Fruit are common items that grow from fruit trees and palm trees in all Animal Crossing series titles. They can be eaten in most games and are sometimes requested by villagers.

Each town starts with one of five types of fruit as its native fruit: Apples, Oranges, Cherries, Pears, and Peaches. There is a 20% chance for the town to have any given native fruit. Native fruits sell for 100 Bells, but other fruits sell for 500, with the exception of Island fruits being 250 bells.

In New Leaf, new fruits have been added to the series for the first time since Animal Forest+. Lychees, Durians, Lemons, Bananas, Mangoes, and Persimmons* are the new additions. Each fruit is available from Tortimer Island or from T&T Emporium, and each selling for 250 Bells. In addition, coconuts have had their price fixed at 250 bells since they are now an Island fruit. Another addition is the ability to have nine items of the same fruit to be stacked, saving space in the inventory. However, fruits do not automatically stack, and the player must manually stack them.

*Persimmons are only available from T&T Emporium or villagers. At T&T Emporium, they cost of 1000 Bells, and cannot be found on Tortimer Island. They can be found in Tours, however.

Obtaining Fruit

000 cherries

Cherries in Dōbutsu no Mori.

Different fruit can be received as a reward or gift from villagers or from the player's mom in Wild World and New Leaf. In most games, sending a villager a one-line letter with a piece of fruit can initiate a random fruit being sent in return. In New Leaf, Isabelle will eventually give the player three pieces of a second, non-native fruit when her tutorial has been completed. This fruit is always one of the starting fruits.

Coconuts are found in various ways. In GCN games, they are obtained from the Island. In Wild World and City Folk, they randomly wash up on the beach. In New Leaf, they are obtained from Tortimer Island.

In New Leaf, the player may get non-native fruits during the Harvest Festival when catching a fish that a villager requested. It is also possible to get any kind of fruit by doing favors for villagers.

In Pocket Camp, all 5 possible native fruits grow on trees in Breezy Hollow and Lost Lure Creek, with coconuts growing in Saltwater Shores and Sunburst Island. However, either lemons, lychee, or grapes will grow on trees as well in your camp, but only one of the three. In order to get the other two, you have to buy them from other players at their Market Box. It only takes 3 hours for the fruit to grow back when shaken down, and they can grow back instantly if you use fertilizer.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are special trees that grow three pieces of fruit every three days. There is a glitch in Animal Crossing: New Leaf where a fruit tree holds less than three pieces of fruit. Coconut trees must be planted within one acre of the sea, and all trees must grow at least one space away from other objects. Banana trees must be planted on the beach. Fruit can be shaken out of trees that bear them.

Perfect Fruit

Perfect fruits make their first appearance in New Leaf. Any and all of the first five fruits (apples, oranges, peaches, pears, and cherries) can be perfect, and look slightly different to their regular counterparts. Usually, at least one perfect fruit of the native type will appear at the start of the game. Trees can very rarely yield perfect fruit, though burying fertilizer next to the tree increases the chances of this happening. Perfect fruit sells for 600 Bells if it is native, or 3,000 Bells if not native. They can only be grown in a town where it is the native fruit, and said trees will have no chance of bearing perfect fruit if it is not the town's native fruit. If the player tries to plant a perfect fruit tree where it isn't the native fruit, it will just create a regular fruit tree. However, when a native perfect fruit is planted, it will grow a perfect fruit tree.

Perfect trees yield three perfect fruits up to seven times. On the last shake, they will lose their leaves and will not regrow or bear any further fruit unless replanted. Additionally, on the final batch, one of the perfect fruits will be a rotten fruit. The "dead" tree can be cut down to be replaced. Additionally, burying Fertilizer next to a dead perfect tree will cause it to regrow the next day. Rotten fruits have a disposal fee of 500 bells if they are native, or 3,000 Bells if not native, and if one is planted, it will create a dead sapling. However, they can be fed to a villager wanting fruit of any kind, although it will cause them to act disgusted (they will forget about it later). If a player leaves a rotten fruit on the ground, ants will regularly come onto it, and can be easily caught. Rotten fruit look the exact same as its healthy counterpart.

List of Fruit

Native Fruit types

Apple Cherry Orange Peach Pear
Apple Cherry Orange Peach Pear
Apple Pixel Apple Cherry Pixel Cherry Orange Pixel Orange Peach PixelPeach Pear Pixel Pear

Tropical Fruit Types

Coconut Banana
Coconut PixelCoconut Banana Pixel
Coconut Banana tree
Lemon Lychee Durian Mango
Lemon Pixel Lychee Pixel Durian Pixel Mango Pixel
Lemons Lychees Durians Mangos

Special Fruit Types

Persimmon Pixel
Persimmon tree


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