropical tree 3 250
Durian Durian.png Tropical tree 3 250
Lemon Lemon.png Tropical tree 3 250
Mango Mango.png Tropical tree 3 250
Banana Banana.png Tropical palm 2 250
Coconut Coconut.png Tropical palm 2 250
Persimmon Persimmon.png Special tree 3 250
Grape Grape.png Special tree 3 250

New Horizons

In New Horizons, fruit is now limited back to the five base fruits (apples, cherries, pears, oranges, peaches) and coconuts. Additionally, fruit now automatically stacks when picked up, up to a maximum of 10.

Fruit gains two new roles in New Horizons:


Eating one fruit gains the player a temporary power to shovel a fully-grown tree or to break a rock. A counter appears on the upper-left screen showing how much fruit the player has eaten. The player can eat at most 10 fruit until a speech bubble appears telling the player, "You're too full! You couldn't possibly eat anything else." The number decreases by one for every tree the player digs up or for every rock the player breaks.

Once the counter reaches 0, the player can't dig up fully-grown trees or break any more rocks until they eat another fruit. The counter can also be fully depleted by saving and ending the game or by sitting on toilet furniture.

DIY Recipes

Fruit is also needed to craft fruit-related houseware or clothing. The DIY recipes below can also be found in the furniture and clothing pages.

  • NOTE: All fruit DIY recipes are not for sale and can't be bought in-game.

Recipe name Image Materials needed Obtained from ? Customization Kits Sell price
Apple chair
NH-Furniture-Apple chair (red apple).png
x10 NH-apple-icon.pngapple
x4 NH-wood-icon.pngwood
Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kits, if the native fruit is apples
Island Resident
2,480 Bells
Apple dress
NH-Dresses-Apple dress.png
x8 NH-apple-icon.pngapple * 1,600 Bells
Apple hat
NH-Apple Hat.png
x5 NH-apple-icon.pngapple * 1,000 Bells
Apple rug
NH-Furniture-Apple rug.png
x6 NH-apple-icon.pngapple * 1,200 Bells
Apple umbrella
NH-DIY-Clothing-Apple umbrella.png
x7 NH-apple-icon.pngapple * 1,400 Bells
Apple wall
NH-Furniture-Apple wall.png
x20 NH-apple-icon.pngapple Message in a bottle 4,000 Bells
Juicy-apple TV
NH-Furniture-Juicy-apple TV (red apple).png
x10 NH-apple-icon.pngapple
x2 NH-iron nugget-icon.pngiron nugget
Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kits, if the native fruit is apples
Island Resident
3,500 Bells

Recipe name Image Materials needed Obtained from ? Customization Kits Sell price
Cherry dress
NH-Dresses-Cherry dress.png
x8 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry Message in a bottle 1,600 Bells
Cherry hat
NH-cherry hat.png
x5 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry * 1,000 Bells
Cherry lamp
NH-Furniture-Cherry lamp (cherry).png
x10 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry
x2 NH-clay-icon.pngclay
Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kits, if the native fruit is cherries
Message in a bottle
2,400 Bells
Cherry rug
NH-Furniture-Cherry rug.png
x6 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry Island Resident 1,200 Bells
Cherry speakers
NH-Furniture-Cherry speakers (cherry).png
x10 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry
x2 NH-iron nugget-icon.pngiron nugget
Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kits, if the native fruit is cherries
Message in a bottle
3,500 Bells
Cherry umbrella
NH-DIY-Clothing-Cherry umbrella.png
x7 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry * 1,400 Bells
Cherry wall
NH-Furniture-Cherry wall.png
x20 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry Balloon 4,000 Bells

Recipe name Image Materials needed Obtained from ? Customization Kits Sell price
Coconut juice
NH-Furniture-Coconut juice.png
x1 NH-coconut-icon.pngcoconut * 500 Bells
Coconut wall planter
NH-Furniture-Coconut wall planter.png
x1 NH-coconut-icon.pngcoconut
x5 NH-Icon-Weed.pngclump of weeds
* 600 Bells
Palm-tree lamp
NH-Furniture-Palm-tree lamp (natural).png
x4 NH-coconut-icon.pngcoconut
x4 NH-wood-icon.pngwood
x4 NH-clay-icon.pngclay
* 3,280 Bells

Recipe name Image Materials needed Obtained from ? Customization Kits Sell price
Orange dress
NH-Dresses-Orange dress.png
x8 NH-orange-icon.pngorange * 1,600 Bells
Orange end table
NH-Furniture-Orange end table (orange).png
x10 NH-orange-icon.pngorange
x1 NH-wood-icon.pngwood
* 2,480 Bells
Orange hat
NH-orange hat.png
x5 NH-orange-icon.pngorange * 1,000 Bells
Orange rug
NH-Furniture-Orange rug.png
x6 NH-orange-icon.pngorange * 1,200 Bells
Orange umbrella
NH-DIY-Clothing-Orange umbrella.png
x7 NH-orange-icon.pngorange * 1,400 Bells
Orange wall
NH-Furniture-Orange wall.png
x20 NH-orange-icon.pngorange Message in a bottle 4,000 Bells
Orange wall-mounted clock
NH-Furniture-Orange wall-mounted clock (orange).png
x10 NH-orange-icon.pngorange
x2 NH-wood-icon.pngwood
* 2,240 Bells

Recipe name Image Materials needed Obtained from ? Customization Kits Sell price
Peach chair
NH-Furniture-Peach chair (white peach).png
x10 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach
x5 NH-wood-icon.pngwood
* 2,600 Bells
Peach dress
NH-DIY-Clothing-Peach dress.png
x8 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach Message in a bottle 1,600 Bells
Peach hat
NH-DIY-Clothing-Peach hat.png
x5 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach Message in a bottle 1,000 Bells
Peach rug
NH-Furniture-Peach rug.png
x6 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach * 1,200 Bells
Peach surprise box
NH-Furniture-Peach surprise box (white peach).png
x10 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach
x4 NH-wood-icon.pngwood
* 2,480 Bells
Peach umbrella
NH-DIY-Clothing-Peach umbrella.png
x7 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach * 1,400 Bells
Peach wall
NH-Furniture-Peach wall.png
x20 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach Island Resident 4,000 Bells

Recipe name Image Materials needed Obtained from ? Customization Kits Sell price
Pear bed
NH-Furniture-Pear bed (la france).png
x10 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear
x6 NH-softwood-icon.pngsoftwood
Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kits, if the native fruit is pears 2,720 Bells
Pear dress
NH-Dresses-Pear dress.png
x8 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear Message in a bottle 1,600 Bells
Pear hat
NH-pear hat.png
x5 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear * 1,000 Bells
Pear rug
NH-Furniture-Pear rug.png
x6 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear * 1,200 Bells
Pear umbrella
NH-DIY-Clothing-Pear umbrella.png
x7 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear * 1,400 Bells
Pear wall
NH-Furniture-Pear wall.png
x20 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear Island Resident 4,000 Bells
Pear wardrobe
NH-Furniture-Pear wardrobe (la france).png
x10 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear
x5 NH-wood-icon.pngwood
Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kits, if the native fruit is pears
Island Resident
2,600 Bells

Recipe name Image Materials needed Obtained from ? Customization Kits Sell price
Fruit wreath
NH-Furniture-Fruit wreath.png
x2 NH-apple-icon.pngapple
x1 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear
x3 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry
x3 NH-orange-icon.pngorange
x1 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach
Island Resident 2,000 Bells
Fruit basket
NH-Furniture-Fruit basket.png
x1 NH-apple-icon.pngapple
x1 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear
x1 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry
x1 NH-orange-icon.pngorange
x1 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach
* 1,000 Bells
Infused-water dispenser
NH-Furniture-Infused-water dispenser.png
x2 NH-apple-icon.pngapple
x2 NH-Pear-icon.pngpear
x2 NH-cherry-icon.pngcherry
x2 NH-orange-icon.pngorange
x2 NH-peach-icon.pngpeach
x2 NH-coconut-icon.pngcoconut
* 3,000 Bells

Obtaining fruit

Cherries in Dōbutsu no Mori.

Throughout the games, there are many ways the player can obtain different fruit. One consistent method throughout the Animal Crossing series is that fruit can be obtained as a gift from Mom or from villagers. Sending a villager a one-line letter with a piece of fruit can initiate a random fruit being sent in return.

Main article: Trees

Fruit can be shaken out of their own trees that bear three pieces of fruit every three days. Coconut and banana trees must be planted on the beach and all trees must grow with one tree's span between them.

Animal Crossing, Wild World, and City Folk

Coconuts are found in various ways. In GCN games, they are obtained from the Island. In Wild World and City Folk, they randomly wash up on the beach.

New Leaf

All fruits can be obtained from Tortimer Island either through the island itself or on an Island Tour. (Except for the Labyrinth Tour, where you can only collect one specified fruit that you can’t keep.)

In New Leaf, Isabelle will eventually give the player three pieces of a second, non-native fruit when her tutorial has been completed. This fruit is always one of the five starting fruits.

In New Leaf, the player may get non-native fruits during the Harvest Festival when catching a fish that a villager requested. It is also possible to get any kind of fruit by doing favors for villagers.

Persimmons can be purchased from T&T Emporium for 1,000 Bells.

New Horizons

In New Horizons, fruit can now be obtained by using a Nook Miles Ticket and going on a Mystery tour. This is a guaranteed method of finding coconuts.

Pocket Camp

In Pocket Camp, all five possible native fruits grow on trees in Breezy Hollow and two of them grow in Lost Lure Creek, with coconuts growing in Saltwater Shores and Sunburst Island. Additionally, either lemons, lychee, or grapes grow on trees in both Breezy Hollow and Lost Lure Creek, but only one of the three is native. In order to get the other two, you have to buy them from other players at their Market Box. Fruit takes three hours to grow back when shaken down and can grow back instantly if the player uses fertilizer.

List of Fruit

Native Fruits

Apple Cherry Orange Peach Pear
Apple.png Cherry.png Orange.png Peach.png Pear.png
Apple Apple.gif Cherry Cherry.gif Orange Orange.gif Peach Peach.gif Pear Pear.gif

Tropical Fruits

Coconut Banana
Coconut Coconut.gif Banana
Coconut.png Banana tree.jpg
Lemon Lychee Durian Mango
Lemon Lychee Durian Mango
Lemons.jpg Lychees.jpg Durians.jpg Mangos.jpg

Special Fruits

Persimmon     Grape
Persimmon tree.PNG

Perfect Fruits

Perfect fruits make their only appearance in New Leaf and Pocket Camp. Any of the first five fruits (apples, oranges, peaches, pears, and cherries) can be perfect, which gives them a look slightly different from their regular counterparts. Usually, at least one perfect native fruit appears at the start of the game. Trees can very rarely yield perfect fruit, though burying fertilizer next to the tree increases the chances of this happening. Perfect fruit sells for 600 bells if native or 3,000 bells if not native. It can only be grown in a town where it is the native fruit by burying a perfect fruit, and if the player tries to plant a perfect non-native fruit tree, it produces only regular fruit.

Perfect trees yield three perfect fruits up to seven times. On the last shake, they lose their leaves and do not regrow or bear any further fruit unless replanted. Additionally, on the final batch, one of the perfect fruits shall be rotten. The "dead" tree can be cut down to be replaced. Additionally, burying Fertilizer next to a dead perfect tree causes it to regrow the next day. Rotten fruits have a disposal fee of 500 bells if they are native or 3,000 Bells if not native, and if one is planted, it creates a dead sapling. However, they can be fed to a villager wanting fruit of any kind, though it shall disgust one. If a player leaves a rotten fruit on the ground, ants will regularly come onto it and can be caught. Rotten fruit looks the same as its healthy counterpart.


Animal Forest

City Folk

New Leaf

Pocket Camp

The announcement of new fruits in Pocket Camp

New Horizons


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